Life....: November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Birth Story and First Few Months of Pierce's Life

Wow how things have changed…

At my 37 week appointment with the Dr. we decided that he would induce me on the December 27th. I was about 2 cm dilated about 80% effaced so I was right on track. He doubted that he would have to do much work to put me in active labor. So Kyle and I had a wonderful Christmas with my family the Bells were down from up North and Ryan and Michelle (my future SIL) were down from North Dakota and Nanny and Poppy Bell were in town.

We all just had a really nice time. We got to celebrate Jesus’s Birthday and Kyle and I were celebrating the upcoming birth of our son. Well on Deceber 26th we went to Kyle’s parents house to celebrate our Christmas with them. We opened gifts and just had a nice time. Starting around 2pm on the 26th I started getting contractions. They were about 10 min apart but pretty constant. I was told by the Dr. to check into L&D the next morning at 7am. Alright sounds good to me. So I knew I could hold on till then. Kyle and I hung out played cards and some other games with his whole family. Well that evening my contractions were still pretty consistent and getting a little closer and by that afternoon I was defiantly ready to get home. Everyone else had chili and I remember my last meal b/f my little dude was born was a PB&J sandwich with chips and cookies. I didn’t want to eat chili for fear if I puked that night it would not be a pretty sight. I refused to go to the hospital with a car full of gifts. So my MIL decided she would just go home with us so that if we went to the hospital in the morning she could just be there with us. My contractions were getting even more regular by the time we were driving home. I remember talking to my mom on the phone telling her and she said to just swing by the hospital (Since we drove right by it to get home) and have them check me. I said no way these aren’t that bad I have to unload my car and get everything ready for tomorrow. I also want a shower and I want to do my hair and makeup. So we get home and crazy me made sure to get everything out of my car basically did it by myself. Get the stuff ready and packed for the next day when the baby would come shower and crawl into bed..

I had been planning on getting goodnights sleep since we didn’t have to be there till 7am. Well 2am rolls around and I am awoken with some pretty intense not unbearable but intense contractions. I roll over and tell Kyle its getting pretty bad and he told me to relax and try to go back to sleep. HELLO I’m IN LABOR!!! So I said whatever got up and took a shower. I remember being in the fetal position just in pretty constant pain. I call L&D and they tell me to hold on at home and not to come in unless my contractions were 2-3 min apart… (remember we live 45 min away I don’t think L&D knew that). OK whatever. So I decide after my shower to read a book. Not very good at this b/c I’m still in pain. Well I go pee and there was a pretty significant amount of blood. Its about 2:45am. I go to kyle and I said “GET UP! We are going to the hospital NOW! I am bleeding and I am not waiting till later”. I think he was pretty shocked. He says calm down I’ll get up. I go and get his mother up as well. I am having to breath through the contractions that aren’t unbearable still but a pain. By now they are a constant 2 min apart. After his shower Kyle was just so flustered he couldn’t figure out what to wear cause he wanted to look “Nice” LOL SO he wore his plaid green/blue shorts and a yellow striped shirt… nice kyle nice LOL. I thought it was pretty funny.
So finally by about 3:30am we are in the car on the way to the hospital. We arrive there around 4:00am praise GOD. I had my L&D Pass and we got sent right up. Contractions still very constant. I get into my room and they check me. I am 4 cm and 100% effaced and the baby is VERY low about ready to come out. So the nurse asks me if I want some type of meds. Originally I thought I could do this with no epidural but I said heck with that give me the epi. I’m sure Kyle was very happy about this. B/f the epi was givin since I was so afraid I would poo on the table I told them I had to go potty. I went and praise God it all came out. That would have been terrible to do this while in labor.

The anesthesiologist comes in to administer the epi and was very impatient with me I remember. She asks me to not scream or jerk. OF course I do both! LADY IT HURT! Finally the meds kick in and I’m no longer in pain. But now of course I am nauseated. I was pretty miserable not in pain just sick to my stomach so I tried to get some sleep. My parents finally arrive around 7am. Around 6am Dr. Parker came in and checked me I was about a 4-5 so he broke my bags of water and said it could be a few more hours. Alright whatever. They checked me around around 10 am and I was at about 6-7 cm. Finally around 11:00 am I called the nurse back in and told her I had to push. She laughed at me and said listen we just checked you, you have a few more hours. I said no you listen I’m ready now. So she checked me and I was a 10 and the baby was making its entrance.

