Life....: 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A post about my 3 Babies

Pierce since you are my first born I will write about you. I adore you little boy. You are so funny and witty and can carry on a conversation for hours. THe other night when we were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep you start talking about Jesus. Heres how it went P: Mommy when I'm mean to Hayden does Jesus come out of my belly M: Pierce no buddy Jesus is in your heart and we won't come out when your mean he stays forever. P: Mommy can I take Monkey to heaven with me? M: Well sure buddy you can I bet Jesus would let you P: Good so monkey is going to get Jesus in HIS belly M: Sure something like that. P: Mommy I'm afraid to go to Heaven. M: Why? P: Because I"m afraid Jesus will lock me in a room like you do up in Heaven all by myself M: Pierce I think its late its hard to understand we will talk again tomorrow ok? P: Ok MOmmy I love Jesus thouhg. This is only a snippet of our convo but it was so sweet. YOU are very curious about Jesus right now and that makes my heart shine. I want you to love Jesus so badly and I know with the right guidance and with Gods calling you will be on fire for HIm. WE are dealing with some seperation anxiety and I"m hoping to get this under control very soon! Hayden you are just a handful. YOu are struggling with communication right now and get very frustrated and will have mean outbursts. But the next second you are the sweetest little boy. THe other day when was sitting on the floor you just snuggled in my lap for as long asI would hold you. I Love these quite times with you. You are a funny little guy who loves to make people lagh and make people crazy. I love you so much Hayden. You lov your sister although I catch you hitting her on occasion so we are working on this. I also realize you are still a baby in reality your my baby I love you son. You are a light in my life. Kylee Bell oh how I just adore you more than anything. You are so sweet happy funny cute and love to jibber jabber. I can't believ you are almost 3 months old. I want time to slow down . I want to enjoy these precios few months with you before you are all grown up I feel like. I just love you so much and you are like a little slice of heaven here on earth. YOu are worth everything I have endured to have you in my life. THere is just something so special about a mother daughter relationship and I would not change anything about you. I am just over the moon for you :) Kylee you are the best sleep of all my babies 7:30 to 7:30 every night. You did have your first ear infection we wound up in the hospital to rule out any other infections. It was quite scary for mama but I am so happy to have my happy joyful girl back. I just know you will be my little princess forever and ever and I am so thankful. Thank you JEsus for these gifts I am blessed beyond measure. I just can't say enough thank you thank you thank you.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kylee Bell and Pmans funny sayings

Kylee Bell you are one of the most wonderful gifts that I have been given. I just adore you to pieces and you are the best baby in the whole wide world. You are far better than your brothers ever were. You make me smile when I just think how lucky I am that I have you. You look an awful lot like your brother Hayden. So we think you will take after him. Not sure. You sure are a beauty and great sleeper and I know one day will be my best friend. I adore you little girl. Pman jus tsaid the funniest thing. Hayden tooted in the tub and it was very loud and deep as Pman is walking out he suddenly asks... "mommy!! Is there a hungry lion in there" LOL I about died laughing and of course told him no son your brother tooted. SOOOOO funny. I wanted to remember this. I love you boys!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The rest of the Story

