Life....: 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Pierce!

Pman you are 2 years old!! WOO HOO!! You made it and what a journey it has been. I just want you to know I adore you and your little personality. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. thank you for being such a little joy, for loving your family, for loving your church and most of all for being you! I love you Pierce. Can't wait for many more years to come with you!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and Sickies!

Lets start a few days before Christmas. Poor Hayden was having trouble breathing and many nights of no sleep with lots of coughing. I took him to the Dr. and he was diagnosed with Croup. Hayden they put you on prednisone. We go home and the next day your a little better but two days after going to the Dr. I notice that you seem to be worse. You are now suddenly weezing and seem to be unable to catch your breath. I call the Dr and they have me bring you in immediatly. They take your oxygen level and you are at only 90% which is not good for a little guy. They give you a breathing treatment in the office and take your levels again and praise God you are back up to 98%. So it is determined that you will need the breathing treatments 3 times a day with a slow taper off. Finally you are on the mend.

The day after we get Hayden all fixed up Pierce is coughing crazy. Pierce you had been coughing for about 2 months but suddenly you seem severly worse. Your coughing makes you gag because of the junk coming up you are now running a 103 fever and higher. WE are at your mimi Bells and we make the decision that you need to go to Nite LIfe Pediatric which is an emergency walkin clinic for children. i take you in and they run their tests and you come back with RSV, influenza A and Influenza B, and you having walking pnemonia. No wonder you feel so horrible. I feel terrible for you. You are now on antibiotics and tami flu. The Dr. at the office also determines that Hayden likely has RSV and not croup. WE get home and you are just a mess. I finally get you to bed and not even a few hours later you are moaning and crying calling for me. I go in there and you are just so uncomfortable and in so much pain that you wanted to lay in bed with me. I was literally up with you till 3:30 am and I finally was able to put you back to your bed. I go to bed by 4:00 am and am up at 6:30 with your brother. It was a terrible night. This was one of many nights that I had had terrible between you and your brother. I always seems all the sickies come on when Daddy is gone and mommy winds up dealing with everything alone. its hard but I do it because I love you both so much.

Finally two days after all the fiasco it is CHRISTMAS DAY! MOmmy is still very tired because she hadn't got much sleep but I am up early with breakfast in the oven and with you boys up and dressed waiting for Mimi and Poppa Bell to come over. Daddy and I decide to exchange gifts. I got Daddy a robe and pj pants. And he totally swept me off my feet he got mommy razors, VS underware, VS perfume and a BEAUTIFUL Sterling silver braclet with a charm that had both Hayden and Pierce on it. It was beautiful an dmommy was sooo suprised that Daddy could be so sweet. So finally Mimi and Poppa come and we open gifts. It was so much fun. Pierce you just wanted to open every ones gifts. You were so happy and had so much fun. We played and opened gifts ate breakfast and just enjoyed company.

After breakfast and gifts we went to your mimi and poppa fullers house. We opened gifts there and had a great time. We than went to aunt terrys and dales. Pierce and Hayden you guys were both wonderful. you both enjoyed christmas so much. Hayden you love the gifts you love the music and the lights. Pierce is so funny because anytime you play with any toys whether they are yours or his you come up and try and take it from Hayden and say "my turn". you are so sweet. Both of you boys are just such blessings from God and I am so thankful that we are where we are today. Thank you boys for making me a mommy. Pierce your birthday is tomorrow how exciting!

Of course today Pierce I must add you did your first puke! You were acting crazy and had drank a bunch of water and all of a sudden puke. Lovely. Hey of course Daddy is at work so I clean up we cuddle and off to bed. I love you boys thank you thank you thank you for loving me too!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pierce your 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe I haven't written about your 2nd birthday party considering we celebrated it on November 27th! I guess time gets away when you have family and kids and a busy life surrounding you. WEll where to get started. It looked as though it was going to be a very gloomy day but we were (daddy and I) determined to make this your best 2nd birthday ever. I had been preparing for this day for weeks and the last part to do on this day was put it all together!!!

Daddy got home from work that morning and decdied that his boy needed ballons for his birthday and that we needed more food. So off we went we got about 20 ballons half filled with helium and I got more food and home we came to start assembling. The morning started early but it still didn't seem like enough time. We fed you lunch and sent you to bed and Daddy and I were off like mad men!

Up went your bounce house first, than the ballons got tied to tables chairs and trees, fishing polls went out back by the fence, cupcakes were baked, a cake was frosted, cupcakes were frosted and sprinkled, food prepared, decorations set out, baths taken, a baby fed, clothes bough because Lord knows you didn't have a nice outfit to wear for your birthday and before we knew it it was almost 3:00 pm and the party was about to start.

You woke up in a pretty bad mood but started changing shortly after I gave you a cookie. Its amazing what a cookie will do for a grumpy little boy. Than your Daddy opened the blinds in the back and you got to see the party scene. you were blown away. The look in your eyes said it all!! Your first guest to arrive was Kella with her mom Kelley and Josh. You got hugs and you guys were the first to jump on the bounce house what a ball you had.

Some of your guests were: Gracie, Christina, Matt, Nanny Dyal, Aunt Jackie, Nathan, your grandmas and grandpas, great grandma wheeler, aunt terry, Brenda, Ramon, Rachel, Daniel his mom and Shayla, Kerriann, ethan, Xavier and Zach!
Your party was wonderful.

All the adults set out side while you kids jumped, ran, played on the play house, played with the sand, ate and just really had a ball. Your Daddy grilled hot dogs and hamburgers it was delicious. We also had bbq beans, coleslaw, chips, fruit salad, cheese and crackers! After we ate around 5 things quited down and we all came in side as the sun was setting. We sat you p and sang happy birthday to you! You loved it and requested for us to sing it again... so of course we did!!!! After happy birthday cake and icecream eating and cupcake eating we opened gifts.

You got so many wonderful things you are just such a special little boy. All these people came because they love you and you have affected them in ways you coul dnever imagine. That day will go down as one of the most fabulous days from your beautiful smile to your high jumping to you excited gift opening. You really are a special boy and I am so thankful to be your mommy! This day was wonderful and seeing your happy smile and your beautiful face I knew all the hard work, money and time that was put into your 2nd birthday was totally worth it! You are the light of our lives! We love you little boy! Your mommy and Daddy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hayden my 4 month love!

Hayden my love you are 4 months old today. Boy are you such a joy. I am so thankful to be your mommy and I can't wait to see how much you are going to change in this life time. You are so funny and you still have the coolest hair. you are a wonderful nurser and a great night sleeper. Hayden your brother adores you. I now put you in the walker and Pierce will push you all over the house as fast as he can you just sit there and love it. You also adore your Daddy when he is home you just find him and smile and smile and smile. You are so sweet. One of the funniest things you do is at night when I am getting you ready for bed you get really excited and smiley. You laugh and squeel... its only right before bed. I just laugh and laugh. Hayden I could never ask for anything better than for you. You are amazing you are my love. You are our special little gift from God and I am so thankful. Thank you for being my littlest I love you Hayden!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and 23 months!

Hayden yesterday was your first thanksgiving and Pierce yesterday was your second thanksgiving! It was wonderful with both of you! Things are so different now that we have two boys but it was wonderful. We went to Nanny and Poppy Dyals for the first part and had a big lunch. It was lots of fun all your great aunts and uncles just love both you boys! You also love your cousins so much Nathan and Jared. Nathan has givin you his four wheeler Pierce and you love it so much! You are a great driver of it and you also are a super sports star! Hayden you were happy as a lark as long as your belly was full and you were getting tons of attention. You are very needy but thats ok!

After the Dyals we went to Aunt Terry's and Uncle Dales to meet up with Daddys side of the family! We played outside and left shortly after to go to your grandma Fuller's house. You love your cousins Ethan, Xavier and Zach! you are so funny little boy! You just love to play play play! Hayden they call you angry baby and thats because everytime you are in your carseat you scream. Its NON STOP!! Its a little crazy but I guess we will keep yoU! :-). j/k we adore you Hayden!

