Life....: 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pierce you are 35 months and Hay you are 16 Months!

Oh how the time has flown. You boys are such a blessing to my life and I am so thankful for you two. I wanted to remember that I found out I was pregnant with your newest little brother or sister about 3 weeks ago. Pierce you will continue to be the best big brother I'm sure and Hay you will be a great one also. The other day I asked you Pierce what was in my belly and you told me "2 babies" I said hopefully only 1 and we will find out in a week.

Pierce these last few weeks you have grown into the sweetest little boy. I am so proud of how kind, sweet and how much more you are obeying these days. As long as you are rested and getting enough sleep you are such a sweetie. when I tell you I love you you always say "I love you to Mommy. Pierce makes Mommy Happy" And you know what Pierce you are right. You make me so happy and feel so blessed. I don't deserve such a kind sweet boy like you.

You adore your Hayden. You tell me all the time wheres my Hayden I love my Hayden. You can be very mean to him also but most of the time you are very kind.

Hayden you are such a joy as well. You like to have screaming fights with your brother and you always start it. You are so funny. You have quite the little attitude also now adays but your so much fun to be with. You are a snuggle bug and a little sweetie. Here are the words you are saying, "Elephant, mama, dada, all done, more, bye bye and sometiems other words but I can't remember right now.

Hayden you keep us smiling and we love you so much. You are such a nice boy and I am blessed to have you as well. Daddy keeps calling you the middle child now but you know what you will be ok. You are just as loved as your other siblings and are sooo special to us.

I love you boys and I am so thankful for you both!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pierce you are 34 months and Hayden you are 15 months!

Wow has time flown. You both are such wonderful, beautiful boys. I am so thankful that you are both mine. I'm sorry you arent' getting seperate post but mama has been very busy! Hayden you are quite the walker and Pierce you are quite the talker! You both keep me on my toes by the second. Hayden you are repeating very well now! We have lots of new additions to our family. We have a kitty named Frankie you both love her and we have 3 chicks! So that brings our family to 9 if you include Lady and the human family! LOL You both love all the animals.

Pierce you refuse to nap most days and the other day we thought for sure you were sleeping for a good 2 hours we were so proud. We heard some noice and came in and walked into your room. Low and behold you had gotten ahold of a sharpie. You had drawn all over your walls, covered both of your legs entirely, and you colored all the faces in your princess book. It was a huge mess. Every one laughs when I tell them the story. I am still painting your walls! AHHHH Son you make me nuts sometimes.

Hayden you are walking and running. You are the funniest little boy. I cut your bangs because I was afraid you couldn't see and thats why you keep tripping. Daddy hates them he was so mad and said now you look like a little girl. I think you look perfect so fewy on him!

So we went trick or treating. You both wore super hero capes that auntie michelle made you. You were both adorable. As we were going you Mimi went with us and on our way home she tripped and fell right on top of you both who were in the wagon. It was the funniest thing I had ever expieranced. Ya'll didn't think it was funny but I did. Pierce you loved running up to the doors and yelling trick or treat. You did it perfect.

I love both you boys so very very much you keep me on my toes and i wouldn't trade anything to have my life differently. I love you boys!!!

Love your mama!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hayden you are 14 MOnths old!

Hay hay. I can't believe you are already 14 months old. You are an amzing little boy and I adore you. You are so funny and do the funniest things. You laugh constantly. You make the funniest noises just to make me laugh and everyone around you. You have started hitting others like you brother. I am trying so hard to teach you not to do that but its hard because Pierce hits you so many times and you are just learning from him.

You have grown so much though and I love it. You say "Bye bye" and you wave, you say "pow pow" when I tell you you are going to get a spanking. You laugh hysterically all the time. You have the biggest head it is soo funny. Today I bought you and brother spiderman glasses and you love them. You want to wear them and you look so darn cute. You are so proud of your self. YOu are walking like a champ! You are such a sweet little boy.

Hayden I love you I am so blessed that you are mine. You have grown and changed so much these past few months and I look forward our lifetime together. You are definatly a mama's boy and I am more than thrilled by this.

I love you Hayden Jackson!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pierce 33 Month Birthaday

Pierce you are officially over 33 months old. You are a joy to have as my son. I am so proud of you and how much you have grown these last 2.5 years. You are the sweetest little thing but can also be quite sassy. You are still fully potty trained which makes mommy very proud and saves mommy a lot of money. You are eating very well lately and you are learning so much.

We were tearing down wall paper today and you helped like a champ. You can do it as well or even better than mommy. I am just so proud to call you mine. You speach is getting awesome! You speak so much and say so many sentences. You say the funniest things. You tell mommy what things are your favorite. The other day we left your baby monkey at your grandparents and it was only there for 5 min and you said "I miss my monkey." Go get him :-(. It was so sweet but sad.

