Life....: August 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Family Vacation 2008! Kyle and I went on our family vacation with my family this year in Daytona. It was really nice to get away and relax. My grandma rented a house on the river and Kyle got to fish every day and every night. Also on Monday Kyle got to go on a sailboat with my mom, dad, brother and aunts. He LOVED it. He now can't wait for us to have a sailboat. I say in time darling in time. I know it was very very relaxing for him... and a lot of fun...
Also praise the Good Lord above I haven't had morning sickness in almost 2 weeks. I hope and pray I will continue to feel weel and will not get morning sickness any more for the rest of the pregnancy. I still feel very tired and weak sometimes but I haven't puked in almost two weeks!!

Kyle and I came back from vaca early on Tuesday night. And Wednesday we finished the TILE!! Praise God! I feel a little more relieved. Now we have to start getting the house in order for my little guy to arrive sometime in the next four months. I am officially 19 weeks and 3 days. I am almost half way there!!

So my little guy is doing really well. Today I am sitting at work and I feel him kicking me tons and tons. I love it. I know he is going to be such a cutie. I bought him some baby clothes today. The Children's place online was having a huge sale. I bought everything for $1.99-$2.99. You cannot beat those prices. Plus I used a 15% off coupon!!! So things are going really well. I am still a little concerned about the whole Placenta thing and at my next appt I am going to begggg my midwife to let me get an earlier ultrasound. I just can't continue the next 10 weeks not knowing if my little guy is going to be OK for sure. I just need to know. Maybe its the worry wart in me I have no idea. Its just so hard to not be fully intimate with my husband for fear of hurting me or the little guy.

As far as names go for him.... Kyle has decided that he doesn't like the name Kaden anymore... so for sure his middle name will be Evan but we are still undecided on his first name. I'm sure it will be cute and I will love whatever we decide. I guess if worst comes to worst we can keep Kaden because I like that name still. We will see. Well that's about all. I'm sure I will update shortly!!!

I love my Lord and Savior, my amazing wonderful husband, and the joy of my life and most precious gift our Son!! Life is GOOD!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's A BOY!!!!!!!

What a WONDERFUL day today was! Kyle and I went for our Ultrasound this morning to make sure we were having a healthy baby and praise God we are! He is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!!!! He has all of the wonderful things he is supposed to have! I think he might be a tired little boy like his father. He was sleeping through most of the ultrasound but at the end he was saying leave me a lone. I could see him squirming and drinking the fluid it was AMAZING!! I have never felt sooooo blessed in my entire life! My little Kaden Evan!

The only concerning thing is my placenta is a little low and a little closer to my cervix then is good. But the Dr said that it should move up as my baby and uterus grows and it should be fine by the time I deliver. Its not covering the cervix at all just near it. So this is good and bad news. It just means my little guy when he implanted he chose to do it pretty low. So I am praying this will correct itself and I am sure it will!

So things are wonderfuL! Now I feel very motivated to get my house in order. So things are going well in the Fuller house! I love my husband and I love my son.... Life is goood.......