So I go to the hospital with Amy and my mom. They hook me up to see what it looks liek and I am having regular contractions. They check me and I am 3 cm. They aren't sure what to do with me because my labor usually progresses so quickly. They ask me to walk and do squats for 2 hours so off Amy and I go. My mom leaves b/c she has a wedding to go to that evening and she is sure that I am not going to have this baby anyways. So we walk and we squat over and over. I am so sore and it does feel like the contractions are becoming more intense. I call Kyle and he thinks I'm still crazy and I'll be going home soon. I go and check back in and when they check me I am almost a 5!!! Yea. So i was actually in labor. They go ahead and admit me and hook me up to IV's with fluid and get ready to send me upstairs to labor and delivery. I called my parents to tell them and I was so thankful I didn't have to do the walk of shame that comes with false labor. I call Kyle and he came up to the hospital. They bring me upstairs and even though my contractions aren't very painful I didn't want to wait until they got painful and I asked for the epidural immediatly. They go ahead and give me the epidural I actually screamed when he did it the first time because he didn't wait until the site was numb. i asked him why he didn't wait and the nurse piped up and said that its a competition they try to see who can do it the fastest. It made me so mad b/c it hurt so bad and made me bleed quite a lot. Well when he redid it it didn't hurt and I was so glad that I wasn't paralized after the bad time the first time. So epidural in and I get some pepcid b/c of course my heart burn is horrible. I'm hooked up to everything by 7:00. My mom calls and I say to stay and have fun they still hadn't broken my waters or started pitocin. I finally ask them to break my water and they do everything looked good. The Dr. made a comment that he wished all babies looked as good on the monitors as Kylee did :-). That made me happy. Well progress was pretty slow from there even though contractions were regular 2-3 min apart on my own. They go ahead and give me some pitocin to see if it would make my contractions more effective I think that was close to 9:30 pm. I kept hoping I would have the baby any minute. Than my sweet girl started having decels in her heart rate. They said its sort of like her not being able to catch a breath. This goes on for hours so they have me switch positions get on oxygen mask sit up straight. Everythign to get me dialated. Come 12:15am I'm checked and I'm only an 8. I told our parents to go home becasue it would be a while longer. Suddenly the Dr comes rushing in. I guess her heart rate was really going pretty low at this point and my contractions were coming really fast at like a minute apart. They turned off the pitocin completly and the Dr put his hand in me to tickle her head. He said it mad eher happy and helped bring her heart rate back up. At this point we ask all the moms to leave the room so its just the Dr.s nurses and Daddy. They leave it was very stressful nurses in and out Dr. telling orders. They were considering stopping my contractions all together. If they had I assume they would have done a c-section!! Ahh my worst nightmare. So as he's in there with his hand he says he can feel me dialate to a 10 and I am complete! He says hold off on stopping contractions and ask me to do a test push. I do and he immediatly yells at me to stop an dlet him get his gear on. He gets all ready and I literally push during one contraction and my sweet girl is born at 12:31 am. The cord was wrapped around your neck twice which is why you were having problems. But thank you Jesus you came out ok and you are here with us today perfectly healthy. You are the most precious gift I have been given as well as your brothers. You are the best baby I have had by far and you rarely cry. You already sleep 6-7 hours straight at night and I coudln't be happier. I adore you so much little girl and I am so thankful God chose me to be your mom. You are wonderful and more of a blessing to me and your family than you could imagine. Your brothers adore you and fight over you constantly. They both give you about a hundred hugs and kisses a day this is not an exageration. I wonder if thye will always adore you so much. I sure hope so. Once you start smiling and laughing it will be a clown show for sure and constantly becasue the boys love to make ppl laugh. Well I am so thankful for my family and for my children we are blessed parents! Now its on to Haydens 2nd birthday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July and the Birth of Baby Kylee Bell

Oh what a week it has been. We celebrated the 4th of July by going to my parents and mowing. We were working on getting baby Kylee out so we figured going over there and mowing would do the trick. I mowed Daddy did all the trimming and the boys swam with Mimi. Around 12:00 we left and went home to put Hayden down for a nap and Pierce got to stay and hang out with Mimi and Poppy longer and get some good one on one time. After nap we picked him up headed to the grocery got dinner and went home to do fireworks. Hayden was scared to death of them so after we went to bed Pierce and Mommy and Daddy got to do fireworks together and you my Pierce loved them. You were so cute and excited. you stayed up way past your bed time and we paid for it the next day but it was worth it to see the joy on your face! On the 5th before Daddy went to work we decided to redue tons of stuff around the house again hoping this would bring baby Kylee. We installed a new window unit air conditioner in our room because it is sooo hot here and to expensive to keep the house comfortable enough for Mommy and Daddy. So we did this first. After that we drained the hot tub and moved it off of the porch to the side of the house. I actually helped Daddy lift it and instantly got a long painful contraction. This might have been the very start of labor. I than proceded to bleach and scrub the lounge chair cushions. Lady had messed them up by laying on them so I cleaned them and moved them to the other side of the pool fence so now the humans can enjoy them and not the dog. And last but not least we hung a fan in the kitchen it is glorious. It gets soooo hot in there with cooking and sunshine and now it is bearable. All this made me so happy to get it done. I super exhausted after. That night for a few hours I had contractions every 5 min or so but finally after falling asleep they went away. I considered going into the hospital but Kyle convinced me to wait it out so we did :-). The next day Daddy went to work bright and early and I got up with you boys and we decided to go for a walk. We walked around the block which is a huge feat for me because Im huge and prego and was pushing both you boys in the stroller. We than came home and went in the pool. Grandma Fuller came over and swam with us. It was a really nice morning. I really enjoyed spending this one last morning with just the three of us. Both of you boys are little fish and we swim multiple times a day it is so nice to be in the water and to see how much fun you two have. Around 10:00 the contractions started again and they were every 5-6 min. I called my mom and told her and we made the plan to go up to the hospital. So I layed Hayden down for a nap gave him lots of hugs and kisses and tried to explain to him what was happening.