Well we love you and adore you you are the greatest!!!

Love your mommmy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hayden! Your Walking!

My little love bug hayden! You are walking. I am one proud mommy. You are 13.5 months old and you can walk. You started tonight. You were holding on to a chair at Mimis and than suddenly started walking away from us towards the tv. I looked at your Mimi's and I said... "is he walking?" and yes you were. So of course we practiced and practiced. I am sooo proud of you little boy.

You are walking and I am proud.

Hayden your stats are 26.7 lbs and 30 inches long! And ONE big head! I love you Hayden you rock!

Love your mama!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweet Hayden 13 Months Old!

Hayden yesterday you turned 13 months old. You are the sweetest little boy ever. You have the most wonderful personality and your family adores you. You adore your brother and I think you are pretty in love with your mommy and Daddy. You are sleeping pretty good these days excpet when your pesky tooth is bothering you. You are cutting through your third tooth finally your top right. Hopefully it will be soon but by the time it is you will be cutting in your fourth. The cycle will never end :-).

Once you are finished mostly teething you will be sharing a room with your big brother. Pierce is pretty excited about this and so am I. I think you both will love being in the same room. You love to play together most days and you love to laugh with him. So far you have maybe been punished (told no) a handful of times. By the time your brother was this age he was used to time outs and punishments already LOL. You are just so much more laid back than your brother. We love having one of each.

You LOVE to eat. You are a healthy boy. We can take you to any restaurant unlike your brother because you are perfectly content as long as you have food infront of you. You love veggies and meats and cheese. You are so funny. Poppy Bell calls you bull like because you are very strong and when you want something nothing will stop you :-). You still are not working but you can stand on your own. Daddy and I had a bet that you would walk. I won you still aren't walking and he thought for sure you would be. You still crawl like a crab its hysterical. Daddy gets a little embarressed by it but I think its precious. Your voice is still very very deep and scruffy but to me its music to my ears. You love to play peak a boo and I think your adorable.

You also LOVe you so music. Anytime you hear any music you start beep bopping to the tunes. It is hysterical you love music and you bounce and sway to it. I love that you love music so much. You also love to throw balls. The funny thing is when you throw the ball if its a good one you lift your right leg right after you throw it. I don't know why but it makes me laugh hysterically than of course you laugh. You are such a joy.

I am so thankful that you are my son. God chose me to be your Mommy and I am so thankful. You now say mama and put your arms up. You know who I am. You also will now wave bye. You clap as well. I love you so much little boy. Don't grow up to fast. I don't want to miss a thing.

I love you Hayden

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pierce 32 Months and Potty TRAINED!!

My Piercy Pie! You are 32 months old! I cannot believe it. You are almost 3 years old. I am one blessed mama to have had you even this long. I absolutly cannot believe how fast time has flown. You are not longer a baby you are a boy. You have grown leaps and bounds in the last few months and it blows me away. As of about 1 week ago you are officially potty trained. I decided it was time took the diaper off put on your Thomas the Train undies and you were set!

You have had ZERO accidents for about 3 days! I am so proud. You are so great at using the potty. You sleep through your nap and night time dry! You are pretty amazing. I tried to put you in a pull up just in case today for church and you refused! Of course you did perfect there! You hold your poo a lot more than you used to and you sat on the potty for about 20 min tonight and still couldn't go. I know it will get better you kind of have poo anxiety LOL! I love you little boy.

You say the absolutly funniest things. you make me laugh constantly. You told Daddy last night "don't wear my underware dear" LOL. You said that because I had said it you are a little parrot its so funny. You are a great bowler for your age as well. You can get your own ball bring it down and push it without ANY help! Its quite amazing considering your age! :-) When you missed the bowling pin you walked over and said Gosh Dangit I missed. I prefer you not use those words but you used it in the right context LOL! You are sooooo funny.

The other day you were on the phone (pretending) and you kept saying "Mommy's Crazy" I think you were saying that because I always say Mimis and Grandma are crazy LOL. You are so funny! I can't say that enough. You can't wait till brother gets to move into your room. Soon enough he will be in your room but he can't till he finishes teething but soon enough. We built you your very own play room and you love it! Brother loves it as well. Pierce we adore you! I need to write about you more so I don't forget. You really are wonderful.