Pierce tomorrow we are celebrating your 2 year birthday even though you are going to be only 23 months! We want you to have a special day just for you there is no competeing with Jesus's birthday don't you know! It is at our house so I have been busy planning cleaning and everything in between! We are so excited to celebrate this special day with you! You are a big brother our first born and the love of our lives! I love you Pierce and I love you Hayden! You both are amazing and I am so thankful for you guys!! Can't wait to spend the next 80 years with you boys!

Love your mama!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Life Changes

My life has changed drastically over the last few days. My hubby decided I should no longer work the part time that I am because I need to be home to care for the kids. This has been so hard for me. I only worked 2 half days a week but it was my time to get away, to dress up, to have adult interaction, to run the few errands I needed to on my way home and it provided mine and the littles insurance. So not working has been a major change... Its been hard. Its been an adjustment just the realization that now we really will have to count our pennies, that I won't get the breaks that I need/want and that we will now have to pay out of pocket for insurance.

So now that we are paying out of pocket for insurance I no longer have maternity insurance. I think the finality that right now and no where in the future do we see having any more children even a possiblity is very hard for me. Its sad. It makes me want to cry but I know thats just the way it has to be.

So I was thinking as I was gazing at my sweet little boys laying in bed. That had Hayden not come when he did (aka not planned) that he may never be here and no other children may ever be here. When I was five months pregnant My sales job had been sold so we got an enourmous pay cut, than my hubby asked me to not work, and now we don't have maternity insurance and could have never afforded it to even have another child. So what I am saying is that God knew that Hayden needed to come when he did or he would have never been part of this family. I love this little boy so much. I think it makes me so thankful because in the beginning I had so much guilt about having him about stealing Pierces childhood away b/c I was having another baby so close to his age. I felt guilty also because I felt I didn't deserve to have a healthy baby when on the same exact day that I found out that I was having a healthy perfect little baby my brother and sister in law were finding out that their precious baby girl had passed away in her womb from horrible chromosonal disorders at 20 weeks. I felt guilt more than I could ever express. I felt that I could not possibly love another child as much as I love Pierce. I just didn't think I could do it. I had these feelings up until even a few weeks after he was born. I dealt with some PPD and had such a hard time bonding with him. I loved Hayden but I wasn't "in love" with him like I was instantly with Pierce. But than the fog lifted my head cleared and I fell in love with this beautiful, harry headed little boy and I could not feel more blessed. I can't believe that if it had been MY choice I would not have had another child yet which would have possibly mean't I may have never had any more at all. Thank you Jesus for knowing more than I know. Thank you for knowing the future and knowing how our lives and financial stability would change. Thank you for knowing that I WOULD love Hayden more than I could ever imagine and that everytime I look at that huge gummy smile I just want to eat him up.

My life is beautiful it may not have gone exactly how I would have planned but it is beautiful and its my new life. Its a life where I am home with my kids where I am available not only to my kids but to my husband. I just pray that I can be an even better mom that I will find the outlets that I need to have adult interaction and that during the day when I want to rush around and need to get things done that I will STOP... hug my kids a little closer, go a little slower and just soak up EVERY single precious moment that I have with these boys. Before I know it they will be big strong tall boys who will be able to bear hug and lift their mommy off the ground. But until than I want to be the one to do the lifting, the tear wiping, the hugging the kissing, the praying and that thanking. For I am blessed. Blessed more than my wildest dreams and imaginations....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little 3 month old monster!

Oh my little Hayden. You are now three months old today. You are such a joy. I never knew I could love another little boy as much as I do. You are such a little sweetie. You smile constantly. You tried you first bite of baby oatmeal on October 31 and you also did your first giggle. Your giggles are few and far between but when you do them they are beautiful. For your first holiday Halloween you and your brother dressed up as Chickens! IT was adorable.

Hayden I adore you your little personality has started to shine. You really love to be held constantly. You are a fantastic nurser! You are a wonderful night time sleeper. You aren't such a great napper but thats ok atleast you sleep through the night. It makes it quite difficult to get things done during the day when you need me to hold you all the time but I know I need to enjoy these moment because before I know it you won't want me at all to hold you.

Your brother has come to really adore you. I now but you in the highchair when we are in the kitchen and your brother pulls you close to him and tells you he loves you over and over. It melts my heart. I hope you and your brother will be best friends. He can always make you smile and I can't wait till you guys can play together. Well little boy we adore an dlove you and can't wait for many more firsts that will come with you. Oh you also set up by yourself for a few seconds on October 31. Apparently that was a big day for you~!

We love you Hayden Jackson!!! Thank you for being our second born we are soooo blessed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pierce my 22 month old!

Oh my little/big boy how much you have changed. I adore you more everyday you are the light in my eye you are the joy in my heart you are my adorable will Pierce. You are so much fun now of days and I can't help but jump for joy when I realize how blessed I am to be your mom. You light up my life in so many ways and I am so thankful. You have grown to adore you little brother Hayden. You run to him every morning to give him a kiss. You try desperatly to share your food with him... even though mommy doesn't want you to :-). You bring him a paci in hopes he will take it, you share your monkey to comfort him when he is crying. You hug him with all your might. The other night while you layed on bed drinking your milk and Hayden laid in my arms you brought your fingers through his hair over and over. IT was a tender moment and it melted my heart. I adore you little boy.

You speak so much now. You know lots and lots of words. My favorite words to hear you say are Daddy, milk and "luv Loo" for love you. Those are just three of my favorites. You say almost every single word that I ask you to say. ONe of the most precious things you do is everytime we drive by church which is where you go to school and where we go to worship God you yell "home". It mealts my heart I want you to ALWAYS think of church as your home because home is where your heart is and I pray that God is in your heart and that you will love God with all of your heart one day. When we are in the car and listening to christian radio you always sing to the music its the best because I know the Words of the Lord are writing on your heart! You have a very special soul! You absolutly still adore your Daddy. Your relationship with him is sooo special and I hope it stays that way. You are the light in his eye as well. We are both so proud of your athletic abilites as well. We think you are pretty special you are an awesome thrower, jumper, ball kicker and everything in between! You are pretty awesome!

Here is a day in your life...
8:00 you wake up eat breakfast and we get ready for the day...

We than either go to the park or if you have school we go to school. You love Shayla who you call "lala" you can't wait to see her and you yell for her often!

After school or park you eat your lunch which is ALWAY a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I give you a bottle of milk and you go to bed.

After nap we play around the house for an hour or so than we go for a long walk or bike ride. After our bike ride or walk we eat dinner.

After dinner we do bath and than we lay on Mommy's bed and watch cartoons drink your milk and play. I love our life. I love our life with you in it. I love you little boy.

Sometimes the days seem long but I would never ask for a day without you in it. You really are the little boy that I adore and that was always mean't to be mine. Pierce thank you for loving your mommy, daddy and brother. You are the best little thing and I am so thankful for you.

We love you lots!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hayden you are 2 months old!

I can't believe 2 months have gone by since you came into our lives! You are such a little sweetie! You are doing so much more these days! Lets see... you smile a lot now, you cry a little less, you sleep wonderfully from 8-11 hours straight. When its the 8 hours you go back to sleep for a few more! You adore your mama! You hair is getting even longer if that is possible! You love to take naps in your swing in fact you prefer it! You are less fussy in the evenings! You are still breast feeding like a champ! You have been and done so many things in these 2 short months... you have been to Tampa, Bradenton, Daytona beach, been on the beach, been to the zoo, been to the mall and basically everywhere in between!

Son you are really great and I adore you. I miss you so much when I am away. Thank you Lord for this little boy. Bless his life and help his life to be long and bountiful!!! I can't wait till you and your brother really start playing together! Well we love you and your smiling little self!!
Love, Mama

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smiling and Almost 21 months!

Oh my little boys how I completly adore you both! Pierce you are alsmost 21 months and you grow up more and more everyday. You still go to school and you love it. Everyday you are learning more and more words. Just the other day you learned to say "Love You" it sounds like "Love Lou" but I adore it. You tell me it all the time and I melt. YOu can now sayd Daddy instead of "dada" we are working on the "MOmmy" You call your grandmas "mimi" now if we consistantly remind you to if not you call them "mama" :). You are quite the athlete and everyone things you will be some type of athletic star when you grow up. But you are certainly well rounded as well. You love to sing, dance, draw and color, and you love your share of makeup and painted toe nails. So really you are a beautiful well rounded little boy. I love you so so much and I never want to forget these times with you.

