Life....: June 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

11.2 weeks prego

Just when I thought my morning sickness had passed.... low and behold I throw up this morning. I've gotten sort of used to throwing up in the morning. Yea you feel like crap right before but after... besides being sweaty and red and hot you feel much better. So I made it into work ... yes an hour late BUT I made it. Thats all that matters right?

Well I must say a little bit about kyle right now. I really do have a wonderful hubby. He is the sweetest guy ever. Last night when he thought that I was asleep he just layed there and carressed my back. It was very sweet and I was not about to let him know I was awake because I was afraid he would stop. But it was sweet and I love him like crazy. He's been working a lot lately so I am very thankful for the special moments that we do get together.

So I've picked out my baby names that I think are going to be them for sure...

If its a girl it will be.....

Makayla Belle Fuller = meaning = Who is like God & Beautiful

If its a boy it will be....

Kaden Evan Fuller = meaning = Fighter & God is Good!

I love them both. Kyle is not sure yet about the names but they will grow on him. I've decided and as far as I'm concerned atleast for now they are final!

Well I will be back to update where there's more exciting news!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

11 weeks pregnant

Wow!! Its been quite a while since I've updated this but I will try to do better! Life has been pretty crazy... slow but crazy. I feel like all I do at this time is sleep, eat, sleep and work. I am exhausted about 85% of the time and I just don't feel good. This past weekend on Sunday was Father's day. Unfortunatly Kyle had to work on his FIRST soon-to-be Fathers day. I missed him terribly but I got to go and spend the day with my parents. I went to church with them than to lunch than back home. After we got home its all pretty much a blur. I basically slept for 4 hours and than went to bed at 10:00.. My poor Dad atleast I was awake for the first part of the day.

So I went for my Ultrasound a few weeks ago and I got to see my little babies heart beat. It was Beautiful! My little babies heart was beating at 152 bpm. It looked like a little lima bean. Kyle couldn't make it to the Ultrasound so i brought the pictures to him after I left and he just melted. Its so different seeing your child for the first time. I think it made it a little more real for him. I sure hope it did. It certainly did for me. The doctor says that everything looks good and normal and that I am right on schedule. I'm just hoping this morning sickness passes soon!

I also had a Dr.'s appointment on June 10th. Kyle was able to make this one so that was very nice. They tried to find the heartbeat with a doppler but I wasn't quite 10 weeks when they were looking so they found it for a split second and the lady lost it. The heartbeat was soooo fast but we didn't get it long enough to know how fast it was. Everything once again looks good so far. At that point I had lost a few pounds from being sick all of the time. I'm hoping I don't gain to much weight but just enough :-).

I go to the Dr. again on July 8th. They will once again find the heartbeat and just go over some information with me. Last time I went I talked to my mid wife and decided that I want to have an all natural birth. I will basically labor in a tub of water "God Willing we get a room with a tub" and than I will try and have the baby in sort of a sitting/squatting position. I want gravity to do as much work as possible :). We will see though. Of course my family and my hubby think I am weird but whats new! :-)... Oh and about 7 weeks from now I will get another ultrasound and HOPEFULLY Fingers crossed find out the sex of our baby!!! WOO HOO! I am very excited about this!

Well on to other important news... we have another dog.... My husband convinced me that we needed another one for Kramer. So we went to the dog pound type place and picked up a 2 year old girl hound/terrier mix named Lady. She really is a sweet dog. She is too funny sometimes. The only problem is that she pooped in the house the second time we left her alone 24 hours. Of course in my prego hormonal state I was NOT very happy about this. But we all get more than one chance right? So we will have to see how this goes. I will have to add pics of her later once I get them off my camera.

Well I will hopefully post again very shortly!! :-)