Every night we sing a few songs. Your favorites are "You are my Sunshine", "Jesus Loves Me", and "Abc's". Than we say our prayers. You are such a snuggle bug at night also and your daddy and i love to hug on you. You have become quite the little book worm. Its about time! WEll we love and adore you so much you are a great big brother, an amazing son and hopefully a follower of Christ one day! I love you Pierce to the moon and stars!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day with Daddy! This really happened

8/16/2011 - 8:45 am I leave home for work. I arrive at work and everything was normal at home when I left. The boys were dressed and Daddy was in charge. We are building a room on for the boys so Daddy has been very very busy with this for the last few weeks. Apparently when I left he assumed that he could work in the room and care for the kids at the same time. NOT!!! Well he walks out of the room to check on the kids and Pierce had emptied all the cheerios on the floor and was chasing Hayden around spraying him with a squirt bottle.

So Daddy picks up Hayden and takes him to the bathroom to rinse him off while he is doing this Pierce empties a hold toothpaste on the floor. While Kyle is cleaning it up Pierce proceeds to pour soap all over hayden. So back into the bath he goes. During all this Hayden has three diarreahs. So lots of diaper changes. At one point Pierce goes up to Daddy and says here look and Kyle sees that its poop he had pulled out of his diaper and rubbed all over himself. LOVELY! Into the bath he goes.

Naptime doesn't go as planned. Pierce refused to nap and apparently bit his tounge in all the screaming and there is blood all over his pillow. At somepoint after getting up after his non nap he "ran into a wall" Pierces word and it looks like he has a broken rib. LOVELY. by 1:00 pm I get a phone call from Kyle to come home immediatly he cannot handle these kids ANYMORE! LOL. So home I came. I told him now you have a little more respect for me right! LOL NOw you see how hard I do work I ACTUALLY WATCH them. He's like yea but its sooooo boring to sit there with them. LOL He just doesn't get it. He said well you always say as long as they are alive when you get home you are happy. Yes I did say that I said well they are alive and atleast clean even though my house looks like a tornado went through it.

Needless to say Daddy has left to the hardware store LOL. FOr a break! WEll the story of your lives boys it is ALWAYS an adventure. Mommy and Daddy loves you but Mommy might have to retire her one day a week job!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hayden 1 Years Old!

Hayden where has this year gone. In almost exactly 24 hours you will be 1 years old. I cannot believe it. This year has been a rollar coaster but I would not change it for the world. I never thought I would love having two children so close in age but I do. I am so thankful that you and your brother are only 19 months apart. Often times you fight but those few times a day where you both dote on eachother it makes it all worth it.

I know your brother adores you and you adore him but you both enjoy picking on eachother. Its quite funny. I break up fights all through out the day. I think the problem is you want to be like your brother so much but your brother doesn't quite know how to deal with it. He likes his space and HIS toys! I know it will work out though.

You still crab crawl like the best of them. You stand on things but you do not stand completely alone and you are not walking independantly. I think God has found favor on me thats why you are taking your time. i don't think I'm ready to be chasing TWO little boys. One is already enough. You are our laid back chill child most of the time. But when you are angry you are ANGRY!

You are very independent and prefer to feed yourself. You adore your Daddy and when he comes into the room you light up. I have to say if you have a choice though you prefer your mama. I love it and I hope that never changes. You weigh about 25 lbs now and wear 18 month clothes. Not sure how long you are we go to the dr. in a few days and I will update.

You love to be tossed in the air and you think its soo great when we sing to you. You love to dance to "If your Happy and you Know it". I love that. I sing it often just to get you moving. You are obssessed with Lady. Lady tolerates you but I think you enjoy her more than she enjoys you. Are like to talk and squeal and smile. You lvoe other little kids and especially little girls! You throw a ball very well and hard. I think I grow athletic little boys. You still love to put EVERYTHING in your mouth! You also love to pull other peoples hair and your own. Especially when you are tired you grab fistfuls of your hair. Its a sure sign its bed time.

We had a little birthday party in Bradenton and at Grandma Fullers. You loved smashing the cake all over your body and face. It was sooooo funny. Your brother did not do that on his one year birthday. He wanted nothing to do with the cake unlike you. I am so happy you are just the way you are.

I adore you little boy. You are growing way to fast and I can't believe that tomorrow you will be a "yearling" no longer my baby. Thank you Jesus for this precious gift you have given us. We are more than blessed to have you in our lives and I am so thankful. I love you son I can't wait for the many years to come I just hope they don't come too fast. Well I love and adore you and can't wait to see how God will use you for his glory one day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pierce 31 Months Old!

I cannot believe you are 31 months old! You are absolutly a wonderful little boy. I compeletely adore you. You finally have a big boy hair cut. WE buzzed your hair and you look soo cute. Mimi doesn't like it I think its because you no longer look like a baby but you now look like a boy! You are such a silly little thing. You do everything you can to make me and brother laugh. You squeal and make the funniest noises and expressions. One of my favorite things about you right now is the way you like to give me kisses. You pinch my lips together with your fingers and than give me a huge kiss. I love it! I love you son.