You seem to be adjusting to your new brother well but you do act out when I am feeding him. I know its hard but you are going to be a great brother to him and one day you will thank me for giving you a brother so close in age to you. You guys will be best buds. You love to hold your brother but I often have to take him after a few min b/c you get a little rough. But you do pretty darn well! Just to share a little something that you did the other day. I was on the phone feeding your brother and you walk up with a micraphone I thought you were going to sing. Instead you pegged it at my head and hit me RIGHT on top of my head! I had to laugh but next time I will have to put you in time out. The same night we were snuggling on my bed like we always do b/f you were to go to bed. Again I was feeding your brother. You went from trying to kick him in the head to attacking me. You got me in a choke hold and tried to rip my earring off. I think you wanted attention you were laughing hysterically the whole time. I finally fling you off of me and I run to the computer chair with Hayden for protection and you run charging at me to attack again of course laughing. I see your toy truck and show you it you grab it and your off. SAVED BY THE TRUCK! You are a silly little boy. WEll you do melt my heart. You are so beautiful little boy!

Well my boy Hayden! You are pretty amazing yourself. At about 6.5 weeks you started smiling when you looked at me and on demand. I love it. You smile most for me of course thats because I hold you most. You coo and you grin and you are sooo handsome. YOu look so much like your Daddy. Me and your mimi were talking today and we think you will be tall and handsome like your daddy. Your brother will likely be shorter than you but he will be pretty like his mama! :-). You are a solid little boy and a FABULOUS nurser! I feel so blessed to be able to actually nurse you and Im sad I missed out on this bonding with your brother. You still take a bottle when needed but about 95% of the time you nurse. You do get one bottle of 2 ounces of formula a night to hold you over and you do great! You sleep on average 8-10 hours straight and after you get up to feed you go back to bed till 8:00am! You are amazing and I God certainly knows what I need!

Well boys I love you both so much and am so thankful to be your Mommy! I can't wait to see how much more you both will change! I love you boys! Don't grow up to fast!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hayden you are 1 month old

Hayden you turned 1 month old yesterday. You aren't doing to much yet but you are a lot more alert. I feel like we have finally gotten to know eachother after a very long and tring month and I have fallen so head over heals in love with you. Son you are wonderful and different and beautiful and I just can't believe that you came from me and your Daddy. You are just so different than you brother in your looks and I adore that. I adore you long beautiful brown/black hair. I can't believe that you have that much. You are just so wonderful son and i can wait to have many more months with you. I love you little boy and the months to come are going to be so awesome! Thank you JEsus for my boys!

Pierce and Hayden

Pierce and Hayden I never knew how full and beautiful my life could be till I had you both. I feel like my life is complete now that I have my Hayden and my Pierce and I could not be happier. I want to cherish every single crazy moment with both of you. I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mom but after this month of being home with both of you I can't imagine ever leaving for work again.

I had to go in for a few hours the other day and Pierce you just cried and cried. It broke my heart. I just longed to be home with you the whole time I was gone not only emotionally but Hayden my body knew that you needed me for food. I could not wait to get home to you to feed you to hold you to snuggle you. And Pierce when you woke up from your nap after I had been home the smile on your face to see I had returned melted my heart. I love you boys more than anything well besides your Daddy and Jesus of course.

I just adore both of your spirits and every moment when it can't get any louder when I want to go crazy I try to remember this won't be like this forever.... cherish every m oment. Before I know it you will both be grown you won't wnat your mama anymore. You won't want to hug eachother or me and Daddy for that matter. I love you both I adore you I never want to forget a moment with you.

Pierce now that you are in school two days a week you love it. You are always so happy when I come to pick you up. You have had such a wonderful time and I know its just a time where you get to fill up on Jesus and sing songs about him and read books about Him. ITs sooo good for you Pierce. I know that Jesus is going to be singing in your soul. I know everytime you hear music about God and Jesus your soul is rejoicing and I rejoice in knowing this. You love to sing and I pray that Jesus will grab your heart before anyone or anything else ever gets a chance and you will know the true meaning of Christ and you will lead others to him. Hayden I pray the same for you I pray that your spirit will long to be with JEsus and that you will cling to him. That you and your brother will leave a legacy and it will be a beautiful one. I love you both so much.

THank you boys for teaching me so much in my life for loving me and for depending on me for all of your needs I adore you both. Pierce and Hayden thank you for being my sons and I pray all the days of your lives that you will know how much your Daddy and I love you and that you will truly understand what you mean to us!

Friday, August 27, 2010

20 Months Old Today and First Day of PreSchool!`

Pierce Man you are officially 20 months old today and you go to school now! I love you so much and this last month has been full of changes and adjustments and you have rocked! You have become a Daddy's boy like no other! You adore your Daddy especially because mama has to feed brother Hayden a lot and there is just a lot going on. Every morning you wake up yelling Dada when it used to be Mama. After nap you yell Dada but you know its ok I love that you and your Daddy have such a close relationship!

We both adore you to pieces. You sit like a big boy. You walked into school today holding my hand the whole time. You didn't try to run from me like you used to. YOu are just a better listener all around. When I ask you to throw something away you do. When you go outside and leave the door open I ask you to shut it and you will. YOu still don't eat very well at meal times but we are working on it. YOu don't have tantrums to often but when you do they sure are hard on everyone!

I think you have come to love your little brother or atleast realize he is not going anywhere atleast for the next 18 years! :-). When he cries you will throw your favortie monkey or your phone at him. I think you are trying to console him with those things because they console you. You always run into his room in the morning wanting to get him up. You hold his hand when we ask you to. You kiss his head when we ask you to or you ask to kiss it. You also like to give him his paci when he cries. You want him to feel better. You are a wonderful big brother and I could not have asked for more!!

YOu say lots of new words all the time. Everyday you learn something new and your words and so sweet and precious. I'll try to list your normal vocabulary.


and many more I just cant think of.

You are truly a joy to have in my life and I love you son. Thank you for being with me for 20 beautiful glorious months. I pray for a million more months to have with you! I love you little boy!

Labor and Delivery! Hayden Jackson!

Hayden Jackson... you have made you arrival!!! Heres how it all went down.

I had been praying you would come every day since I was about 36 weeks pregnant. God knew best and at 39 weeks and 1 day I went into labor and 4:30am in the morning. I had a feeling I was going to have you the night before so I was just waiting. I even went to Mimi Bells for what I said would be my last meal before you came and sure enough it was. I had steak, onions and field peas it was delicious!! Daddy had to work the night and day before so he wasn't home when I went into labor. The pains were too bad but they were pretty consistenet. Around 5:00am I called Grandma Fuller and asked her to come and get me so we could take your brother Pierce to my parents and so that she could take me to the hospital. I knew your Mimi Bell would not be up and ready this early.

Grandma Fuller arrives at 6:00 am. Your brother Pierce had woken up around 5:30am for some strange reason. Maybe he knew what was going to happen. So I got up with him and I rocked and sang to him while he drank his bottle. I was so thankful to have this time with him because I knew I would be seeing him for about a day and a half. He let me rock him and I told him that if he didn't get to see me that night that I would be home the next day to be with him and that I loved him very much. I don't think he understood but I still wanted to tell him.

So we drop Pierce at Mimi Bells and we are off to the hospital to have you. We arrive around 7:00am Daddy is still at work and doesn't get off till 7:30am so he was not rushing. I don't think he realy thought I was in labor.. But I assured him I was. So they hook me up to the monitors at about 7:15am call my Dr. My Dr. comes in around 7:30 and he checks me I'm about 3 cm and pretty regular contractions so he says they will admit me I'm definatly in labor. Are labor nurse was nurse Debbie. She rocked by the way> I really liked her. ANd Dr. Parker is the one who delievered you and he also delivered your brother I think thats kind of special also.

