Life....: June 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010


You have officially graduated from your 6 week swim course at the YMCA! You are our little survivor and I couldn't be more proud. Ms. Denise just loves you and I think you love her regardless of you getting angry during practice. You just like to show your displeasure!! I am so happy though that you are finished and I am confident should you fall in with no one around you would survive and thats what is most important!

You have also been so silly lately. Daddy taught you to do a honking think to mama! I will have to tell you about it one day when you are older and I'm sure you will be quite embarassed hahaha!

You also adore your mimi Bell. Whenever we are over there you don't want to leave. YOu make us laugh constantly while we are there and I love you for it! You really do light up my life more than I could have imagined. Yesterday poor max you were riding him like a horse. I'm sure it was hurting him but you wouldn't stop we finally had to drag you off of him.

We are also working on table manners with you. We want you to be a sweet boy who knows his manners in general and it looks like this will be a long laborous process but it will be worth it. You are our sweetie!

We had a busy day yesterday before swim we went and got your 18 month pictures taken at Sears and some of you and me with the new baby in the belly. You were not too thrilled at first but finally warmed up and we got some good pics. I then thought we could continue our date and go eat at the mall. SO we got you chick-fi-la nuggets and fruit and you sat there like the biggest boy ever at your fruit and nuggets and drank your water all out of their containers. YOu didn't throw any food on the ground and were just mezmorized watching all the people around you. I just sat there and stared at you while you ate. You are just such a joy and I love you little boy so much. I want to keep having mommy Pierce dates for a very long time!

I was laying in bed last night Daddy was at work and I was just thinking about how amazingly awesome you are. How blessed and lucky I am that you are ours. My heart is just so full of joy when I think about you. I was thinking about your baby brother as well and feel that I will feel the same exact way with him. You are just so much more than I could have ever hoped for from you silly personality to your heart full of love I wouldn't change a thing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty Training 101

You and your potty frog.... have been doing FABULOUS!!!! We bought you the potty frog about 7 months ago for you to try and get used to. You've played with it, pushed it around the house, on the rare occasion in the past peed in it, sit on it, and have even put food in it and than eaten out of it...

Friday June 11, 2010 you decided you were going to use it as a REAL Potty! You came up to me while I was lying on the couch and you started tugging on your diaper and I asked you if you had to go potty.. so you took my hand and we walked to the bathroom. I took your diaper off you set on the potty and you poo pooed and peed! I have never been so happy in my life! YOu than of course flashed me a huge grin, I wiped you, you got up and ran to play. Of course after this we ran to publix and I got you m&ms and a candy jar for a treat everytime you go.

So Saturday all day you had a DRY diaper. You told Mommy or when I asked you said yes and we went to the potty. You pood and peed multiple times on the potty and I have never been so proud! You enjoyed it and you LOVED your treat after.

On Sunday you only peed on the potty twice but you know what thats ok. I don't want to pressure you because your not even 18 months yet! But I am so proud of you! You are growing leaps and bounds and growing up right before my eyes! I just want you to know that you can trust me and i will help you go potty whenever you need to! You are the greatest little boy ever!

WE are in your last week of swim and I am so thankful because this has been a huge commitment! You are more scared of the pool at our house but thats ok. We have been practicing with you and have decided the best way to practice is to throw you in basically or push you over the side and give you 7 seconds to float! Because technically thats what will happen. And you know what you FLOAT ON YOUR BACK! You do GREAT! I am sooooo THANKFUL that we have been able to put you in this. Really your Grandma Bell paid for it and I know that this small investment potentially SAVED your life! I love you little boy!

you and your love of singing. I never want to change the musical aspect of you! You love to sing and you sing beautifully! At your grandmas you have found a hot pink small weight and you sing in it every chance you get. At your house you have a hot pink tooth brush holder that you sing in! You love it and we think its adorable! You really are the coolest little kid in the whole wide world!

You are certainly coming into your own and have started say lots of new words!

Here is your word list!
-rock (for rocking back and forth)
-wawa (water)
-more (also do this in sign language)

You are doing soo well! You also have cut lots more teeth and I think you have all four of the front top and bottom in! You are eating more as well.

Last night was the first night that I didn't give you a night bottle! It was very hard for me but we have started a WONDERFUL routine that I hope we do for many years to come. I take you into your room turn off the lights and turn on your lamp. We than rock and I read you a short bible story and we sing Jesus Loves Me. We than say our prayers with hugs and kisses afterwards and I lay you down! You went right to bed without a peep! I love you son! Honestly I look at you or even think of you and my breath gets caught because I am the most blessed mama in the whole world to have you as my son! I love you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Funny LIttle Boy!

I don't think there goes a day that you don't have me laughing hysterically! I enjoy every single moment with you. You love Max and you like to tease him with beggin strips (bacon things). So Mimi Bell is holding you and you have the strip two inches from Max's face. As he goes to get it you snatch it away. So Mimi keeps breaking off little pieces for him. WEll you keep looking at the strip like you wanna taste it. You bring it up to your mouth but instead of touching yoru mouth you bring it to your neck. It is the funniest thing and you do it like 5 times. I finally tell you to take a bite if you want so you break a piece off stick it in your mouth chew chew chew swallow and take a huge bite. I am laughing hysterically as well as Mimi and she finally takes it away from you b/c she thinks its not good for you. You scream and cry and than finally eat a piece of cheese you were still hungry apparently.

You are just a funny funny little boy and bring me so much joy. You have a foam sword that I got you from the Target $1.00 bin. You run around hyaing people especially Daddy and Grandpa. It is so funny than they grab it and chase you! You laugh and giggle and run to mama to protect you!

The other day Mimi and Grandpa Bell came over and went swimming with you. You fell into the pool twice and I had you practice you swim techniques you did so good! You also now know how to sign "More" and you do it all the time. I am so proud of you! You really are such a joy! LIttle boy my life is so much better with you in it and I adore you to pieces!

Well I love you sweet boy keep Mama laughing because it makes my day bright!!!!