You love to pray together everynight. You always pray with me. I love that you have such a sweet spirit. You are very strong willed and I just pray that one day you will use this for God's glory. Thank you for being such a wonderful little boy. I hope you and brother will be great friends one day. You both are soo funny. I love you son and I can't believe you are already 31 months old! Time has flown. Please slow down so I can love and enjoy every moment with you!!
I love you little boy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hayden 11 months Old!

I can't believe you are now 11 months old. It seems like just yesterday you were placed in my arms. You are a beautiful crazy little boy! You have finally poked through 1 tooth. You poked it through on exactly your 11 month birthday! You are have been quite cranky and angry through this teething process but we made it. You are so much though and have quite an attitutde. Sometimes it scares me how mad you can get. I think you get this anger because you are constantly trying to protect yourself or your things from your brother. Who knows hopefully it won't last forver! You are really a loving little boy though when you want to be. You crawl everywehere and you pull up on everything. Well we love and adore you! you are so much fun! Thank you for being out little boy.

Love you forever

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pierce 30 Months Old!

Pierce I cant believe you are 30 months old! You will be 3 years old before I know it. You are such a joy to have in my life. I love you so much little boy. You really adore your family especially your brother. Yes you like to pick on him but most of the time you love on him! You say soooo many words its hysterical. Yesterday on your 30 month birthday we went to Sports Authority. You were like a kid in a candy store! You loved everything about the store. I couldn't find you and all of a sudden I see you ride by on a big kid bike with training wheels! You have never been on one of those before! I couldn't even believe it! You rode it around and around the store! It was hysterical! I was soooooooo proud of you! Than you saw someone on a skate board and you decided you wanted to try it. So I put you on it and you used it in the proper way. I was soooooo proud! You rode the skate board all of the store! You almost had us buy you one but once we saw the price we didn't sorry buddy! Maybe for your 3rd birthday! Little boy you are amazing! WE love you and are so proud to call you our own! I cant wait to see what the many more years have!

I love you little boy! Thank you for being mine!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beautiful Night

I find myself wanting to write more because I never want to forget a moment with you boys! You both are the light of my life. Tonight was especially beautiful! Daddy is working a double so its just you guys and your mommy! We had a very busy day and mommy had to work for about 3 hours this afternoon you and you two were so good. You entertained eachother, you laughed, you drew on your chalkboard, you raced on your scooter and haydens walker! You both were just soo well behaved. After I finished working I told you Pierce that I woudl take you and Hay on a wagon ride and you could have some ice pops. So thats exactly what we did.

It wasn't so bad being it was 7:00pm at night. So we walked all the way around the block. you both laughing and giggling as you ate your ice pops. You cheering eachother. Pierce you take your ice pops and you ding it on your brothers and yell CHEERS! Its awesome. After you finished your pop you decided you wanted to pull your brother so you did just that! You kept telling him we were "almost there" you really are so good at taking care of your brother! You are awesome.

When we got home into the bath both of you went. Ya'll played and played. Hay you are starting to disobey more and more and you do it with a smile on your face. Today was the first day that you sat up by yourself from a lay down position. I'm proud of you. You also were pulling yourself up in the bathtub on the side. Everytime I told you to get down you grinned and kept on pulling up.

Finally it was out of the bath into pjs with milk and bottles in mommies bed. I held and loved on you two. I put Hay to bed and me and P snuggled. Than after your show I told you we shoudl brush your teeth so you screamed a little and than amazing enough you let me brush it. The whole time laughing and being silly. This made my night even more beautiful because we didnt' have the fight. You weren't ready for bed but it was time so we went to your room and you let me read you two WHOLE books! I loved it! Than you piled the books in your bed to read on your own. You said "bye mom" I reminded you my name was mommy and I told you I loved you and you told me back! Pierce I adore you. You are the sweetest loving little boy ever and so well behaved. I am soo lucky to have you both in my life! I am loving my life right now and loving you guys!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nursing DONE!

Hayden you are finally done nursing. You had lost interst at around 6 months but I kept forcing you. Than by 10 months we were suplementing with formula and breast milk bottles because you were to busy to get a full feeding from the source. So at right at 10 months I basically quit nursing you and I pumped three times a day to reduce my supply and gave you formula.. Almost instantly you were sleeping through the night a full 12 hours!!! So now I've figured out that you weren't sleeping the last 6 months because you were hungry because you didn't eat enough during the day so you ate 2-3 time as night!! AHHHH No WONDER!!