She said now Laurel you need to relax this could take up to 3 hours to push him out. I said yea right he is coming out now. So I started pushing with each contraction. I must say I pushed like a pro. By 11:30 the baby’s head was already out and the Dr. just arrived. I gave him one more push and by 11:35 am my little Pierce Bradley Fuller was in my arms. It was by far one of the happiest moments in my life. I did tear a little I got 4 stitches but I didn’t think that was that bad. Kyle and I just looked at him and cried. My mom had said he better come b/f lunch and low and behold he did. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Right after the baby was born Kyle and I kicked everyone out so we could have sometime with him by ourselves. SO our parents went down to eat some lunch. Pierce was just a little sweetie and we started nursing right away. I had to use a guard to help but that was ok.

Everyone finally came back in and just loved on my little angel boy. I was starving by this point and they brought Kyle and I food. I had a wrap with an orange, chips and bread. It was delicious. I remember my first meal like it was yesterday> I was starving. Unfortunately I was bleeding a little more than normal so they kept me on the pitocin to help my uterus contract.

Finally everyone had left and my epi had come out and it was time for me to move to the recovery room. It was about 4pm by this point. They had me go to the restroom and when I stood up I almost blacked out. Everything was turning black my blood pressure was dropping. Not sure if this was b/c I had lost more blood then usual or what but it was very scary. They finally got me under control and took me to the recovery room.

We were there for one night with you. It was a crazy night that’s for sure. I don’t think I slept very much cause I wanted to make sure that you were ok. So I was awake a lot I fed you when you cried, I changed your diaper. I did everything I could to make you comfortable. Daddy slept on the couch in the room. I don’t think he was very happy with all of the people coming in and out. I remember being to scared to even put you down cause I couldn’t even imagine losing one moment with you. Well we made it through the night. I think I was still going on adrenaline. Nanny Bell had made some ambrosia for Christmas and I wanted some desperately so I had mom and dad bring it up to me before we left the hospital. By 3:30 they had kicked us out. It was very scary going home the first day and I was not ready at all. I remember thinking please let me stay one more night. But nope barley 24 hours after you were born we were outta there.

Looking back I’m kind of relieved they sent us home when they did. I was ready to be in my own bed. Daddy and I tried to get sleep between feedings and diaper changes. We made it through our second night with you. Looking back I thought that you would never sleep through the night which meant that I would never sleep but no that is not true.. you now sleep 12 hours a night and your not even three months old. You started doing sleeping through the night at about 6 weeks and its been pure heaven since..

The first month of your life!!! – recapped

My beautiful little boy. The first month that you were home was a crazy learning experience. I never knew how strong of a woman I could be. Within you being home the first two weeks I couldn’t nurse your normally so I began pumping like a mad woman. After being home two weeks Daddy went on a ski trip and I stayed home alone with you for 3 nights. I never knew how strong I was until this time. I made it son. I woke with you every night when you needed me. I played with you in the day, I washed bottles… I made it. I thought I wouldn’t because I was still sore, tired, exhausted and everything in-between but I made it. You made me a stronger woman I love you son. From the beginning at night you would wake every 3-4 hours to eat. I would nurse/pump you and than put you back down. You were such a joy even in those times at night I just loved watching you eat and sleep. I did get mastitis when I was pumping. I got it abt 2 weeks after you were born. It was sooo terrible. I made it though I was on antibiotics but I made it. I then did get it when you were abt 3 months old. After I got it that one last time I decided that I could no longer nurse/pump for you. I just needed to let my milk dry up so I could concentrate on taking care of you and spending as much time with you as I could. Ever since you were born I went into the office and worked 2 days a week. Yes its hard but I did it for you son so you can have a better life and insurance. Son you are such a tremendous joy in my life. At 6 weeks you started smiling and since that day you have changed so much. I love you son and I am so thankful for you I honestly could have never asked for a better son or more loving son than you.

4/3/09 Pierce is starting to giggle. Its absolutely adorable. He did it one time in our driveway and than on 4/5 he did it at his grandmas house when I tickled his neck. He is the cutest little guy in the whole wide world!