So we go to the labor and delivery room from the triage room. Still having pretty regular contractions. By 7:45am Daddy has arrived. He is still skeptical I think he was in denial. So we get in and the contractions begin to get more intense!!! I never remembered them being this hard and painful with your brother. Maybe I wasn't in active labor till after I had the epidural who knows. Nurse Debbie comes in to start my IV and draw blood and stabbed me about 3 times before she could. I almost blacked out I was hyperventilating begging for an epidural. I was in SOOOOOO much pain.

Around 10:00am they finally get me an epidural. It wasn't that bad this time maybe because Nurse Debbie was with me and holding my shoulders and really helping me and Daddy was just doing his own thing not bothering me which seemed to help. So they get it going and I have almost instant relief. They also gave me some antinausea medicine cause I was so sick from the epidural last time with your brother. After the epidural the Dr. came in around 11:00 am and broke my water everything looked good.

Around 12:00 pm I started feeling pressure and the nurse checked and I was about 7 cm and said that it was likely I would have you very very soon. Soo sure enough 30 min later I was fully dialated and I pushed 3 times not even for 5 min and around 12:35 out you came. NO tearing nothing it was the easiest delivery ever. You had a FULLLLLL head of hair. Nothing like I have ever seen and you look exactly like your Daddy. You are the complete opposite of your brother and you are beautiful! WE are so blessed to have you in our lives. YOu are a sweet boy just a little bit of colic but you are doing wonderful. You breastfeed like a champ and also take a bottle when need be! You were 7.4lbs and 20 inches long.

You and your brother I believe will be best friends and I am so blessed to watch you grow up! We checked out of the hospital at around 2:00 pm and we came home and were with your brother for the first time. Your Uncle Ryan and Michelle also suprised us and came into town from North Dakota. They also were able to meet y our brother the day after he was born. You boys sure are special! Your Uncle Ryan and Aunt Michelle are also pregnant and they are having a boy so you will have a little boy cousin come January 23 (daddy's birthday) or before.

Well we love you Hayden Jackson! By the way Jackson is your great grandfather Dyal's middle name and thats why we picked it!

Love you and are so blessed to have you and your brother Pierce!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

19 Months Old and Almost a Big Brother

Oh my little sweetie you are 19 months old today! I adore you so very much and my love for you grows with every passing day. You have brought me so much joy this month and I can't believe how big you are getting.

We have started routines at night of singing and rocking you and I adore this time. I usually end up tickling and singing and praying and we giggle and laugh! ITs wonderful! You are just amazing! You also love your cereal in the morning. You now have a big boy booster seat you sit in at the table and I get you a big bowl of honey nut cheerios and you use your big spoon and feed it to your self till its all gone! It is sooo funny! I love watching you grow into this amazing little boy!

You love to give kisses to EVERYONE! It is so cute! Even a stranger you will kiss! You are very good at self entertaining and entertaining us for that matter as well! I can't believe 19 short months ago you came into our lives and changed us forever! I never knew what it mean't to be a mom and to love someone so selflessly! It is beautiful!

Thank you for being so amazing and I hope and pray that you will continue to grow and love your family and your Lord. When we are in the car listening to z88.3 you sing to all the christian music and I just pray that these words of Truth of Love and of God will become engrained on your soul and you will always look to the Lord for guidance and for Truth!

I love you little boy and I am the proudest mama on the block! Thank you for loving us!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My sweet baby love!

Little boy Pierce I adore you! You are so funny now a days! We have started a new bed time routine because you are getting older and apparently need it. We now start getting ready for bed around 6:45 pm instead of 6:00 pm! :-) Here is how the routine goes!

6:45 pm -
Bible stories
Mommy and Daddy then sing praise songs and kids songs
We say our prayers
Than you go to bed around 7:30pm.

We had to start doing this because after vacation anytime I would put you to bed around 6:30 you would scream and cry hysterically and I wound up taking you out of bed sitting on the couch and watching Yogababa. So it wasn't worth trying to put you to bed earlier.

You still seem to get up between 6-6:30 but I try to keep you in bed till atleast 7:00 so that I can get a little more sleep. You lay in bed and sing and than once you have had enough you scream till I come and get you! You are a crazy little man!

Recently since we have started our praise songs you seem to know all the words to Jesus Loves Me and you constantly ask to hear it more and more. It blesses my heart and I see how the Bible says that Jesus cause the little children who follow with child like faith! I pray that you continue to follow and that the songs and bible stories that we read every night will be engrained on your heart forever and that you will grow up loving and praising Jesus all the days of your life. If thats one thing in life that I want if I get nothing else in life this is what I want for you and your brother Hayden! This is more important to me than anything else in this life! Your relationship with Jesus Christ so that one day when Jesus comes or we pass on we will enjoy eternity in heaven together! I just love you little boy more than I coudl have ever imagined.

Another sweet thing that you do is when we pray everynight you take both your little hands make fist and put them up under your nose while we pray and you are very quite! Than when we are done praying you say AMEN and clap your hands! I love it. I hope that this is something that we can carry on everynight with you and your brother!

Last night though you had some accidents. Apparently while I was at work you were playing in your room alone (which Daddy should never let you do this) when one of the big drums fell on you. It cut your eye! I was so sad when I saw it when I came home. WEll than we were playing and I was laying on the recliner because my feet are sooo swollen and sore and you tried to climb up to sit with me. You weren't even half way up when you just fell off back words and hit the back of your head on the tile. I NEVER over react but I spazed out when this happened! I was terrified for you I thought you were going to have a brain bleed. I was just so worried and I clung to you as you sobbed on my shoulder! Praise Jesus you are ok and nothing has been seriously wrong!

LIttle boy I love you so very much and I hope that your new little brother will be your best friend and you will both learn to love the Lord and now how much your MOmmy and Daddy love you! Thank you for being mine! I am more blessed than I could have ever imagined!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

18 Months and Summer Vacation!

Oh little boy you are absolutly fantastic. I am so in love with you that it takes my breath away! I cannot believe you are already 18 months old. You seem so much older than you are, time please slow down!!!! You do the silliest things constantly. You have started pretending this last few weeks. YOu pretend you are eating something and you will even share your pretend food. It just makes me laugh. The first time I "Caught" you eating something I thought you really were but nope it was pretend and you just smiled at me. You also like to smell your feet! It is hysterical! You smell them and make an eww face! You started all these new things on family vacation.

We went to a river house in Daytona with Grandma Bells side. IT was the Dyal clan! YOu had an absolutly blast! You loved being with all of your great aunts and uncles and your two cousins Nathan and Jared. You also loved your Uncle Ryan and Michelle and of course your grandparetns! You are so funny and such a ham and people love it. You put on a dance and singing show with Nathan, you swam/floated with mama, you went out to the dock with Daddy and fished, you pushed Nathan and were pushed on your fire truck, you ran around like a crazy man and were chased or chasing constantly, you took 3 hour naps almost every day we were there, you ate like a crazy man and probably gained a few pounds, you pretended to be asleep when I said it was bed time just to get out of going to bed, and you loved the beach!

When we got back from vacation I was soooo tired so Daddy took you out to the woods to hike so I could get some rest. He said that you were soooo funny. It was very quite out there and you couldn't take it so you started making animal sounds! You would also point to the trees and yell tree. You are just so silly and pretty darn amazing if you ask me!

LIttle boy you are amazing! The 4th of July was pretty uneventful. We went to church and than we ate dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Bell. Daddy missed us though because he helped his parents move into their new home! ON the 4th you said the word cheese and even said "more cheese". You are starting to talk even more and we couldn't be prouder.

You are going to be the best big brother and I can't wait to see what this next year holds! I love you little boy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


You have officially graduated from your 6 week swim course at the YMCA! You are our little survivor and I couldn't be more proud. Ms. Denise just loves you and I think you love her regardless of you getting angry during practice. You just like to show your displeasure!! I am so happy though that you are finished and I am confident should you fall in with no one around you would survive and thats what is most important!

You have also been so silly lately. Daddy taught you to do a honking think to mama! I will have to tell you about it one day when you are older and I'm sure you will be quite embarassed hahaha!

You also adore your mimi Bell. Whenever we are over there you don't want to leave. YOu make us laugh constantly while we are there and I love you for it! You really do light up my life more than I could have imagined. Yesterday poor max you were riding him like a horse. I'm sure it was hurting him but you wouldn't stop we finally had to drag you off of him.