Than on June 12th the day we left for vacation I decided I was DONE pumping! And I quite I didn't bring the pump and I just bore the pain that my breast caused me! They still want to give you milk but they are slowly drying up! Praise God though you are happy as a lark! I have said since you were little that I would nurse you till you were 2 but I knew the last straw was the Thursday morning before we went on vacation I offered you to nurse before we got out of bed you looked at it, pinched it, flicked it, than bit it! You grinned at me. I went and got you a bottle and you guzzled all 8 ounces down! You are a booger! So now you take 5 bottles a day most the time drinking a full 8 ounces. You nap 2 times a day!

You really are a pleasent little guy you crawl all over your starting to pull yourself up! You contstantly want to be with your brother! You think he is the greatest! Well I love you little boy I am so thankful you are mine! You and your brother rock my world!!

Love mama!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hayden Crawling!!

Hayden you are crawling! AHHH!!! We had family vacation this past week and you are now crawling! Its crazy! I can't believe you are finally moving. It has forever changed our lives! YOu are getting faster and faster. I think you will be walking very soon also! You are just about 10.5 months old and a mover and a groover! I love you little boy you are a crazy little thing who can crawl like crazy and run in your walker like a wild man. We all adore and love you. Even your brother when he thinks we aren't watching he will hug, kiss and love on you. Its wonderful. I love you son so much you and your brother. I am one blessed mama!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hayden 10 months OLD!

Hayden! Where has the time gone. I can't believe you are already 10 months old! You are a beautiful little boy and have the biggest beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. You really have a very good personaily. THe only problem is you still don't sleep through the night! You still wake atleast once if not multiple times! It kills me but honestly one day sooner that I would like you will not need me anymore! So I will take the cuddles in the early mornings while I can.

You are such a joy. Your new nickname is Bambam! You are a tough little boy and very strong. You are starting to move around lots more and you are into everything. You still adore your little brother and he adores you. You are starting to eat baby food way less and prefer whatever food we or your brother are eating. So we have to work on that constantly. WE are slowly weaning also. You get a bottle one to two times a day so hopefully soon you will be fully weaned. You prefer a bottle it seems because you are awfully busy and get very distracted!

You now say Dadadada lots and it is so cute. You smile almost constantly unless you are tired, hungry, or need attention. I love you little boy to pieces. Its probably a good thing you don't sleep through the night because if you did you would be basically perfect than we might have one more child. WE definatly don't need another baby yet. Well we love and adore you and I am so thankful God has blessed us with you!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

29 months old and last day of school!

Pman!! Today you are 29 months old! You are speaking like crazy! Today was the last day of school. You love your teachers Ms. Jackie and Ms. Lynsie. You let me take a pic of you three today and it turned out very nice. Today you had water day and I know had a blast. When I dropped you off this morning you had some major meltdowns. It was very intense but you settled down immediatly after I left. He its your birthday and you can cry if you want to ;-).

You are growing like a weed in so many ways. I want to tell a funny story of what you said..

We were sitting on the couch and Mommy made a gas sound... You start laughing hysterically you point at me and said "MOMMY TOOTED" "EWWWWWWW TOOTED!" IT was hysterical I was laughing so hard. I though for sure you would have used a more vulgar word but you didn't. I about died!

You also are quite a sassy little thing. You like to use the word now after ever demand. The other night you told me to "Shut the door NOW" You tell me in the morning you are "ready NOW!".

You are just growing so fast you kiss your brother all the time and love on him constantly I love this. THis is very special to me. You brother can finally sit up on his own from a lay down position today was the first time he did it. Pierce i love you you are a great son and a wonderful brother! I can't wait to see what the next many years bring. I love you little boy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thing to Never Forget!

Pierce! You are growing like a weed and talkign like crazy. Your teach pulled me aside on Friday and said your vocabulary and your speech has improved 100%. You say the funniest things... here are some:
- Where is Aunt Jojo ( Jori)
- Chase Me
- Mommy go to playground
- Swing me mama
- I'm a Monkey ohh ee ahh ahh LOL
- Thats Daddy's Brother (Eric)

There are so many other things you say now you say full sentances all the time. Everytime we pass McDonalds you yell for it and say PLAYGROUND! You are just so full of energy and spunk. With your older cousins you are definatly the boss man I love it! You push them on the toys you chase them you are absolutly hysterical and everyone loves you. Son you are honestly one of the most beautiful little human beings I have seen... You also love your brother!!

Hayden! Oh my little bright blue eyed Cherub baby! I ADORE YOU!! You are truly the sweetest little thing. you still arent' crawling but you love your walker. You are just so funny and make me laugh constantly . One of the sweetest things about you is when you are nursing and sleepy you start pulling your hair. I know its time to put you down and i love it. You are my little snuggle bug. You have an appetite like a little monster! Your LOVE to eat! Hay I love you so much and I am so thankful for my two precious boys. You make me truly want another baby. Who knows if one day you will be a big brother! For now your the little brother and I LOVE YOU!!

