Life....: March 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

19 months and 3 years and 2 months! Camping!

Boys what a fun and wild month we have had. Hayden you have changed tremendously you are once again the sweet loving boy that every one adores. You are funny and are speaking so much. Here are some words you say:
- Mama
- Dada
- Up
- Hello
- Lady
- Mimi
- Pop pop
- Bubba (Brother Pierce)

And lots of other words. You are just hysterical right now and I love it. You have picked up some of your brothers crazy habbits and you love to get your nails painted like he does. You boys are just too much sometimes.
We had our first expieriance camping last week in a pop up camper. You and I did not stay only Pierce and Daddy. You stayed home with mama at night and it was nice to have you to myself for a couple nights. On th etrip we went canoeing and it was soo fun. You boys were to cute sitting in the middle of the canoe but it was funny that you kept falling straight back for some reason. I think you might have been very tired. You also got in the water with Daddy at Weikiva springs. You loved it. Pierce not so much but you loved every second in the water with Daddy. You are just too funny.

I am in the process of making the play room your bedroom. When baby sister comes you will need a room or go into brothers room but the problem is is that you still wake up on occassion a few weeks a night and I can't have you and Pierce waking each other up. So Im going to make the play room very nice for you and it will be your bedroom. I love you Hayden.

Pierce oh my how you have changed this month also> We are going through a very challenging time right now and I know that things will get better eventually but sometimes it is so hard to be a good parent to you when you are so hard to parent. I love you though. You are still sweet as pie when you want to be. You LOVED camping with daddy. You stayed the night out in the woods for two nights with him. I couldn't believe it. I do think that being outside for all that time gave you some asthma from the pollen but who knows for sure.

When we were going swimming at Weikiva you were so funny because when you took your shirt off and were going to get into the water you said "nono I don't want anyone to look at me" it was so hysterical!! You sounded just like your daddy! Pierce I loved getting to know and see all the different characteristics of you and Hayden out in the woods. We had no distractions no tv no internet just us as a family. It was wonderful. Daddy said that every morning for breakfast your food of choice was marshmellows. Honestly I think being out there was the first time you ever even had a marshmellow. It made me laugh!

Both of you are so wonderful and I am so happy and blessed to be your mama. Pierce you especially cannot wait for baby sister to come who's name is now Kylie LOL. You are so excited about holding and feeding her and talk about her all the time. Hayden I'm afraid when baby Kylie comes it will rock your world but please know you are atill one of the loves of my life and I love you even more than I did yesterday every day. Both of you please never forget! Well I llove you tons and thank you both for keeping me on my toes!