We are also working on table manners with you. We want you to be a sweet boy who knows his manners in general and it looks like this will be a long laborous process but it will be worth it. You are our sweetie!

We had a busy day yesterday before swim we went and got your 18 month pictures taken at Sears and some of you and me with the new baby in the belly. You were not too thrilled at first but finally warmed up and we got some good pics. I then thought we could continue our date and go eat at the mall. SO we got you chick-fi-la nuggets and fruit and you sat there like the biggest boy ever at your fruit and nuggets and drank your water all out of their containers. YOu didn't throw any food on the ground and were just mezmorized watching all the people around you. I just sat there and stared at you while you ate. You are just such a joy and I love you little boy so much. I want to keep having mommy Pierce dates for a very long time!

I was laying in bed last night Daddy was at work and I was just thinking about how amazingly awesome you are. How blessed and lucky I am that you are ours. My heart is just so full of joy when I think about you. I was thinking about your baby brother as well and feel that I will feel the same exact way with him. You are just so much more than I could have ever hoped for from you silly personality to your heart full of love I wouldn't change a thing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty Training 101

You and your potty frog.... have been doing FABULOUS!!!! We bought you the potty frog about 7 months ago for you to try and get used to. You've played with it, pushed it around the house, on the rare occasion in the past peed in it, sit on it, and have even put food in it and than eaten out of it...

Friday June 11, 2010 you decided you were going to use it as a REAL Potty! You came up to me while I was lying on the couch and you started tugging on your diaper and I asked you if you had to go potty.. so you took my hand and we walked to the bathroom. I took your diaper off you set on the potty and you poo pooed and peed! I have never been so happy in my life! YOu than of course flashed me a huge grin, I wiped you, you got up and ran to play. Of course after this we ran to publix and I got you m&ms and a candy jar for a treat everytime you go.

So Saturday all day you had a DRY diaper. You told Mommy or when I asked you said yes and we went to the potty. You pood and peed multiple times on the potty and I have never been so proud! You enjoyed it and you LOVED your treat after.

On Sunday you only peed on the potty twice but you know what thats ok. I don't want to pressure you because your not even 18 months yet! But I am so proud of you! You are growing leaps and bounds and growing up right before my eyes! I just want you to know that you can trust me and i will help you go potty whenever you need to! You are the greatest little boy ever!

WE are in your last week of swim and I am so thankful because this has been a huge commitment! You are more scared of the pool at our house but thats ok. We have been practicing with you and have decided the best way to practice is to throw you in basically or push you over the side and give you 7 seconds to float! Because technically thats what will happen. And you know what you FLOAT ON YOUR BACK! You do GREAT! I am sooooo THANKFUL that we have been able to put you in this. Really your Grandma Bell paid for it and I know that this small investment potentially SAVED your life! I love you little boy!

you and your love of singing. I never want to change the musical aspect of you! You love to sing and you sing beautifully! At your grandmas you have found a hot pink small weight and you sing in it every chance you get. At your house you have a hot pink tooth brush holder that you sing in! You love it and we think its adorable! You really are the coolest little kid in the whole wide world!

You are certainly coming into your own and have started say lots of new words!

Here is your word list!
-rock (for rocking back and forth)
-wawa (water)
-more (also do this in sign language)

You are doing soo well! You also have cut lots more teeth and I think you have all four of the front top and bottom in! You are eating more as well.

Last night was the first night that I didn't give you a night bottle! It was very hard for me but we have started a WONDERFUL routine that I hope we do for many years to come. I take you into your room turn off the lights and turn on your lamp. We than rock and I read you a short bible story and we sing Jesus Loves Me. We than say our prayers with hugs and kisses afterwards and I lay you down! You went right to bed without a peep! I love you son! Honestly I look at you or even think of you and my breath gets caught because I am the most blessed mama in the whole world to have you as my son! I love you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Funny LIttle Boy!

I don't think there goes a day that you don't have me laughing hysterically! I enjoy every single moment with you. You love Max and you like to tease him with beggin strips (bacon things). So Mimi Bell is holding you and you have the strip two inches from Max's face. As he goes to get it you snatch it away. So Mimi keeps breaking off little pieces for him. WEll you keep looking at the strip like you wanna taste it. You bring it up to your mouth but instead of touching yoru mouth you bring it to your neck. It is the funniest thing and you do it like 5 times. I finally tell you to take a bite if you want so you break a piece off stick it in your mouth chew chew chew swallow and take a huge bite. I am laughing hysterically as well as Mimi and she finally takes it away from you b/c she thinks its not good for you. You scream and cry and than finally eat a piece of cheese you were still hungry apparently.

You are just a funny funny little boy and bring me so much joy. You have a foam sword that I got you from the Target $1.00 bin. You run around hyaing people especially Daddy and Grandpa. It is so funny than they grab it and chase you! You laugh and giggle and run to mama to protect you!

The other day Mimi and Grandpa Bell came over and went swimming with you. You fell into the pool twice and I had you practice you swim techniques you did so good! You also now know how to sign "More" and you do it all the time. I am so proud of you! You really are such a joy! LIttle boy my life is so much better with you in it and I adore you to pieces!

Well I love you sweet boy keep Mama laughing because it makes my day bright!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

17 Months!

I can't believe you are 17 months old! You are one little wild monkey that I adore which isn't suprising since you love monkeys! You have been in swim lessons for a few weeks and you are doing wonderful. You can now float on your back and swim to shore! I am so proud of you and hope this is the beginning of my little swimmer man! You love to be in the pool in general also! Mommy and Daddy were simming in the pool and out of no where you would kind of step in. Of course when you did I made you practice your float on your back and swim to the shore and you didn't like that but hey we gotta practice! You also like to hang your feet over the edge and kick kick kick! You think your pretty great and so do we!

You adore Lady still. Every morning you go and smack your lips and get kisses every morning. Its sooo sweet! You follow her everywhere and always make sure she gets a bite to eat of whatever you are having for breakfast lunch or dinner!

This month you have dealt with lots of sickness from the flu to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. But we made it! I have never been so worried about you and prayed so hard for healing but you are finally getting better. You are breaking through more teeth as we speak so I am thinking that is why you have a runny nose!

You love being outside! Any chance you get you are outside on your bike, your wagon, or just running! You love to be sprayed with the hose and it has become a game! I love spraying you and your little giggle laugh that you give me.

Every person you meet you brighten their day with your big goofy grin! You love to make people smile and I love that about you! Your facial expressions are priceless and I know you get that from your Mama!

You still like to kiss and poke Mama's belly. I'm sure its not because you know your little brother Hayden is in there its because its big and in your face! Before you know it you will officially be a big brother! I'm so sad for you to have to share me but I know you will love your little brother like crazy!

You have been so attached to Daddy lately and I adore it! You love to be rough with him and climb all over him! You are so silly when you are with your Daddy!

For Mommy's birthday we went to the beach and you had a blast! We dug in the sand. You then decided you wanted to moon all the people there so you kept pulling your pants down! It was very funny!

You climb on everything! The other morning I caught you on TOP of the kitchen table! Oh goodness what am I going to do with you. Before I know it you and Daddy will be on the roof for who only knows what!

Pierce you really are the light of my life and God has blessed us 10 times over by giving us to you! Yes your wild and high energy but I wouldn't change that for the world! You will always be my first born and the little boy that made me a mama and I am so thankful! I love you little boy more than the moon and the stars and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Love always!!! Your MAMA!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Crazy Little BOy!

Little boy you just change and grow sooo much. You are quite a handful and I adore you for it. You are so silly that you fill most of our days with giggles!

This morning I made you eggs with cheese and you were so hungry pointing at it. I told you to wait because its hot. All of a sudden I feel a gust of baby breath on me as you are blowing on the eggs/me to cool them down. You then flash me a huge grin. I adore you. That was the sweetest thing to me. Often you will be disobeying and as I try to correct you you look up into the corner of the world almost as if you are rolling your eyes at me. You then look at me and grin and of course all is forgiven. You certainly have me wrapped around your little finger.

