Life....: June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pierce 30 Months Old!

Pierce I cant believe you are 30 months old! You will be 3 years old before I know it. You are such a joy to have in my life. I love you so much little boy. You really adore your family especially your brother. Yes you like to pick on him but most of the time you love on him! You say soooo many words its hysterical. Yesterday on your 30 month birthday we went to Sports Authority. You were like a kid in a candy store! You loved everything about the store. I couldn't find you and all of a sudden I see you ride by on a big kid bike with training wheels! You have never been on one of those before! I couldn't even believe it! You rode it around and around the store! It was hysterical! I was soooooooo proud of you! Than you saw someone on a skate board and you decided you wanted to try it. So I put you on it and you used it in the proper way. I was soooooo proud! You rode the skate board all of the store! You almost had us buy you one but once we saw the price we didn't sorry buddy! Maybe for your 3rd birthday! Little boy you are amazing! WE love you and are so proud to call you our own! I cant wait to see what the many more years have!

I love you little boy! Thank you for being mine!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beautiful Night

I find myself wanting to write more because I never want to forget a moment with you boys! You both are the light of my life. Tonight was especially beautiful! Daddy is working a double so its just you guys and your mommy! We had a very busy day and mommy had to work for about 3 hours this afternoon you and you two were so good. You entertained eachother, you laughed, you drew on your chalkboard, you raced on your scooter and haydens walker! You both were just soo well behaved. After I finished working I told you Pierce that I woudl take you and Hay on a wagon ride and you could have some ice pops. So thats exactly what we did.

It wasn't so bad being it was 7:00pm at night. So we walked all the way around the block. you both laughing and giggling as you ate your ice pops. You cheering eachother. Pierce you take your ice pops and you ding it on your brothers and yell CHEERS! Its awesome. After you finished your pop you decided you wanted to pull your brother so you did just that! You kept telling him we were "almost there" you really are so good at taking care of your brother! You are awesome.

When we got home into the bath both of you went. Ya'll played and played. Hay you are starting to disobey more and more and you do it with a smile on your face. Today was the first day that you sat up by yourself from a lay down position. I'm proud of you. You also were pulling yourself up in the bathtub on the side. Everytime I told you to get down you grinned and kept on pulling up.

Finally it was out of the bath into pjs with milk and bottles in mommies bed. I held and loved on you two. I put Hay to bed and me and P snuggled. Than after your show I told you we shoudl brush your teeth so you screamed a little and than amazing enough you let me brush it. The whole time laughing and being silly. This made my night even more beautiful because we didnt' have the fight. You weren't ready for bed but it was time so we went to your room and you let me read you two WHOLE books! I loved it! Than you piled the books in your bed to read on your own. You said "bye mom" I reminded you my name was mommy and I told you I loved you and you told me back! Pierce I adore you. You are the sweetest loving little boy ever and so well behaved. I am soo lucky to have you both in my life! I am loving my life right now and loving you guys!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nursing DONE!

Hayden you are finally done nursing. You had lost interst at around 6 months but I kept forcing you. Than by 10 months we were suplementing with formula and breast milk bottles because you were to busy to get a full feeding from the source. So at right at 10 months I basically quit nursing you and I pumped three times a day to reduce my supply and gave you formula.. Almost instantly you were sleeping through the night a full 12 hours!!! So now I've figured out that you weren't sleeping the last 6 months because you were hungry because you didn't eat enough during the day so you ate 2-3 time as night!! AHHHH No WONDER!!

Than on June 12th the day we left for vacation I decided I was DONE pumping! And I quite I didn't bring the pump and I just bore the pain that my breast caused me! They still want to give you milk but they are slowly drying up! Praise God though you are happy as a lark! I have said since you were little that I would nurse you till you were 2 but I knew the last straw was the Thursday morning before we went on vacation I offered you to nurse before we got out of bed you looked at it, pinched it, flicked it, than bit it! You grinned at me. I went and got you a bottle and you guzzled all 8 ounces down! You are a booger! So now you take 5 bottles a day most the time drinking a full 8 ounces. You nap 2 times a day!

You really are a pleasent little guy you crawl all over your starting to pull yourself up! You contstantly want to be with your brother! You think he is the greatest! Well I love you little boy I am so thankful you are mine! You and your brother rock my world!!

Love mama!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hayden Crawling!!

Hayden you are crawling! AHHH!!! We had family vacation this past week and you are now crawling! Its crazy! I can't believe you are finally moving. It has forever changed our lives! YOu are getting faster and faster. I think you will be walking very soon also! You are just about 10.5 months old and a mover and a groover! I love you little boy you are a crazy little thing who can crawl like crazy and run in your walker like a wild man. We all adore and love you. Even your brother when he thinks we aren't watching he will hug, kiss and love on you. Its wonderful. I love you son so much you and your brother. I am one blessed mama!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hayden 10 months OLD!

Hayden! Where has the time gone. I can't believe you are already 10 months old! You are a beautiful little boy and have the biggest beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. You really have a very good personaily. THe only problem is you still don't sleep through the night! You still wake atleast once if not multiple times! It kills me but honestly one day sooner that I would like you will not need me anymore! So I will take the cuddles in the early mornings while I can.

You are such a joy. Your new nickname is Bambam! You are a tough little boy and very strong. You are starting to move around lots more and you are into everything. You still adore your little brother and he adores you. You are starting to eat baby food way less and prefer whatever food we or your brother are eating. So we have to work on that constantly. WE are slowly weaning also. You get a bottle one to two times a day so hopefully soon you will be fully weaned. You prefer a bottle it seems because you are awfully busy and get very distracted!

You now say Dadadada lots and it is so cute. You smile almost constantly unless you are tired, hungry, or need attention. I love you little boy to pieces. Its probably a good thing you don't sleep through the night because if you did you would be basically perfect than we might have one more child. WE definatly don't need another baby yet. Well we love and adore you and I am so thankful God has blessed us with you!!