Life....: February 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pierce 37 months and hayden you are 18 months

Pierce let me just put some of the funny things you say on here. You talk so much and you say and do the funniest things. I love you more than anything.

-"Mom you look booutiful.. I like you" (this is my favorite)

- Mom: "Pierce what is mommy having?" P: "A baby sister her name is Lila" :-)

- The other day I was changing in a dressing room in front of you and I took my bra off you yelled: "mommy your boobies fell off put them back on!!"

- "Mommy your my favorite"

- You know a few bible verses. I love hearing you recite them :-)

- We prayed the other night and you thanked God for "Mommy, Daddy, Hayden, Nana, X, Z, your Mimi's AND YOUR TV!! LOL" You didn't mention your Poppies but you liked your tv! It was soo funny.

- You always tell us how much you love us. I love it!

- Mom: "Pierce your my baby" Pierce: "I'm not a baby I'm a big boy Hayden's a baby!"

- Pierce you are growing up and you now don't fight us and you let us brush your teeth twice a day. I'm so proud of you.

Pierce you really are the light of my life and we adore you. Thank you for being part of my life we are so blessed and we would do anything for you. I love you Pierce man!

Hayden oh my goodness my little bam bam, my little big rolly polly! You are the funniest little thing. You and your brother fight quite a bit but your funny none the less. You are saying many wors and repeat the things we say. You adore balloons! You and your brother fight over them constantly but you love them. You and Pierce love to wrestle and it gets pretty crazy in here now adays. You have discovered that you LOVE raisens. You could eat a whole container full. I have to take them away from you all the time and its a fight but you love them! :-) Hayden you also love to have your teeth brushed that makes me happy also. We adore both you boys sooo much and we love you. i am so thankful to have you both in my life and I hope and pray that when your baby sister comes you will love her as much as you love your brother.. hopefully ya'll will fight less but love her none the less!

I love you big boys!