You are now in swim lessons and you are doing phennomenal. It is safe start so it teaches you to survive should you fall in the pool. After only 5 lessons you can swim from about 3 ft away from the edge and pull yourself up! I am a very proud mama needless to say. The instructor mentioned yesterday that you are very smart and agile and I will most definatly have my hands full. I looked at her and said you are speaking to the choir I have a wild child! YOu are amazing though.

You still love to poke my big growing belly and stick your finger on my belly button. I hope you know your little brother is in there and that one day you guys will be the best of friends. I still get so sad and my heart aches when I think about you have to share mama and daddy with another little baby. I want you to always know how much we love you son. OUr love for you will never lesson it will only grow!

We no longer give you your paci during the day except car, nap and night time. We quit in hopes that it would help your verbal skills. Low and behold it has! YOu are saying more and more words consistently. You say Dadadada and point to Daddy, Mamama, Hi, Bye and I think sometimes you say Lady! YOu are smart as a whiz! I love you little boy.

You are still a little pistol quit often. You poked grandma Bell in the eye with a crayon the other day for no reason, you threw a fork at her head and missed it and it flew across the kitchen for no reason. You do all these things with a smile on your face. You throw food on the floor on a daily basis we are trying to break this bad habit. But when we are at Grandma Bells you seem to do it more often to get on her nerves. Not sure why but I try to hide my laughter!

I am starting a tradition with you that we will hopefully carry on when little brother arrives but every morning when Daddy gets home from work we wait out on the front porch for him. We talk and wave at the passing cars and when Daddy pulls up you get a grin from ear to ear and make a sprint for him. Today you tripped and scrapped your knee but nothing that mama and daddy couldn't fix. You are so silly little boy we really love you lots.

You climb on everything. You climbed up onto the kitchen chair today while I was cooking breakfast so I pulled it over to the counter and you watched with aww as I made your breakfast. You are sooo cute I just can't stand it sometimes.

You LOVE to sing!!! IT is sooo funny. You love the itsy bitsy spider, you also love Way up in the High little Bird! YOu are so funny when we sing them and you do the motions. We sing all the time. IN the car when we are driving I will have Z88.3 on the radio and as I sing you sing right along! I love it and it will always be a special time that I get to have with you!

Little boy I will never know why God chose to bless me with you my sweet little sunshine but I will never be able to thank him enough. You are amazing I love you to pieces and I hope one day not only will you know how much mommy and daddy love you but you will know how much the Lord above loves you and you will love Him back!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day!

Son I want you to know how much I love you. Thank you for making me the mother that I am today. Thank you for 2 great Mother's Day! You are amazing little boy. I just adore you. Of all the things I have accomplished in my life having you was one of the greatest. You will forever be my first little boy who initially made me a mother and I am so honored to say that. I can't believe how big you have grown and how much you have changed. You are amazing and I adore you. Well I will write more later to talk about your swim lessons! :-) I love you little boy!

Love Your mama!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silly Little Boy

Oh little boy what a weekend you have had. Lets just start with Friday.

Friday: I have been concerned the last month you are constantly running a low fever. Don't know why if its teeth related or what not so I call the Dr. and insist that you get seen and get a lab write up for blood work to make sure all is ok. I just get worried that if I don't take care of this now to make sure you are healthy that when your little brother comes I will forget and not take time to do it. So we go to the Dr. that morning your temp was 101.5 of course when we get there you are normal and healthy as a horse according to the Dr. Well they order the blood work because of my insistence. We go to South Seminole where you were born and they draw your blood. They call you Mr. Strong man because you are so strong and a very big lady had to hold you still. It was so sad and you cried so hard. But they got the blood and ran the test. Well we go home that night and your temp is then of course 102.7 and I give you meds through the night. Poor little sick boy. Saturday we had plans to go and visit your great grandparents in Bradenton not sure if we are going.

Saturday: YOu wake up and your fever is still 102.7 so it hadn't broken at all through the night. ME you daddy and grandparents decide we should still go if your gonna be sick here or there whats the diff. It was a long ride but you made it your fever stayed the same all day even with meds every 3 hours. Your great grandma bell got to snuggle and rock you while you slept for 2 hours. This is how we know you are sick :-). Well before we left we take your temp and your at 104.2. It was sooo scary. We get in the care for the 2.5 hour ride and get home. As your nanny bell is taking you out of the care you are limp and burning with fever. We decide we have to sponge bathe you until your fever is down before putting you to bed. I was sooo scared and worried for you. So Daddy and I get you down to your diaper and start the sponge bath and you just laid on us wimpering off and on it was pitiful. Finally around 9:30 your fever is down to 103 and we feel you can go to bed. You go to bed and wake a few times your fever finally breaks and you don't wake till 8:30 on Sunday.

Sunday: You are pretty good running a fever around 101 most of the day but much more your happy self. I was so thankful you made it through the night ok. I worry about you little boy and I love you so much.

MOnday. You are pretty much back to normal. Well I had to take in some of your stool samples for more testing at the hospital so we get this done. We than go home and take a nap. After nap you wake up pretty grouchy but we go to nanny and poppy bells cause poppy was gonig to take care of you while mama and nanny went shopping. You and poppy had a BLASt. you went to the park, the library, the bookstore and the pet store. YOu loved all of it. YOu are such a sweet boy. We get back to the house to meet up for dinner. After eating poppy had bought you 2 books and he was laying on the ground reading them. You walk up to him and put your leg overh is face and sit right smake on his face. It was hysterical. Of course you are laughing. HE moves you and you walk away. You then walk up again while he was reading and try sit on his head again. ME and your nanny laughed sooo hard. Then later you are walking by and he is still laying on the floor playing with you and you decide you are gonig to stand on his face. Thank goodness he was fast and covered his face with his hands and you stood on his hands on his face and jumped laughing and snickering. Oh little boy you are wild. We go home and I put you to bed and you giggle and snicker in there for an hour before falling asleep.

Tuesday: You wake up and we get ready. Before Daddy gets home I decided I wanted to rock you some if you would let me very unusual. Well you did! IT was a small victory. I rocked you for about five min and sang childrens christian songs. Honestly I love you littel boy and I cherish every single moment that I have to sing to you to cuddle and snuggle you to love you more than you could ever imagine. You are my little boy that I hope doesn't grow up to fast and knows how much we adore you. Well hopefully you are having a fun day with Daddy and maybe tonight we can go swimming. I love you little boy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

16 Months Tomorrow!

Oh my little darling.. you will be 16 months tomorrow. You have grown leaps and bounds since we brought you home and I can't believe all the changes you have gone through. In your short life we have moved 5 times and you have adjusted beautifully! I am happy to say this will most likely be our last move for a very very long time. A new change that is coming is that Daddy's parents and Grandma have bought a home a few miles from us. So you will now have both your grandparents within 5 minutes. What a blessed little boy you are! You still go to school 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from everything I hear you love it. You listen to the teachers march when they tell you to, play on the playground, and sing along. They adore you almost as much as we do!

Well what have you been up to lately?

- You have cut three molars and few more front teeth
- Your a chatter box like you've always been but still don't really say any words at all. We are trying though :-)
- You never cry when we leave you at church unless your sick of course but you seem to have little to no seperation anxiety! Its good cause your independent but sad cause you are so grown up!
- You sleep through the night very well!
- You still don't climb out of your crib and I think its because you find comfort in it. Even though you want out you stay in!
- You adore lady and greet her with a hug and kiss every morning!
- You now know how to blow when things are hot! You are so adorable doing it! You like to copy mama!
- You hold my hand now in stores and when we walk so you barley have to use your monkey backpack!
- You now take showers with mama every night. ITs just easier right now cause its to hard for me to bend over with my big ol belly and your baby brother in it!
- You can climb on our bed and you do it every chance you get.
- You understand everything we say and listen most of the time to direction yet you still won't talk... interesting...
- Every night you climb on the couch with your mama we watch cartoons before bed and bath and you eat a snack. YOu are such a big boy. Your daddy and I just watch you and are amazed at the little boy you have become. YOu certainly are no longer our baby but a boy. ITs sad but beautiful and we love you!
- You now do high pitched screams its interesting and deafening!
- Your Daddy takes you on a bikeride to the park almost every day and when Daddy's at work I try to take you although we drive instead of bikeride! YOu LOVE the swings and the slides! I have it on video your adorable!
- We got into our new pool for the first time yesterday and you are so funny! You screamed when you were in it but laughed when Daddy splashed you! You loved running around it nakie! YOur too funny.
- THe other morning when I threw up.. thank you swine flu after I was done you pretended to! YOu are a crazy little boy.
- Any chance you get at sneaking into the guest bathroom you do and you take all the things int he trash and throw it into the toilet... its lovely.. not! I guess we will keep ya though!
-Your still my dancing king and its hilarious! Any chance you get you bust a move!
- You love balls to kick and to throw! I'm very proud of you!