Friday, June 15, 2012

35 weeks and 6 days!

Baby Kylee you have been in my belly for 35 weeks and 6 days. I went to the Dr. and they said I am .5 cm dialated and 50% effaced. I am so ready to have you here with me. I feel like junk most days but I'm trying to keep a happy face on. I really just want to meet you and I can't wait. The boys are super excited also... atleast big brother Pierce is :-). Hopefully you will be here in Gods perfect timing. Well we love you arleady Kylee Bell! Can't wait to meet you! :-)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

22 months 3 years and 5 months!

This last month has been a month for lots of new milestones and changes. Boys both of you are growing up way to fast and you both need to slow down. I love soaking in every moment that I have with you boys and I am so thankful that I get the privalige of being a stay at home mom. Pierce you are just getting so big and talking up a storm. You are so independent and I just know that when your older you will be my child that moves far away and I will miss you terribly. I tell daddy this and he laughs and says well Ill just have to get him into fishing so that he never wants to leave us. I hope this is true. I don't want you to leave. You went with Poppy Bell to his parents house in Bradenton for the weekend. You left on Friday and you come back on Sunday. You have had a wonderful time and have not talked about coming home at all. i think if you could you would stay there forever. I know you LOVE the one on one attention you are recieving and all the fun you are having. I think brother has missed you but he has also enjoyed having mommy and daddy to himself. I miss you so much but I know its so good for you to have this attention. You say the funniest things all the time. You talk up a storm. Sometimes I would just like some silence but in all honesty you keep me laughing and on my toes. you were diagnosed with Asthma this month. We are treating you now and you are sooooo much better. No more coughing constantly and its such a relief. I think you feel so much better also and you can finally breath. Praise God we have a diagnosis and you are getting better. I love you little boy. Hayden you are just a silly little boy. You had some big changes also. You climbed out of your crib the other night and so I converted your crib to a toddler bed. You weren't thrilled but the first night you slept 12 straight hours. Praise God. I just want you to be safe. i couldn't bear to think you might crawl out of yoru crib again and fall and really get seriously injured. So I'm thankful I was able to make you ab ed that is safe. Both of you boys love to play in baby Kylee's room. It is so funny ya'll love her swing, crib, chair and carseat. I have to lock you boys out or you both sneak in there and play and pretend to be babies. Hayden you talk up a storm also and I am so proud of you. Boys I adore you both and I am so thankful to have you. I love you Pierce and Hayden. Baby sister will be here b/f we know it :-) Love your mama!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

21 Months and 3 years and 4 months. Plus Mothers Day!

Boys you are both growing like weeds. Many things change daily. Pierce you are just a little spit fire. You keep me on my toes you ask questions constantly and you are learning daily. I am so thankful for you my big darling. You tell me often that I am "handsome" and "beautiful" and you told me the other day I was YOUR "darling". You definatly know how to melt my heart. You also know how to make me crazy but such is life. You are a joy an dI am so thankful for you. Oh my blue eyed little darling Hayden. I love you so much as well. You are such a sweet happy boy 99 percent of the time and I dread the day you really get sassy and talk back and say ugly things. It will break my heart but I am so thankful for this sweet time I have with you. One of my favorite times with you is in the morning when I get your bottle change your diaper and we snuggle in bed while you drink your milk. We do this almost every single morning and I love it. I love that you let me hold you and cuddle you. You are so sweet. You sing constantly and I adore it. You love your mama and I love you. You also adore your brother. You both gave eachother the hugest kiss goodnight tonight. It is adorable!! I think you both will be so excited with baby sister Kylee comes. I'm getting very excited for her arrival b/c I am so darn uncomfortable this pregnancy but I know the end is in sight. I am so excited to be done growing our family and now ready to move on to the next stage of our lives. You boys helped me have the best mothers day you are such a joy to be around and I am one blessed mama. Thank you boys for loving me unconditionally thank you for putting up when I'm not a good mom but I try my best. I adore you both. I love you Pierce, Hayden and baby Kylee! :-)

Friday, April 13, 2012

20 Months and 3 years and 3 months!

Oh my busy busy boys! How you have changed these last few weeks. Hayden you are now very much a Daddy's boy. I thought you would never like him but you have suddenly fallen head over heals in love with him. It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. YOu still love your mama but you definatly have a special love for your Daddy.

