Life....: July 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What a WONDERFUL 4th and 5th of July!!

I must say this was the best 4th of July! On July 3rd I went to the OBGYN and everything looks fine. I have my next ultrasound on August 6 to determine the sex of our baby! This is very exciting.

So July 4th after throwing up that morning I packed up the car and headed to pick up Kyle. We drove to Brandenton to be with my family and my dad's extended family. We had a BIG family Reunion. There were probably close to 100 Bell's there and it was fun to see all the different family. We had a big BBQ and than headed to the condo my grandparents had rented for our family. That day we swam and just had a nice time by the pool. By the afternoon I was pretty exhausted and started feeling sort of sick. We went to dinner at my G-parents house and hung out there. After dinner Kyle wanted to go see the West coast ocean. So my dad, mom and brother took him out. I stayed behind and went home early. I was sooo sick. After they got back my parents took Kyle to see fireworks. Again I stayed home b/c I was feeling terrible and just couldn't make it. He got back and we went to bed.

So the next day July 5th. Which is really the good day Kyle convinced me to back to the ocean. I was a little leery but I wasn't feeling too sick so we went. It was WONDERFUL!! The water was warm the sun was out and it wasn't very crowded. It was soooo nice to spend some alone time with my hubby. We swam for an hour and he carried me around in the ocean when I got scared and it was just so wonderful. It reminded me again of why I love my hubby so much and how much I appreciate him. After swimming we walked to where the inlet comes in and saw the boats and just enjoyed being outside. It was beautiful! We walked back and got back into the water and floated a little more. After this we packed up and headed home. It was lunch time of course I was starving so we went to Crisper's and enjoyed lunch. After that off we went. On the way home we took a detour to Oviedo to see our property. It was nice and than we headed home. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home and was ready for bed but I stayed up till around 8:00.

The next morning my hubby had to work and when I woke up I was struck with TERRIBLE morning sickness. I was sick till around 12:30. I got to watch a really good sermon on TV though and that was nice. After being sick I went to Rachel's and just hung out than come home and went to bed.

Soo.... Kyle came home on Monday and brought our new TILE!!! Yeah!!! Our house will no longer smell like DOG PEE!!!! Thank you Lady!!! So we started the difficult process of moving furniture and scrapping up carpet. Thank goodness Ramon came over when they started laying the Tile. We got the majority of the old TV room completed. My dad is going over there to help today! I am soooo thankful!!! I hope they get even more done. So life is going pretty good haven't had that bad of morning sickness since Monday the 7th and I am PRAYING that it is mostly past. We will know tomorrow. Chances are I will be sick :-( ... Oh well I am praying!!!

Well that is all for now I will be back again!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where did we Leave off....

Ok lets see where we left off....

Well Friday the 20th before we headed out of town I was home alone. My dear hubby was working an over time shift. So I'm laying on the couch watching some good old tv when I start hearing crashes of lighting. I get a little nervous being that I am home alone with two dogs and knowing that if the power goes out i'm out of luck. without power we have no running water. So I look outside and its looking extremely bad. I get this terrible feeling that there could be tornadoes so i grab both dogs and bring them into the bath tub with me. So I'm sitting there trying not to freak out. I call my grandma and in the middle of talking to her the power goes out. Ok no biggie... it will be back on soon... righttt... Well the thunder and lighting are basically striking every single second and the whole house is shaking. I get off of the phone and I just start praying. For the saftey of my baby, of me and the dogs. That our house doesn't blow away and for my neighbors. Well it finally starts calming down and I look out the window. I notice my neighbor across the street has power. I call the power company and they say that it shoudl be back on by 10:00. Ok whatever I'll go to my neighbors. I go over there and david the guy who lives there with his wife Jody says that he looked out of the house and he could see a funnel over my house. He said it was the craziest thing he has ever seen and couldn't believe that it didn't touch down and destroy my house. I'm thinking praise God my prayers were answered. I hang out there till around 9:45. Still no power. Go back home and call the power company they said it was already fixed. I said no its not the lights are still out they say ok it shoudl be back on by 1:00. Ok whatever I'm exhausted and sick so I lay on the couch with the dogs in my 85 degree house and set my alarm for 1:00. 1:00 rolls around still no power. I call them back and once again say it was fixed and I say NO ITS NOT. I'm becoming hysterical without any water. I start crying on the phone and they promise it shoudl be and told me that i wasn't a priority because there were people with more problems then me. Whatever... So 3:00 rolls around and the power company shows up. The lighting had struck my transformer on the pole and had to be replaced. i go inside go to bed not knowing the damage it had done ot my home. Half my outlets were blown up in my kitchen my computer was electrecuted and thats about it but it coudl have been a lot worse. I must say it was the worst expierance of my life but I am thankful that I have the Lord Jesus Christ to comfort and protect me.