Well son you do so much and change more than I can keep up with. We love and adore you and pray many blessings on you and that you will live your life for the Lord! We love you little boy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Never want to Forget...

I never want to forget how you are right now. I adore you. I have always adored you but you are just in this phase that I adore even more. You are such a silly little boy and have become quite the ham. You make me laugh constantly. You do this silly laughing thing even though there is nothing funny and run around the room making us laugh. I need to video tape this. YOu have 3 molars now that are breaking through. PIerce i really just love you so much. I can't wait till you get up in the morning just so I can give you a hug and kiss. I just love every moment that I get with you. You love people and that brings such joy to my heart. YOu have never met a stranger. You are just tooo funny. When I leave for work in the mornings you will run to me with your arms wide open throw your arms around my neck and hug and kiss me. It melts my heart. Pierce please stay this age forever and love your mama like she is the only person in the world ;-). Well I love you son you are the best and I can't believe you are mine....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Baby bear we had lots of family over for Easter weekend. Your G-Nanny and G-Poppy Bell came over on Thursday and stayed till Sunday and All of Daddy's siblings were in town as well. We played lots and you enjoyed all of the attention. Of course mama was very tired after a long weekend but it was wonderful because HE has Risen!

On easter we went to church with my side of the family and than to the park with Daddy's. You are just growing so much and are so much fun. Have I told you how beautiful you are? Well you are. You are gorgeous and many people tell me this often. I adore you son. You have broken through your 5th tooth. Its the bottom right one. You are cute as pie. You love to give hugs and kisses and I adore you like crazy.

Thank you for being such a sweetie for being an awesome dancing kid, for wearing hats because you know I think your adorable and for talking and talking like crazy to me.
I love you son!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15 Months Old!

Son you are officially 15 months old and a few days. You have grown leaps and bounds. Your little personality is certainly developing. On your actual 15 month birthday we got you a big red car that you walk in and a wagon. You LOVE them both. I can't even take you out of your bedroom without you screaming to get in your car. You love it. You watch cartoons in it, you talk on your phone in it, you drink your water in it you love it. You also love your wagon. You like to pull your wagon especially if Lady or Max are in it with you. You also like to ride in it but you prefer to pull it. You are a funny little man.

Here are some highlights!
- You love to run
- When you get mad you lay on the ground and hit your head.. we are working on this.. :-(
- You love strawberry wheaties. YOu even get your own bowl of cereal in the morning its so funny.
- You LOVE Ice Water every morning you get a sippy cup full.
- You adore ice cream, specifically ice cream sandwiches and cones. Its quite funny.
- You adore Lady. She is your dog and you love her you chase her, hug her, kiss her, let her lick your mouth, share your food. You love her.
- You love your grand parents. You have a special bond with all four of them. Its very very sweet.
- You love your mama and Dada also. I get the biggest hugs.
- You are a pro at using your fork. I cut up your fork and you use your fork to poke it and put it in your mouth. I am very proud.

Well little boy we adore you. You are growing so much and changing. Keep growing and loving your family and the Lord. We love you!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

15 Month Check UP!

Little guy you are 31.75 inches long. You are 24.5lbs. You were a size five diaper during the day and a six at night. You are in the 50% for heigh, weight and head circumfrence. You have 4 molars coming in and 2 on the bottom front coming in. You are doing amazing. You have a small cold right now but you are doing great. We love you little guy and are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Beautiful Little Boy.

My little bundle of wild how you have grown. You amaze me every day. You seem to grow up so fast before my very eyes I just wish time would slow down. I can't believe you will be a big brother in 4 short months time moves way to fast. You have grown and changed so much over the past few weeks. Your life has changed as well. We have officially moved into our new house a few short minutes for G-ma and G-pa Bell. We have Lady the dog back and you love her. You have a room that has big boy drums in it that you Love. You are just simply amazing. You have a yard to play in, a pool to swim in and a pond to fish in. I think your life will be quite fullfilling. You go to church with G-ma Bell Tuesday and Wednesday for half days and also on Sundays. You do wonderful. All the teachers say you are such a talker and are such a good boy. I couldn't be more proud.

After church all three days you sleep for 2-3 hours. I miss you during those times but I know you need your rest. Since the time change you now go to bed at 7:30 and you sleep till 8-9:00 its pure bliss thank you time change. You run instead of walk your poor little head cannot keep up with your body it is quite funnY! You throw silent fits every day before being dropped off at your class not sure why but you sure are cute while you do it. You talk REALLY REALLY loud! ITs very funny. You adore Lady and chase and pound on her any chance you get. We try to take walks daily around the neighborhood and you love to explore. You love talking to all the neighbors and I couldn't be more proud. You eat like a champ especially PB&J's and anything that has noodles in it! Your just like your mama. You adore strawberries and really any kind of fruit! You really really are one amazing little boy.

You fell into the pond yesterday not sure how it all went down but thank goodness Daddy was watching you closly and snatched you right out. He undressed you and carried you home screaming the whole way. You were wet so he stuck you under his short to keep you warm. WE think you screamed because you wanted to continue playing not because you fell. You are wild but we love you. You were quite exhausted from everything that had happened and you slept till nine this morning. I was worried about you but so thankful you are ok. We love you to pieces and plan to keep you around for a very very very long time.

Son you just amaze me everyday with everything you do. Of course you challenge me at times but I could not ask for a more adorable precious loving little boy. My prayer for you everyday is that you will continue to grow big strong and healthy and that you will have a passion for the Lord and will share Him with all you meet. I pray that God will take over your life and that you will lead a life that is please to Him. I love you son. Thank you for being you, thank you for already being the best big brother you can be. I love you and adore you!!! ---- Your mama!

Monday, February 22, 2010

14 Months Little Guy!

You will be 14 months in 5 days and oh how the time flies. I wanted to post early bc I amy forget to post on your actual 14 month birthday because GOD willing we will be moving into our new house. If we do move like planned and close this Friday this will be you 4th place and hopefully last place that you have lived since birth. Atleast for a long long time. Your new house is really nice and it has a pool. i can't wait till the dog days of summer when you and I will lay out in the pool especially me being prego I will need the relaxation.

You really are a little wild child. You have tantrums pretty regularly but we love ya anyways! :-) You do listen most of the time. If you are opening a cabinent you are not supposed to I will tell you to shut it and you will. If you have a remote or toy you shouldn't I ask you to hand it to me and you will.. reluctantly yes but you still hand it to me. You do follow directions for the most part.

Early this last week Kelley and her daughter Kella came over. You love Kella. You have a big tunnell thing that your Grandma Fuller got you and you and Kella were crawling and kissing in it. It was hysterical. I call it your tunnel of love. kelley was being tunnel patrol and kept telling you guys to stop getting so close! LOL You love to play with other little kids but you especially LOVE little girls.

You officially have a new love in your life and its not me :-(. You love your Auntie Rachel. She used to be your neighbor until you were about 8 months old and you adore her. She was over last night and you flirt and play and share with her constantly. When it was time for bed I gave you your bottle you took it and crawled onto Rachel's lap and just gazed into her eyes as you drank your bottle. We thought it was soooo funny. Than after you were finished instead of wanting to go right to bed and squirming like you normally do you just wanted to cuddle and gaze at her. You would flirt and give her your big binky grin than snuggle up into her hair and love on her. And you even did a sigh... going ahhhh as you leaned into her. Everytime I would try to take you to bed you woudl push me away and lean even closer into her. It made me sad I'm no longer your only love. This morning when we were getting Daddy up I told Daddy he needed to have a LONG talk with you about how girls are trouble and you need to stay away from them... YEA right we will see if that ever happens.

