Life....: September 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time OUt!

Oh baby bear.. We have started time out! LOL You sure have a little temper on you so we have started time out. Yesterday which is not the first day you have done this you were yelling at me with fist in the air b/c I wasn't feeding you goldfish fast enough. After the 10th time of getting angry I had felt it was time for a time out! I took you and set you in the cornor and I counted and signed 1-9. You screamed and fussed while you were there because you knew you were in trouble. After 9 I picked you up and calmly told you why gave you a hug and a kiss and you were back to normal. You were sweeter after this but you did get 2 more time outs. Its funny because I really think you knew why. I love you little boy.

So this morning as I was changing your diaper and clothes I left you on the floor nakie! LOL I walked away to get some vaseline and when I came back you were sitting there with a rattle in your mouth looking cute as can be. I think you knew I was getting ready to leave for work and you got this silly look in your eyes and started peeing!! AHHHH I screamed and jumped away and through your pjs over your pee pee! I was laughing soo hard. And you just set there peeing a fountain with this little grin on your face. I don't think your grandma Bell appreciated it but I sure did. So i cleaned up got you dress and smoothered you in kisses. I do miss you tons baby bear but always remember I work part time to give you a better life because I love you and I know Daddy will be taking good care of yoU! Well I love you little guy you are a blessing and I can't wait to see what your future holds! I pray you will grow to be a God fearing man who will love the Lord with all of your heart!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

9 Month Check up!


You are 28.25 inches long
You are 19.08 lbs
You are in the 50th percentile for Height
You are in the 40th Percentile for weight
Your Iron is perfect.... you are perfect!

You love to eat. You have started to refuse baby food and only want table food.
You love pizza, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, chicken, turkey, mash potatoes, broccoli and anything else we can get into your mouth fast enough. I try to make sure you have on jar of veggies just in case! You really are the sweetest little guy in the whole world. You talk like crazy I think we will have a blabber mouth on our hands!. I love it. You try to walk still but only standing pushing object and letting go and balancing yourself. You love to go on bikerides.

The other day at your great gigis you sneezed while eating spaghetti and one shot out of your nose. It was hysterically gross! :-)

Lots of things going on in your life. Mommy and Daddy trying to get a new house for you. We are going today to look at it and hopefully it will be ours. You are still sick but slowly getting better. You are such a begger. Right now your begging your grandpa for some apple. You love cookies and icecream and anything.

You are awesome. Still no teeth! That still doesn't stop you.

Everyone I know thinks you are pretty darn handsome and I would have to agree! Well we love you baby bear! Happy 9 month birthday! You are such a blessing in our lives!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


We have all been soooo sick this last week and a half. Baby bear came down with the stomach bug two weekends ago and took down his mama, dada, gma and gpa fuller and gma bell. We have all had the stomach bug for atleast 3-4 days a piece and now baby bear and I are facing a terrible cold. My poor little guy wakes up every morning with a horrible cough. He coughs and coughs and gags and can't catch his breath.. so every morning around 6 we both strip and into the shower we go. Him and I take a good long shower and steam him up and he seems to be able to stop coughing as much. its the only thing that helps in the morning.

Its funny because I've come to love that alone time with him. Him clinging to me for dear life as we shower and I spray him with the water and he laughs. And slowly but surely every morning his little cough gets better until the next morning.. YUCK! I do love the poor sick little guy. This morning I am still feeling SOOOO sick with my cold and just not right since the stomach bug so I laid in bed and kind of held him there. Thank you Lord he finally fell back asleep around 6:30 and didn't wake up till 7:30. So I finally got up finished getting ready for work until Daddy got home. I had the last 48 hours with the little guy alone while Daddy was at work. It was actually really nice to have so much uninterrupted time with the little guy but its hard espcially in the morning getting up so early by myself with him. Well hopefully we will be on the upswing very shortly. He goes for his 9 month well visit on Wednesday and I hope his cough is better or they can prescribe something. Please pray for the little guy and his mama!!

I am blessed... with an 8 month old WILD THING!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Pierce said MAMA today! I love that boy! Praise Jesus for a precious beautiful boy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Standing... Walking... 8 Months Old?!?

Oh my! Son you are 8 months old now! Wow TIME FLIES!!!! You are standing all the time by yourself. You like to practice constantly. You have been doing this for about two weeks. You pull up stand than let go get your balance and grin! You are just a little wild thing! I love it and I am sooo proud of you but I'm afraid your going to be walking before I know it. I will be proud of course if you did but I still want you to be my little baby and you are just growing up SOOOO extremely fast!

You really are our little sweetie and you LOVE to eat! You are now eating three jars of food a day and 4 bottles still! You LOVE to eat our food anything I am eating you want! The other night you had cut up turkey from my plate, mash potatoes and field peas! You loved it all except for the potatoes... I wonder if it was the texture. You woudl make this crazy face! I will say that you LOVE sweets! This is not always a good thing! You love icecream. The instant you get it though that night you will not sleep! You also are sooo good at using your pinchers you can pick anything up and put it in your mouth. i'm pretty proud of you. You eat cheerios all the time and are soo good at putting them in your mouth! You still aren't sleeping very well since we are at grandmas! I can't wait till we move into our new place so you do sleep but yet I will miss grandma and grandpa's cause they help SOOOO much and they love you to pieces!

Well I love you baby boy and I will put up some new pics when we move in! I love you baby bear!!!