5/10/09 – Mothers day has come and gone! What a wonderful weekend we had. We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Fuller. We went swimming, built and pond and just had a very nice visit. I am so thankful to be your mama baby bear. You are one of the greatest loves of my life. You are sweet, gentle, loveable and cuddleable. I can’t imagine my life without you. I never really understood how wonderful Mothers day could be. OF course I love my mother but than I look at you.. my son and you made me the mother I am today. You have taught me patience, self control and a love that is completely unconditional. Your Daddy and I think you are the most special thing that we have ever experienced. Last night as we put you to bed you were half way asleep and of course you could still eat your cereal even with your eyes mostly closed. WE just giggled and giggled because you are such a doll and just love your food even when you can’t keep your eyes open. You are now eating pears, applesauce, bananas, greenbeans, squash, sweet potatoes, prunes and oatmeal. You love all things food. You also love lemons. You are just too silly. You have also started sitting up soooo well. ON May 1, 2009 you sat up for about 15 min. IT was soo good. You do the gorilla sitting but its wonderful. Son I am so thankful that you are in my life. You are the most precious gift that God has given Daddy and I and we can’t wait to watch you grow and learn every day. Thank you for being the greatest son and for making me the mother that I am today!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a Thanksgiving we had. We spent Thanksgiving with your mama and Dada, your MImi and Poppy, both of your great grandparents, your uncle Ryan and Aunt Michelle, you Great Aunt Jackie and Nathan. You were just such a good boy all day. You played all day long and loved to chase the ball and your new thing is to sing to us. You let the Great Grandparents love on you because they sure do miss you. You ate all of your turkey dinner and than you practically put yourself to sleep after you were so exhausted. You napped for 4 hours on Thanksgiving day total. You are just such a joy little boy. I remember last year when you were in my belly I could have never imagined how blessed I am and how wonderful you would be. You are more than your Daddy and I could ever dream of. We just adore and think you are the greatest and can't wait to celebrat many more holidays with you. We are so thankful for you. After thanksgiving the next day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Fuller and celebrated there. You had so much fun there with all the kids. Well we love and are so blessed to have you in our lives!

11 Months old
- 4 teeth
- You run
- you sing to us now
- you still only say mama and Dada we can't get you to wave yet!
- you love to laugh
- you are becoming more of a mama's boy
- you grab on our legs now for us to pick you up
- you love any dog you see
- you have never met a stranger
- you weight just over 22 lbs
- you love to be in mama's purse you dig in it as soon as you see it and pull everything out!
- you love to be with the crowd you love other little kids!
- you are the light of our lives!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Double Ear Infection

OH little boy. You officially have a double ear infection. You started with a fever last night and then were up ever 3 hours whimpering.. good indicator of ear ache. I took you in today and I was right. You are amoxicillin. Hopefully this will be cleared up before we know it. You love your antibiotics I think you like the taste you are sooo silly.
-You now have four teeth... 2 on top 2 on the bottom.
- You run instead of walk
- You weight a little over 21 lbs
- You LOVE other little kids and would rather play with them then by yourself.
- You Love to talk constantly you are very loud especially since your ears have been hurting you are even louder I think its cause you can't hear as well LOL
- You are the silliest little boy I know I laugh so hard when I'm with you cause you make me you are too funny.
- You run into my arms for big hugs lots of times throughout the day.
- I love you little boy you are pretty great. I can't wait to give you a brother or sister one day. You will be a great big brother.

Gosh don't grow up to fast little guy we want to keep you as our baby for a little longer....

Monday, November 9, 2009


Oh little boy how you change every day :-). You now RUN instead of walk. You are a very skilled walker at only 10 months old. You can turn around while walking and not fall. You virtually NEVER crawl cause you prefer to walk. You started walking at 9 months and by 10 months the skill has been mastered. Everyone that sees you think you are pretty great and that you are a walking machine. You now have popped through your two bottom teeth and your two top teeth are almost through as well.

You are not a great sleeper when you are teething. You have been trying to get up at 5:00 am AHHH!! Mama lays you back down and I pray you make it till 6:30 or 7:00. Sometimes you will make it to 7:30am. This time change and being sick and teething has not done well for your sleep. I'm hoping you will start sleeping again till 8:30 like the old days HA! Probably not! Well you are such a joy. You flirt and love to be with everyone and I could not be a more proud mama! You also LOVE other little kids! YOu are great at sharing. You do not like though when other kids take your toys or try to not let tyou use it. You get very upset and try to take it back! You don't seem to take junk from anyone! You are just like your mama! Thank you for being such a good boy. I love you little guy and we are so proud!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Best Friend...

Baby Bear.. today you found your new best friend.. your shadow... :) You were sooooo adorable. You could see your shadow and you would follow it all around the house. When it would get on the wall you would gently go up to it and pet it. Honestly it was sooo sweet. We were so proud that you loved your shadow. We than sat you down in front of the big bright wall and Daddy made a show of shadows. You tried to touch the bird and the other things he did. It was quite a show. You just change and grow so much. We play hide and seek almost every night where I bounce out scare you.. you run to Daddy laughing... I chase you he picks you up and than we do it all over again. Its really so much fun. You have brought so much joy to my life that I don't know what I would do without you. Well you and I are still recovering from our colds. HOpefully we will be better soon. We love you sooo much little boy. Thank you for being our son.