Thank you Jesus for these little bundles of joy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hayden you are 9 MONTHS Old!

My little Hayden bug! You are officially over 9 months old. You are growing like a weed. I love you little boy. So here are some things about you...

- you still don't crawl or scoot
- your a great sitter
- you can now stand holding onto something but only if you put you there you don't stand up.
- you run after everybody when you are in your walker and are into everything. You think its funny
- you sleep much better and tend to get up atleast once a night to eat. I'll take that over 2-3 times!
- You and your brother were both sick recently and you both kept me up for four nights straight it was aweful but I love you.
- you still have 0 teeth LOL You have a nice set of gums
- you prefer table food over anything else and you eat a half of peanut butter sandwich every single day
- you still nurse 5-7 times a day
- I left you for the first time in the evening and your grandma put you to bed. It was the first time I had ever done that. I missed you but I was thankful for some time away with Daddy
- you adore your brother and you always want to be with him I love it
- your brother asks where you are whenever you are out of sight so I know he loves you to
- we drove up to Port St Joe it took 6 hours and you didn't cry once you are now a WONDERFUL traveler!
- you love your mama the most :-)

Hayden you are a gem and i love you. i am so thankful that God blessed me with you as my son! I cannot wait to see what the many years ahead of us hold. You are my blue eyed boy and I adore you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and Pierce 28 months old!

Wow what a week we have had. We celebrated easter by first going to church with both sets of grandparents at FBC Oviedo! You boys looked absolutly adorable in your matching sweater outfits!! After church we went to my Nanny Dyal's house with all the family. We had a very nice lunch and than lots of playing. Pierce you loved playing with Jared and Nathan and Jimmy. Hayden you have also become alot more active. Pierce and Nathan did an easter egg hunt. Pierce you are very competitive just like your mommy. I asked Daddy if he was very competitve as child and he told me no. so apprently you got it from me! You boys are just such little darlings and I love every single second with you both. Pierce you have become such the little lover lately. Especially when you are leaving you love to give hugs and kisses to everyone!! Everyone is just so charmed by you two. I will say Hayden you have developed quite the little attitude... uh oh! Well I adore you both Pierce you are just growing up before my eyes you eat well now and you are such a little darling to be with! I love you both can't wait for the many more years to come!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hayden you are 8 Months Old!

Hayden! I cannot believe you have been in my life for 8 months already! You are amazing! You are the most wonderful little boy. You are never upset or angry. You never throw tantrums you are seriously the most smiley easy going baby that I have ever seen! I cannot believe how lucky/blessed I am that you are ours! Youre personality is like a constant ray of sunshine! You laugh constantly and smile! You especially love your big brother! Anytime he is aroudn you laugh and coo at him! You adore him. I am by far your favorite though and I love it! you want your mommy over anyone else! I adore you little boy! You are still a great nurser! WE nurse 5 times a day and I love it. I love getting to spend that time with you. You are wonderful at sitting up but you still are not crawling. We work with you a lot and hopefully soon you will be. But whats the rush really you are perfect as you are! Son I am so thankful to have had 8 months with you and I can't wait for the many many more years to come. The crazy thing is that you are the kind of baby that makes me want to have just one more. I just can't get enough of you I want to eat you up! I love you Hayden! You are amazing! Love you adoring mama!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pierce 27 Month Birthday!

I can't believe tomorrow you will be 27 months! Pierce you are amazing! you are a very smart, active, and spirited little boy. Every day you amaze me by the new things you say and do. i can't believe how blessed I am to be your mommy. The other night I was laying in bed just thanking him for allowing me to stay home with you and your brother. I would never change these precious moments that I have you boys. Since we no longer have tv I spend so much more time investing in you! I am so thankful for this!

Some of your new things are saying you "I like ....." Fill in the blank. Daddy and I were talking about going to the beach and you pipe in "I LIKE THE BEACH"! We both grinned and couldn't wait for you to say it again! you are saying so much now adays! You absolutly love to make your brother laugh that is one of my favoirte things. Your brother adores you and I think its mutual! Everynight we play make brother laugh for a good 30 minutes. you do kicks in the air, jump on the bed, throw things near brother and the laughter is like sunshine in the air! I adore you both!

Pierce one of my favorite qualities about you is that you love to make peopel laugh! That is your thing. We went to your friends Shayla and you and her were out in the sand box alone. Daddy was sitting on the porch listening to what was being said and he said you were doing everything you could to make her laugh. You adore her and I think you adore people in general! When she came in she had about 3 buckets of sand in her hair but I'm sure she was laughing!

