Life....: March 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15 Months Old!

Son you are officially 15 months old and a few days. You have grown leaps and bounds. Your little personality is certainly developing. On your actual 15 month birthday we got you a big red car that you walk in and a wagon. You LOVE them both. I can't even take you out of your bedroom without you screaming to get in your car. You love it. You watch cartoons in it, you talk on your phone in it, you drink your water in it you love it. You also love your wagon. You like to pull your wagon especially if Lady or Max are in it with you. You also like to ride in it but you prefer to pull it. You are a funny little man.

Here are some highlights!
- You love to run
- When you get mad you lay on the ground and hit your head.. we are working on this.. :-(
- You love strawberry wheaties. YOu even get your own bowl of cereal in the morning its so funny.
- You LOVE Ice Water every morning you get a sippy cup full.
- You adore ice cream, specifically ice cream sandwiches and cones. Its quite funny.
- You adore Lady. She is your dog and you love her you chase her, hug her, kiss her, let her lick your mouth, share your food. You love her.
- You love your grand parents. You have a special bond with all four of them. Its very very sweet.
- You love your mama and Dada also. I get the biggest hugs.
- You are a pro at using your fork. I cut up your fork and you use your fork to poke it and put it in your mouth. I am very proud.

Well little boy we adore you. You are growing so much and changing. Keep growing and loving your family and the Lord. We love you!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

15 Month Check UP!

Little guy you are 31.75 inches long. You are 24.5lbs. You were a size five diaper during the day and a six at night. You are in the 50% for heigh, weight and head circumfrence. You have 4 molars coming in and 2 on the bottom front coming in. You are doing amazing. You have a small cold right now but you are doing great. We love you little guy and are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Beautiful Little Boy.

My little bundle of wild how you have grown. You amaze me every day. You seem to grow up so fast before my very eyes I just wish time would slow down. I can't believe you will be a big brother in 4 short months time moves way to fast. You have grown and changed so much over the past few weeks. Your life has changed as well. We have officially moved into our new house a few short minutes for G-ma and G-pa Bell. We have Lady the dog back and you love her. You have a room that has big boy drums in it that you Love. You are just simply amazing. You have a yard to play in, a pool to swim in and a pond to fish in. I think your life will be quite fullfilling. You go to church with G-ma Bell Tuesday and Wednesday for half days and also on Sundays. You do wonderful. All the teachers say you are such a talker and are such a good boy. I couldn't be more proud.

After church all three days you sleep for 2-3 hours. I miss you during those times but I know you need your rest. Since the time change you now go to bed at 7:30 and you sleep till 8-9:00 its pure bliss thank you time change. You run instead of walk your poor little head cannot keep up with your body it is quite funnY! You throw silent fits every day before being dropped off at your class not sure why but you sure are cute while you do it. You talk REALLY REALLY loud! ITs very funny. You adore Lady and chase and pound on her any chance you get. We try to take walks daily around the neighborhood and you love to explore. You love talking to all the neighbors and I couldn't be more proud. You eat like a champ especially PB&J's and anything that has noodles in it! Your just like your mama. You adore strawberries and really any kind of fruit! You really really are one amazing little boy.

You fell into the pond yesterday not sure how it all went down but thank goodness Daddy was watching you closly and snatched you right out. He undressed you and carried you home screaming the whole way. You were wet so he stuck you under his short to keep you warm. WE think you screamed because you wanted to continue playing not because you fell. You are wild but we love you. You were quite exhausted from everything that had happened and you slept till nine this morning. I was worried about you but so thankful you are ok. We love you to pieces and plan to keep you around for a very very very long time.

Son you just amaze me everyday with everything you do. Of course you challenge me at times but I could not ask for a more adorable precious loving little boy. My prayer for you everyday is that you will continue to grow big strong and healthy and that you will have a passion for the Lord and will share Him with all you meet. I pray that God will take over your life and that you will lead a life that is please to Him. I love you son. Thank you for being you, thank you for already being the best big brother you can be. I love you and adore you!!! ---- Your mama!