Life....: March 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pierce 27 Month Birthday!

I can't believe tomorrow you will be 27 months! Pierce you are amazing! you are a very smart, active, and spirited little boy. Every day you amaze me by the new things you say and do. i can't believe how blessed I am to be your mommy. The other night I was laying in bed just thanking him for allowing me to stay home with you and your brother. I would never change these precious moments that I have you boys. Since we no longer have tv I spend so much more time investing in you! I am so thankful for this!

Some of your new things are saying you "I like ....." Fill in the blank. Daddy and I were talking about going to the beach and you pipe in "I LIKE THE BEACH"! We both grinned and couldn't wait for you to say it again! you are saying so much now adays! You absolutly love to make your brother laugh that is one of my favoirte things. Your brother adores you and I think its mutual! Everynight we play make brother laugh for a good 30 minutes. you do kicks in the air, jump on the bed, throw things near brother and the laughter is like sunshine in the air! I adore you both!

Pierce one of my favorite qualities about you is that you love to make peopel laugh! That is your thing. We went to your friends Shayla and you and her were out in the sand box alone. Daddy was sitting on the porch listening to what was being said and he said you were doing everything you could to make her laugh. You adore her and I think you adore people in general! When she came in she had about 3 buckets of sand in her hair but I'm sure she was laughing!

You can now count to 10 all by your self! You love to sing. We have singing and dance parties all the time. One of my favorite times with you is in the car when we sing at the top of our lungs and dance! I love it! You are so silly! Well Pierce I adore you! Thank you for being mine for the last 27 months! I love you little boy!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hayden you are 7 months!

Oh my love bug! We adore you! Mommy Daddy and brother Pierce just adore you more than words could every express. You are the sweetest and happiest baby I have ever been around. You love your mommy like no other. I come in and pick you up and you grab my face to give me a huge kiss. I adore you. you are the funniest little thing with the things you do. The new thing you do is shake your head back and forth. You think its great when I shake my head back! You scoot all over the place! Your not crawling yet but I'm sure you will be soon. Little boy I love you to pieces. I am so thankful that you are mine. I would have never known how muc hI could love another boy until God gave me you. You are a piece of heaven here on earth and I cherish every second I have with you. You are sleeping much better at night now that I let you fuss it out. You need to because you need to sleep and not wake constantly to eat. I think you just like your mommy and don't get me wrong I adore you but I also need sleep so I can keep being a great mommy to you. Thank you son for making me a mom of two! Thank you for loving me through all my flaws! I love you little boy!