Life....: December 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

36 weeks and 2 days

So I went to the Dr. today! Good news.. I am:

1.5 cm dilated
60% effaced
-2 station
very soft cervix
very short cervix

Woo HOO!!! Hopefully this means the baby will be here anytime now. I am sooo excited and ready to meet my little man. 3 different people who do not know eachother have said they think the little guy will come on the 19Th of December. That would be GREAT!!! I just want a happy healthy baby! I can't wait for him to be here. Both Kyle and I are scared but thats ok! Everything will work out and we will have a beautiful baby boy!!!!

I will keep you updated! Love Kyle, Laurel & Pierce!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a day Yesterday!!! 35 weeks and 1 day!

Well.. Where do I start off...

Things have been pretty rough the last 2 weeks. I have been suffering with a severe UTI and have been on antibiotics for the last 2 weeks and for the next week coming up. I am so ready for it to be gone. Basically since I have had this I have had to miss a few days of work. Its not good because of course right now thats what I need the most is the money.

Well yesterday I had an appt at 10:15 at my Dr.s office. I got up and worked from home for an hour. I decided I needed to go potty around 9:00 I went to the bathroom and look down and what do I see... BLOOD!! I freaked out of course cause baby Pierce hadn't been moving much that morning and I thought something was horribly wrong. I call my Dr and they tell me to go straight to L&D at the hospital. So on my way I'm calling Kyle hysterically telling him the awful things I thought that had happened and all my family to pray for Pierce and for him to have a heart beat. So I make it to the hospital in abt 25 min when its really a 45 min drive. Kyle arrives shortly after thank you LT Burner. They get me all hooked up and start monitoring the baby.

Of course praise GOD The baby looks wonderful! His heartbeat is good and strong and its doing everything it needs to be doing. They had me go pee and wipe and show them what came out and it was thick blood. I was scared to death still. My MIL came up there and so did my mom and we all just waited. They wouldn't let me eat anything for fear that I would need an emergency c-section. I started having contractions also they weren't horrible but I had them about every 5 min. The bleeding didn't stop so they kept me hooked up and they started running tests on my blood. They had to check to see if I was actively bleeding internally and praise God I wasn't. So that meant my placenta was still good and it wasn't bleeding.

They had to keep me there longer and longer cause of the blood. Dr. Quincy finally showed up around 7:00 and did an internal exam. He said the good new is the blood isn't coming from my cervix. It must be coming from my vaginal wall. Since I have been on antibiotics and have had a yeast infection off and on apparently my vaginal wall got irritated most likely with intercourse and I broke a blood vessel or a few and thats more than likely the reason I was bleeding. It was very scary. They still aren't certain this is just a guess..

So Dr. Quincy said I need to stay there until 10:00 to see if the bleeding would slow down. It finally looked like it was slowing down. They let me eat dinner finally and that was a sweet relief. I hung out there until 10:00 and it had finally slowed down. So I came home and I just have to keep an eye on it. I'll keep bleeding they said but as long as its not a lot I should be fine. So hopefully it will all work out.

I have faith in my Dear Lord Jesus that he is in control. My son is going to be healthy, I will be healthy and our family will be wonderful. Thank you Lord for my son, my husband and my health! Life is good...