You can now count to 10 all by your self! You love to sing. We have singing and dance parties all the time. One of my favorite times with you is in the car when we sing at the top of our lungs and dance! I love it! You are so silly! Well Pierce I adore you! Thank you for being mine for the last 27 months! I love you little boy!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hayden you are 7 months!

Oh my love bug! We adore you! Mommy Daddy and brother Pierce just adore you more than words could every express. You are the sweetest and happiest baby I have ever been around. You love your mommy like no other. I come in and pick you up and you grab my face to give me a huge kiss. I adore you. you are the funniest little thing with the things you do. The new thing you do is shake your head back and forth. You think its great when I shake my head back! You scoot all over the place! Your not crawling yet but I'm sure you will be soon. Little boy I love you to pieces. I am so thankful that you are mine. I would have never known how muc hI could love another boy until God gave me you. You are a piece of heaven here on earth and I cherish every second I have with you. You are sleeping much better at night now that I let you fuss it out. You need to because you need to sleep and not wake constantly to eat. I think you just like your mommy and don't get me wrong I adore you but I also need sleep so I can keep being a great mommy to you. Thank you son for making me a mom of two! Thank you for loving me through all my flaws! I love you little boy!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pierce 26 Month Birthday!

I cannot believe I have had you for 26 MONTHS! I am one BLESSED mama! I love you son! You are definatly going through some changes. You have become very clingy. You just need your mommy and daddy a lot right now. You need us and you need us to not be with brother. I think you need to feel important and I want you to! SOn I love you. I think about you and I honestly lose my breath you are the sweetest most special little boy in the whole wide world. I never want to take one moment for gratite with you boys. I am so thankful to have all this time with you! You are speaking so much more now and so much more clearly. You talk constantly. You have also developed a love of books! I love this. It only took you 2 years to get here and cable being cancelled so we nev er watch tv but now you love it! THere are many evenings we sit on the couch all 4 of us we read books and sing songs. And than almost everynight after dinner we go for our evening walk. You ride the scooter and mommy and dadd walk. This is one of my favorite times of day with you, brother and Daddy! Its very strange though you think every color is green... hmm... i wonder if you are colorblind LOL! You sleep in yoru room great now because you are locked in. WE had to do this because you kept escaping when you were supposed to be sleeping! It works and you sleep better! You can count to ten! You also sing Holy Holy Holy is the lord God almighty. There are times when my days are busy and you say "Mommy"... I look at you and you have your hands folded and you say "pray" and so we do! Son I am so thankful that you have a heart for Jesus! When we pass the church you yell for it! You want to be there. I pray to God this desire to know and love him will never falter! I want you to be a light for the Lord and to always proclaim his name! You are amazing son! You will be a leader when you are older you will be someone GREAT! I can't put into words how special you really are. I know that God has some BIG plans for you and I pray I mold and guide you the way the Lord would have me to! You are perfect!

Little boy I adore you i love you and I am so thankful for you! Thank you for being my little boy for being super atheltic I think its awesome and for being strong headed. I like the strong headedness because I know like I said you will be a leader and you will make a difference!!! WEll I love you little boy and look forward to every single day and moment that I have with you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things to Document

Hay! You have found your feet! You love them. Although your too fat to really stick them in your mouth you really try. You still nurse four to five times a day and you are most definatly not sleeping through the night anymore BLAH!

You love you brother and your brother loves you! Every morning you guys get so excited to see eachother! God knew that you two needed eachother as play mates and siblings! I hope ya'll stay close forever!

Well I adore you both Pierce you are talking up a storm, as silly as always and my favorite word you say is applesauce!! I love you Pman!

Friday, February 11, 2011

North Dakota and Changes

Oh my loves how things have changed. Hayden you went with Mommy and Daddy to North Dakota to meet your little cousin caleb! You were such a delightful little baby the whole trip... wait BIG baby! You are a big boy! You were so good on the airplane you were wonderful there you are just such a little sweetie right now. Everyone who meets you is just amazed at how much you smile. How you are the happiest baby they have ever seen. They say you should be on commercials or in photos. I let them know it only took four months of screaming to get this great baby! We will take ya. The only bad habit you picked up is wanting to sleep in bed with Mommy EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! So we are going to be making some changes over here. We missed your brother terribly while we were gone. I think you were very happy to see him and him to see you.