I think that you are now showing this affection to your Daddy he has fallen even more in love with you. He always tried to hold you and you would yell and scream and now you run to him with open arms yelling DADADADADA! You have the biggest smile when you see him and you giggle to pieces when he holds you. I love this sweet relationship that you both are developing. The other day I was driving home after taking your brother to school and I see a man on a bike with a ballon floating behind him about half a mile away. I just new it was your Daddy with you in the back. Sure enough when you turned the corner I had waited and there you were grinning ear to ear with your blue ballon going on a bike ride. I just love you son.

Hayden you now say so many words. You say mama and dada and "love you" and many others. I am so proud of you. You are now sleeping in the "play room" which is now your room. It was definatly an ajustment but we survived and you now LOVE your room! I am so thankful I chose to keep you in a seperate room than your brother because ya'll definatly wake up at different times and when you were super sick the other day I can't imagine you sharing a room with him. I love you little boy.

Pierce how much you have changed also. We have had challenges with you obeying but we are working on it. i know its a phase and you will get better. You love your brother though and give him a hug and kiss every night before bed. You boys can be sooo sweet to eachother but can both be mean as snakes. But most of the time I think its pure brotherly love. I am so thankful I was able to give you Hayden.

Pierce you are definatly excited about baby sister Kylie. You have a doll that you carry around and tell me its baby sister Kylie. You are sweet to her and you love her. I am so thankful you are happy for this big change that is about to take place. You know baby Kylie is in my belly and you talk about it often. Pierce you can be the sweetest little boy and I know that ultimatly in the end you will be but we are definalty working through the attitude.

WEll boys I adore you both and I am so thankful that God blessed me with the two most best boys I could ask for!
I love you boys!!
Love Mommy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

19 months and 3 years and 2 months! Camping!

Boys what a fun and wild month we have had. Hayden you have changed tremendously you are once again the sweet loving boy that every one adores. You are funny and are speaking so much. Here are some words you say:
- Mama
- Dada
- Up
- Hello
- Lady
- Mimi
- Pop pop
- Bubba (Brother Pierce)

And lots of other words. You are just hysterical right now and I love it. You have picked up some of your brothers crazy habbits and you love to get your nails painted like he does. You boys are just too much sometimes.
We had our first expieriance camping last week in a pop up camper. You and I did not stay only Pierce and Daddy. You stayed home with mama at night and it was nice to have you to myself for a couple nights. On th etrip we went canoeing and it was soo fun. You boys were to cute sitting in the middle of the canoe but it was funny that you kept falling straight back for some reason. I think you might have been very tired. You also got in the water with Daddy at Weikiva springs. You loved it. Pierce not so much but you loved every second in the water with Daddy. You are just too funny.

I am in the process of making the play room your bedroom. When baby sister comes you will need a room or go into brothers room but the problem is is that you still wake up on occassion a few weeks a night and I can't have you and Pierce waking each other up. So Im going to make the play room very nice for you and it will be your bedroom. I love you Hayden.

Pierce oh my how you have changed this month also> We are going through a very challenging time right now and I know that things will get better eventually but sometimes it is so hard to be a good parent to you when you are so hard to parent. I love you though. You are still sweet as pie when you want to be. You LOVED camping with daddy. You stayed the night out in the woods for two nights with him. I couldn't believe it. I do think that being outside for all that time gave you some asthma from the pollen but who knows for sure.

When we were going swimming at Weikiva you were so funny because when you took your shirt off and were going to get into the water you said "nono I don't want anyone to look at me" it was so hysterical!! You sounded just like your daddy! Pierce I loved getting to know and see all the different characteristics of you and Hayden out in the woods. We had no distractions no tv no internet just us as a family. It was wonderful. Daddy said that every morning for breakfast your food of choice was marshmellows. Honestly I think being out there was the first time you ever even had a marshmellow. It made me laugh!

Both of you are so wonderful and I am so happy and blessed to be your mama. Pierce you especially cannot wait for baby sister to come who's name is now Kylie LOL. You are so excited about holding and feeding her and talk about her all the time. Hayden I'm afraid when baby Kylie comes it will rock your world but please know you are atill one of the loves of my life and I love you even more than I did yesterday every day. Both of you please never forget! Well I llove you tons and thank you both for keeping me on my toes!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pierce 37 months and hayden you are 18 months

Pierce let me just put some of the funny things you say on here. You talk so much and you say and do the funniest things. I love you more than anything.