Well you truly take after your Daddy in the sense that you are a country boy. Yesterday you ran around you Grandma Bell's backyard for about 45 min with no shirt on and just your pants with your big old belly sticking out. You have dirt all over your face, hands and belly and even in your mouth. You really are becoming a little boy and no longer a baby.

You adore your Daddy more and more. You used to be a total mama's boy but now it could go almost both ways. But I still think and hope you have a special place for your mama in your heart. Remember son I carried you in my belly for NINE LONG MONTHS! :-)

You love sandwiches. I have found you love turkey, cheese and bread with mayo sandwiches. Its about the only thing you will eat the whole thing of without throwing it on the ground. Oh well atleast you eat now.

You love giving kisses. Especially to me. I must say I still get the most kisses out of everyone who asks. You come with your mouth wide open and lay one on me. I love it. You are my little darling and I adore you like crazy!

You run instead of walk. you constantly keep me on my toes and try to push your limits but I know you will learn. You are very strong willed! :-)

You love to talk on cell phones still even though you make no sense you will carry on a thirty min conversation. You make me laugh constantly.

You still go to bed around 6:30 but you wake up sometimes between 5:30-6:30 it makes me crazy. Please sleep till 7:30-8:00 like you used to. I miss those days. Looking forward to the time change so you will sleep longer hopefully!

You love mama's belly. You like to touch it when I am. I think you know your little sibling is in there. I hope you love your sibling and we always make you feel like you are just as important as the new baby. I hope you are never jealous and never feel left out.

You go to church every Sunday and you love your nursery class. You are excited as soon as we get down there. Every morning when we pick you up you always have a play cell phone with you... need I say anymore LOL You love to talk.

I signed you up for preschool starting in August. I know you will love the structure and everything that comes with that. Its only 2 days a week for four hours. You will do wonderful. You love other little kids and crafts.

Well son we adore you. You have brought so much more to our lives than we could ever hope and dream and can only pray that we have many many many many more wonderful years with you. When you are grown and married and have a child of your own I hope you look at your child and feel the same love we have for you and can think back and go... wow my parents loved me more than I could ever imagaine.

We love you!!! mama and dada!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Joy you Bring Me! & OH BOY!

Oh my beautiful little boy. You truly are the light of our lives. Everyday that I look at you and study your face I can see that you are getting more and more beautiful both inside and out. I am so in love with you and there are days when I lay in bed and I just think of you and how blessed we are and my breath literally gets caught and taken away because I am so unworthy to have you.

You are changing so much everyday into such a little cutie and I am so thankful for you. Today when I was leaving to go to work you were not ready for me to go. You ran up to me threw your arms around my legs and looked up at me with pleading eyes. When i told you I had to leave you RAN to go get your big black backpack/diaper bag and tried to drag it to me hoping you could go. You couldn't get it to me fast enough so you ran back to me threw your arms around my legs and looked up at me. I bent down kissed you hugged you some more and told yo I would be back this afternoon. You RUN back to your diaper bag as I walk down the stairs grab your paci and run back to the baby gate squeal and throw your paci through the gate to me.. I guess you figured if you can't go at least I should be your paci. I smiled laughed and told you I loved you and waved bye bye. You waved back and Daddy came and scooped you up.

Its hard leaving you for work but sometimes I feel it makes me a better mother. I look forward to the moment I see your little face peering down the stairs at me and you squealing with delight that I am home. I scope you up in my arms and you let me cuddle and play with you the rest of the evening. In the same instance I'm glad that i only work 3 days I would miss you way to much if it was anymore than that. You have started a new game where when i am sitting on the floor which is MOST of the time you come up and start messing with my hair. Of course I laugh and whip my head at you and you giggle uncontrollably. Its hysterical. We do it over and over until you get a little to crazy with pulling my hair and we take a break.

You still prefer showers over baths and you love helping me clean the shower door with our squeegee. You are sooo funny. Daddy and I adore you more than you could ever possibly imagine. We take you to Gemini springs often because you love the big field to be able to run and run and run. I love watching you.

On the days when I have you for 24-48 hours by myself I will sometimes take a 10 min break by putting you in your crib to play. Of course the whole time you are in there you yell at the top of your lungs MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA. Oh goodness you are a silly thing.

You have started an unusual sleep routine in the morning. There is no rhyme or reason to the times that you wake up. You go to bed every single night between 6:30-7:00. You used to sleep till 7:45 but lately you have been waking around 6:00am. Of course I still leave you in there for another hour and you do the weirdest things. Most of the time you hit or kick your wall/crib/tv ocean thing. Its so strange. You don't talk or anything at first you just bang around. Daddy and I will groan but always manage to go back to sleep and hope you do also. But no by 7:00 you are yelling for us and up we come. But the other day you surprised me. Of course it was a day I couldn't sleep in cause I had to work so I'm up by 7:00 and low and behold you slept till 7:45 WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!

Regardless you are so awesome and we adore you more than anything and we cant wait till you meet your little brother. Oh yea did I tell you the Ultrasound tech is 80% sure we are having another little boy. Honestly I could not be happier because I know you and your brother will be so close especially cause you will only be 19 months apart. You will eventually share a room with him and I can't even begin to imagine the fun and joy you both will bring us.

Well your mommy and Daddy love your face off and we hope we have many many many years of awesome moments with you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

13 Months Yesterday!

Oh my little P-Dog how you have changed. You are certainly developing a personality unlike anything we have ever seen in you. You are full of energy, life and love and we adore you. You always call for your "mamamamama" and I LOVE it! Today I love my name mama and the joy it brings to my heart to hear you say it over and over and over.

You have become quite the little tantrum thrower. It seems you turned 12 months and you suddenly think you are two. You throw them anytime you do not get your way. It brings many times a day I let you lie on the ground kicking and screaming cause I won't give you the phone and right now I just let you work it out. My theory is no reason to punish you or try to soothe you wait till you work it out and than you will come play with me again. And more times then not you get over it and come on over to your mama.

You are such a joy but such a handful. you seem to get bigger everyday and you are now in 18 months clothes. You run everywhere instead of walk, you scream/talk loudly instead of normal talk, you jump up and down instead of staying still and you laugh loudly instead of a quite giggle. I love you my little loud jumping bean. You just seem so much older than you really are most days. I wish time would slow so I could savor every single moment with you.

You try to mimic words we say often and it makes me proud. You love to read and be read to. Sometimes I catch you reading a book to yourself in the most beautiful sing song voice. I adore you. You refuse to take baths right now and only want showers. Of course you want me to be in the shower with you.. So be it. For now thats our mama and baby time I love to shower with you. You always try to help me clean the shower doors after we are finished and its the cutest little thing.

You have started waking at 6:30am every morning. It used to be 8:30 than it went to 7:30 with time savings and now just this week 6:30am??!?!? I say WHAT?!? LOL OH well hopefully you will sleep longer again at some point.

Right now mama and Daddy are under contract with a house and are working at purchasing it. We will hopefully be purchasing it in the next few weeks and we will move in with our two dogs! You will be thrilled to have dogs around because you love them. You love Grandma Bells dog Max my childhood dog. I always tell G-ma that when Max dies she will HAVE to get a new one b/c you love going to Grandma's to see the dog :-).

It seems like these past 3 weeks atleast one night a week you have stayed with one of the Grandparents while Daddy and I had some us time. It has been nice and we are more than blessed to have family so close. Plus you love Grandma and Grandpa's house. Well little guy we love you and adore you. You are growing up way to fast but we will savor every moment we have.

Love you to pieces! Mama and Daddy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pregnancy - 11 weeks

I just wanted to say that mama has been feeling pretty good during this pregnancy. I wonder if I feel good because I know i have to focus on you and taking care of you and keeping you happy. I dont know if thats why but Im feeling good and its a relief! You are just a wild man lately but are really a good boy. Mama and Daddy left you last weekend with your grandparents so that we could go skiing! YOu had a great time with all the attention and mama and Daddy had a great time having some one on one time. Of course I didn't go skiing b/c of the little one in the belly but it was nice spending time with Daddy when he wasn't. Well we love and adore you little guy!