Life....: August 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pierce 32 Months and Potty TRAINED!!

My Piercy Pie! You are 32 months old! I cannot believe it. You are almost 3 years old. I am one blessed mama to have had you even this long. I absolutly cannot believe how fast time has flown. You are not longer a baby you are a boy. You have grown leaps and bounds in the last few months and it blows me away. As of about 1 week ago you are officially potty trained. I decided it was time took the diaper off put on your Thomas the Train undies and you were set!

You have had ZERO accidents for about 3 days! I am so proud. You are so great at using the potty. You sleep through your nap and night time dry! You are pretty amazing. I tried to put you in a pull up just in case today for church and you refused! Of course you did perfect there! You hold your poo a lot more than you used to and you sat on the potty for about 20 min tonight and still couldn't go. I know it will get better you kind of have poo anxiety LOL! I love you little boy.

You say the absolutly funniest things. you make me laugh constantly. You told Daddy last night "don't wear my underware dear" LOL. You said that because I had said it you are a little parrot its so funny. You are a great bowler for your age as well. You can get your own ball bring it down and push it without ANY help! Its quite amazing considering your age! :-) When you missed the bowling pin you walked over and said Gosh Dangit I missed. I prefer you not use those words but you used it in the right context LOL! You are sooooo funny.

The other day you were on the phone (pretending) and you kept saying "Mommy's Crazy" I think you were saying that because I always say Mimis and Grandma are crazy LOL. You are so funny! I can't say that enough. You can't wait till brother gets to move into your room. Soon enough he will be in your room but he can't till he finishes teething but soon enough. We built you your very own play room and you love it! Brother loves it as well. Pierce we adore you! I need to write about you more so I don't forget. You really are wonderful.

Every night we sing a few songs. Your favorites are "You are my Sunshine", "Jesus Loves Me", and "Abc's". Than we say our prayers. You are such a snuggle bug at night also and your daddy and i love to hug on you. You have become quite the little book worm. Its about time! WEll we love and adore you so much you are a great big brother, an amazing son and hopefully a follower of Christ one day! I love you Pierce to the moon and stars!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day with Daddy! This really happened

8/16/2011 - 8:45 am I leave home for work. I arrive at work and everything was normal at home when I left. The boys were dressed and Daddy was in charge. We are building a room on for the boys so Daddy has been very very busy with this for the last few weeks. Apparently when I left he assumed that he could work in the room and care for the kids at the same time. NOT!!! Well he walks out of the room to check on the kids and Pierce had emptied all the cheerios on the floor and was chasing Hayden around spraying him with a squirt bottle.

So Daddy picks up Hayden and takes him to the bathroom to rinse him off while he is doing this Pierce empties a hold toothpaste on the floor. While Kyle is cleaning it up Pierce proceeds to pour soap all over hayden. So back into the bath he goes. During all this Hayden has three diarreahs. So lots of diaper changes. At one point Pierce goes up to Daddy and says here look and Kyle sees that its poop he had pulled out of his diaper and rubbed all over himself. LOVELY! Into the bath he goes.

Naptime doesn't go as planned. Pierce refused to nap and apparently bit his tounge in all the screaming and there is blood all over his pillow. At somepoint after getting up after his non nap he "ran into a wall" Pierces word and it looks like he has a broken rib. LOVELY. by 1:00 pm I get a phone call from Kyle to come home immediatly he cannot handle these kids ANYMORE! LOL. So home I came. I told him now you have a little more respect for me right! LOL NOw you see how hard I do work I ACTUALLY WATCH them. He's like yea but its sooooo boring to sit there with them. LOL He just doesn't get it. He said well you always say as long as they are alive when you get home you are happy. Yes I did say that I said well they are alive and atleast clean even though my house looks like a tornado went through it.

Needless to say Daddy has left to the hardware store LOL. FOr a break! WEll the story of your lives boys it is ALWAYS an adventure. Mommy and Daddy loves you but Mommy might have to retire her one day a week job!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hayden 1 Years Old!

Hayden where has this year gone. In almost exactly 24 hours you will be 1 years old. I cannot believe it. This year has been a rollar coaster but I would not change it for the world. I never thought I would love having two children so close in age but I do. I am so thankful that you and your brother are only 19 months apart. Often times you fight but those few times a day where you both dote on eachother it makes it all worth it.

I know your brother adores you and you adore him but you both enjoy picking on eachother. Its quite funny. I break up fights all through out the day. I think the problem is you want to be like your brother so much but your brother doesn't quite know how to deal with it. He likes his space and HIS toys! I know it will work out though.

You still crab crawl like the best of them. You stand on things but you do not stand completely alone and you are not walking independantly. I think God has found favor on me thats why you are taking your time. i don't think I'm ready to be chasing TWO little boys. One is already enough. You are our laid back chill child most of the time. But when you are angry you are ANGRY!

You are very independent and prefer to feed yourself. You adore your Daddy and when he comes into the room you light up. I have to say if you have a choice though you prefer your mama. I love it and I hope that never changes. You weigh about 25 lbs now and wear 18 month clothes. Not sure how long you are we go to the dr. in a few days and I will update.

You love to be tossed in the air and you think its soo great when we sing to you. You love to dance to "If your Happy and you Know it". I love that. I sing it often just to get you moving. You are obssessed with Lady. Lady tolerates you but I think you enjoy her more than she enjoys you. Are like to talk and squeal and smile. You lvoe other little kids and especially little girls! You throw a ball very well and hard. I think I grow athletic little boys. You still love to put EVERYTHING in your mouth! You also love to pull other peoples hair and your own. Especially when you are tired you grab fistfuls of your hair. Its a sure sign its bed time.

We had a little birthday party in Bradenton and at Grandma Fullers. You loved smashing the cake all over your body and face. It was sooooo funny. Your brother did not do that on his one year birthday. He wanted nothing to do with the cake unlike you. I am so happy you are just the way you are.

I adore you little boy. You are growing way to fast and I can't believe that tomorrow you will be a "yearling" no longer my baby. Thank you Jesus for this precious gift you have given us. We are more than blessed to have you in our lives and I am so thankful. I love you son I can't wait for the many years to come I just hope they don't come too fast. Well I love and adore you and can't wait to see how God will use you for his glory one day.