Life....: January 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas, 3 years old, 17 months and a new year!

Boys you are growing right before my eyes. I can't believe how much time has flown by these last few years. We celebrated Christmas this year with all your family. Christmas eve's was with mommys family and christmas day with daddys. It was so nice. Pierce you got so many nice gift and so did Hayden. Pierce you LOVED opening your gifts. Every gift was such a treasure to you. You wanted to play with it immediatly and you always hugged whoever gave it to you and said thankyou. Hayden you weren't too intersted in opening your gifts but I'm sure next year you will be.

On Christmas morning when Daddy got home we opened gifts just the four of us. Daddy got you Pierce a nerf gun and I think that was one of your favorites. You love shooting it allthough I think you are too young for something liek that. I'm afraid you will shoot someones eye out. You are very good withit though and never aim it at anybody. It was so nice just being a family of four on Christmas morning. Also a few days before chirstmas as I was wrapping gifts you wanted to help. So I told you to go get a gift for Hayden out of the playroom that you thought he would like to open. So you got a rollercoaster bead toy and we wrapped it. I think it was Haydens favorite. I thought it was so sweet that thats what you had picked for your brother. I love you boys sooo much.

Pierce you also turned 3 years old. You knew it was Jesus's birthday and that right after it would be your birthday. I have to say turning 3 has been good for you. I think you have matured so much over the last few weeks. You are so sweet and so loving you obey more than you used to. You want to please me and daddy. You are just such a nice boy and I love this age. I am so thankful to say goodbye to the terrible 2's and hello to the terrific 3s!!

Pierce and Hayden you boys are just a hoot when your together. You boys love to wrestle and I just laugh so hard. I think it is hysterical watching you boys tumble around on the ground. You both love it. You both also love music and playing music and dancing. I love watching you boys interact and love on eachother. For the most part you boys are sweet and full of trouble together.

Hayden you are now 17 months old. We got your first real big boy haircut. It almost killed me. You did so good but honestly I loved your long curly hair even if nobody else did. It broke my heart but everyone now says how cute and handsome you look. You look like a totally different boy. Like a big boy its soo crazy. You were so good though when we got your hair cut and you just smiled and grinned. I cant believe how much hair you have on your head still. You definatly have Daddy's thick hair and brother has mommys thin hair. Hayden you are also full of fun these days. The only thing thats weird lately is you wake up everynight at 12:30 and you want to be in bed with me. i've given in recently and I need to stop you need to sleep in your own bed silly boy. I just think you like the extra snuggles from your mama.

So on new years eve we went to visit daddy at the fire station. It was sooo beautiful out and we just sat out there and played for a few hours. It was so nice and a great way to spend the day. On new years day when Daddy got home we all went fishing at a little creek than Daddy and Pierce went for a hike. I love days like these. I love you boys so much and I can't wait to see what the future brings and what tomorrow holds. Please don't change to much little boy! Love your mama!