Life....: January 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pierce 25 month birthday!

Pierce how I love you. You are full of life, energy and love! You are the apple of our eye. You are our first born. You say the funniest things now. You run faster, jump further, throw harder and yell louder than anyone else in your class. You blow bubbles like no body's business. You sleep like its going out of style. Your a picky eater but atleast you eat. You still drink 2 bottles a day at nap and before bed. You love to shower over a bath. You only poo and pee on the potty before your shower. You refuse to go any other time of day on the potty. You have fallen into the potty twice. Both times under the watchful eye of your mommy. You love your brother to pieces and you tell him every day. Your mimi is your favorite and everytime your driving your pretend ship on your play house and I ask where your going you yell MIMI's! I get a wonderful report everytime I pick you up from school or church. You yell church everytime we pass it and when I ask if youw ant to go to church you yell "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" as loud as you can. You watch the same DVD mutiple times a day. Mommmy and Daddy are leaving you with MImi and Papa while we go to ND next Friday and I'm so sad to seperate you from your brother and I will miss you terribly. Son I love you. You make me laugh, cry, smile and sigh. You are fabulous. I would never change a single thing about you! I love you little boy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hayden My little Piece of Heaven 5 Months Old!

Hayen you are my little slice of heaven and I am sooo in love with you. Going from your fourth to fifth month of life has been such a joy. You have developed into a giggling, smiling, happy, joyful, googly eyed little boy. You have these love lights for your mommy like no other and it melts my heart. I might act like it makes me crazy sometimes but secretly I love it more than anything. I love that you depend on me for all of your needs. I am so happy that I can provide it for you. You are a fabulous nurser you are your mommy's boy. I adore you.

Some of your milestones. You rolled over from your front to back and your back to front today!!! You are starting to sit up more and more on your own. You are grabbing EVERYTHING!! You love to put things in your mouth lots. You laugh constantly it is hysterical. You love to smile and talk to me. You are just such a joy.

Little boy Hayden your brother adores you. You adore your brother and I am so thankful! So Pierce is so funny and stuffed a pbj in your mouth. You seemed to enjoy it. Thank goodness it appears you are not allergic to Peanut butter. When we are out or with other people they now can't believe how easy you are. You truly are son. You are just so amazing! I am so thankful for you and I could have never dreamed your personality would be so wonderful.

I love you hayden with all my heart. You and your brother are the lights in mine and your Daddy's eyes. Our lives are full because of you both! Happy 5 months birthday little boy I look forward to thousands more with you! I love you son!