So the changes we are making besides Hayden forcing you to sleep in your own bed now but cutting out all junk food. WE want you and brother to be healthy happy boys and so we are going to start putting more boundries and less junk around our home. I think this will make for happier boys and happier parents. We just love you both so much and really do want the best for you boys! Hayden the other day you have starte dthe huge belly laugh it cracks me up. You still don't do it often but when you do it is amazing. Your brother is the one who can get you to laugh the most. Well boys I adore you both more than you know and I am so thankful to be your mommy and I can't wait to see what the future holds! I love you Pierce and Hayden!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 6 Months Hayden Jackson!

Hayden my love you are 6 months old! How the time flies. You do so many new things now adays. You sit like a king. You are so good at sitting and honestly I don't know how you got so good at it because I hold you about 75% of the day but you are darn good at it. So now you sit alot. You are also a rolly polly!!! You roll everywhere. Before I know it you will be crawling! AHHHH!!! You adore your big brother. I don't know what I did right in this world to have two little boys who love eachother to pieces! You are such a sweet reminder of how much God has blessed me!

hayden this last month has also been challenging. From putting you on some type of schedule to you being on a nursing strike! I thought for sure that yesterday on your real 6 months of life that we were done nursing for good. You didn't nurse at all yesterday till finally at bedtime I let you try one more time. And boy did you do good. Than today all day you have nursed great. I don't know maybe you needed a day break. I cried and cried because it broke my heart that you refused to nurse. It made me so sad and I cried to your daddy that I know this won't be the last time you break my heart. But the good news is we will still nurse and if you refuse a time than you can have a bottle and I will be ok. I think honestly you are just to busy and like to see what every one else is doing so why would you want to nurse when you can have a bottle! OH well time will tell.

Your other new favorite thing is waking up sometime in the middle of the night wanting to come to bed with us. So what do I do? I of course bring you to bed. I would rather sleep well than constantly try to get you to sleep in your bed. Atleast for now. This time is only for a short time before you know it you won't want your mommy anymore so I am enjoying every second with you. I lay you right smack in the middle of the bed on your pillow and your gone! You sleep like a champ in my bed! I love you little boy.

Well we leave tomorrow for North Dakota! That will be crazy and I know you will miss your brother but I am so excited to see your newest little cousin. I love you son you are the light of my eye! Thank you for being such a great little boy and for loving your family so much. I pray and hope that the love you have for us will also be the love you have for our Lord and Savior! I love you little boy!

Love your mama!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pierce 25 month birthday!

Pierce how I love you. You are full of life, energy and love! You are the apple of our eye. You are our first born. You say the funniest things now. You run faster, jump further, throw harder and yell louder than anyone else in your class. You blow bubbles like no body's business. You sleep like its going out of style. Your a picky eater but atleast you eat. You still drink 2 bottles a day at nap and before bed. You love to shower over a bath. You only poo and pee on the potty before your shower. You refuse to go any other time of day on the potty. You have fallen into the potty twice. Both times under the watchful eye of your mommy. You love your brother to pieces and you tell him every day. Your mimi is your favorite and everytime your driving your pretend ship on your play house and I ask where your going you yell MIMI's! I get a wonderful report everytime I pick you up from school or church. You yell church everytime we pass it and when I ask if youw ant to go to church you yell "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" as loud as you can. You watch the same DVD mutiple times a day. Mommmy and Daddy are leaving you with MImi and Papa while we go to ND next Friday and I'm so sad to seperate you from your brother and I will miss you terribly. Son I love you. You make me laugh, cry, smile and sigh. You are fabulous. I would never change a single thing about you! I love you little boy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hayden My little Piece of Heaven 5 Months Old!

Hayen you are my little slice of heaven and I am sooo in love with you. Going from your fourth to fifth month of life has been such a joy. You have developed into a giggling, smiling, happy, joyful, googly eyed little boy. You have these love lights for your mommy like no other and it melts my heart. I might act like it makes me crazy sometimes but secretly I love it more than anything. I love that you depend on me for all of your needs. I am so happy that I can provide it for you. You are a fabulous nurser you are your mommy's boy. I adore you.

Some of your milestones. You rolled over from your front to back and your back to front today!!! You are starting to sit up more and more on your own. You are grabbing EVERYTHING!! You love to put things in your mouth lots. You laugh constantly it is hysterical. You love to smile and talk to me. You are just such a joy.

Little boy Hayden your brother adores you. You adore your brother and I am so thankful! So Pierce is so funny and stuffed a pbj in your mouth. You seemed to enjoy it. Thank goodness it appears you are not allergic to Peanut butter. When we are out or with other people they now can't believe how easy you are. You truly are son. You are just so amazing! I am so thankful for you and I could have never dreamed your personality would be so wonderful.

I love you hayden with all my heart. You and your brother are the lights in mine and your Daddy's eyes. Our lives are full because of you both! Happy 5 months birthday little boy I look forward to thousands more with you! I love you son!