On a side note... Kyle had known how upset I was that I was home alone and had to go through this without him that the next morning he came home from work he brought me a single beautiful red rose. I love my husband more than the moon and the stars. He still suprises and and loves me through everything. Thank you Lord for this wonderful man...

Starting June 23 - 26 Kyle and I along with his brother and sister-in-law all went to St. Augustine. The first day we just sort of walked around and took in some of the local sites. The second day we went to the beach all day and the third day we got a pedi and went back to downtown. It was really nice. We stayed in a beautiful hotel and an awesome pool. I was so thankful to not be sick the majority of the time we were there. It was funny because I felt pretty good I still had some nausea but no throwing up. That was wonderful.

We got back Thursday and Friday alllllll day I was throwing up. Its almost like God didn't let me be sick on the trip and saved it all up for when I got back. So I was pretty much miserable the whole day on Friday. Ever since that Friday I have been pretty nauseous on and off. I just seem to be fighting the urge to purge constantly LOL. I really is not any fun at all.

So Tuesday i went and got a baby Doppler fetal heart monitor. Its a little thing you put on your belly and you can hear the heartbeat. It is the coolest thing ever. When I brought it home and showed it to Kyle and he heard his little babies heartbeat his heart just melted. He kissed all over my belly and told me how much he loved this baby. I think it has made this experience all the more real to him. So that made me so happy and proud to know that I am blessed with a wonderful hubby who will be a wonderful father.

So on to some more news... Lady the dog has had some trouble going pee pee inside the house when we are gone. Its become a HUGE problem. The house is starting to smell bad and its just unhealthy. I think about my little baby and I would never want my child to crawl around on pee carpet. So we have made the difficult decision to put down tile in all the rooms except the baby's room and master. Its really frustrating and I suggested getting rid of the dogs and Kyle didn't like the suggestion very much. But its sad that we have to spend SOOOOO much money all because we have a dog that pees in the house that to be honest I didn't really want in the first place. Oh well there is nothing I can do about it now we have purchased the tile. Well praise be to God my dad said that he would help kyle lay the tile and when we get it next week they will start.

So for the 4th of July we will be headed to Bradenton. We will be going to see my Dad's side of the family for a sort of family reunion. My brother is down and it has been nice to get to spend some time with him. Kyle and I will be driving down on the 4th after he gets off of work and staying the night there. We will return on Saturday. It looks like this will be a busy busy weekend. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying really hard that I do not get sick when we return or while we are gone.

I am so thankful for this little baby in my belly and am so undeserving to be given the privilege to raise a child. God has truly blessed Kyle and I and our lives are only going to get better.... yes we may be more tired... sick... grumpy... and stressful... But we are going to have all the love in the world with this child that has come from both of us. I am just praying and praying that this morning sickness and headaches will pass and we will be on our way to a happy healthy baby and mommy!!!

Well I will be posting again soon I'm sure. In about 5 weeks we will hopefully be finding out the sex. I am super excited. It seems everyone thinks this little baby in my belly is a boy except for me and my mother in law. We both think its girls. Its funny though because even though I think its a girl my dreams are still that I am having a little boy. So who really knows. I will be so happy and blessed just to have a healthy baby!!! Well enough for now I will be back!