-"Mom you look booutiful.. I like you" (this is my favorite)

- Mom: "Pierce what is mommy having?" P: "A baby sister her name is Lila" :-)

- The other day I was changing in a dressing room in front of you and I took my bra off you yelled: "mommy your boobies fell off put them back on!!"

- "Mommy your my favorite"

- You know a few bible verses. I love hearing you recite them :-)

- We prayed the other night and you thanked God for "Mommy, Daddy, Hayden, Nana, X, Z, your Mimi's AND YOUR TV!! LOL" You didn't mention your Poppies but you liked your tv! It was soo funny.

- You always tell us how much you love us. I love it!

- Mom: "Pierce your my baby" Pierce: "I'm not a baby I'm a big boy Hayden's a baby!"

- Pierce you are growing up and you now don't fight us and you let us brush your teeth twice a day. I'm so proud of you.

Pierce you really are the light of my life and we adore you. Thank you for being part of my life we are so blessed and we would do anything for you. I love you Pierce man!

Hayden oh my goodness my little bam bam, my little big rolly polly! You are the funniest little thing. You and your brother fight quite a bit but your funny none the less. You are saying many wors and repeat the things we say. You adore balloons! You and your brother fight over them constantly but you love them. You and Pierce love to wrestle and it gets pretty crazy in here now adays. You have discovered that you LOVE raisens. You could eat a whole container full. I have to take them away from you all the time and its a fight but you love them! :-) Hayden you also love to have your teeth brushed that makes me happy also. We adore both you boys sooo much and we love you. i am so thankful to have you both in my life and I hope and pray that when your baby sister comes you will love her as much as you love your brother.. hopefully ya'll will fight less but love her none the less!

I love you big boys!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas, 3 years old, 17 months and a new year!

Boys you are growing right before my eyes. I can't believe how much time has flown by these last few years. We celebrated Christmas this year with all your family. Christmas eve's was with mommys family and christmas day with daddys. It was so nice. Pierce you got so many nice gift and so did Hayden. Pierce you LOVED opening your gifts. Every gift was such a treasure to you. You wanted to play with it immediatly and you always hugged whoever gave it to you and said thankyou. Hayden you weren't too intersted in opening your gifts but I'm sure next year you will be.

On Christmas morning when Daddy got home we opened gifts just the four of us. Daddy got you Pierce a nerf gun and I think that was one of your favorites. You love shooting it allthough I think you are too young for something liek that. I'm afraid you will shoot someones eye out. You are very good withit though and never aim it at anybody. It was so nice just being a family of four on Christmas morning. Also a few days before chirstmas as I was wrapping gifts you wanted to help. So I told you to go get a gift for Hayden out of the playroom that you thought he would like to open. So you got a rollercoaster bead toy and we wrapped it. I think it was Haydens favorite. I thought it was so sweet that thats what you had picked for your brother. I love you boys sooo much.

Pierce you also turned 3 years old. You knew it was Jesus's birthday and that right after it would be your birthday. I have to say turning 3 has been good for you. I think you have matured so much over the last few weeks. You are so sweet and so loving you obey more than you used to. You want to please me and daddy. You are just such a nice boy and I love this age. I am so thankful to say goodbye to the terrible 2's and hello to the terrific 3s!!

Pierce and Hayden you boys are just a hoot when your together. You boys love to wrestle and I just laugh so hard. I think it is hysterical watching you boys tumble around on the ground. You both love it. You both also love music and playing music and dancing. I love watching you boys interact and love on eachother. For the most part you boys are sweet and full of trouble together.

Hayden you are now 17 months old. We got your first real big boy haircut. It almost killed me. You did so good but honestly I loved your long curly hair even if nobody else did. It broke my heart but everyone now says how cute and handsome you look. You look like a totally different boy. Like a big boy its soo crazy. You were so good though when we got your hair cut and you just smiled and grinned. I cant believe how much hair you have on your head still. You definatly have Daddy's thick hair and brother has mommys thin hair. Hayden you are also full of fun these days. The only thing thats weird lately is you wake up everynight at 12:30 and you want to be in bed with me. i've given in recently and I need to stop you need to sleep in your own bed silly boy. I just think you like the extra snuggles from your mama.

So on new years eve we went to visit daddy at the fire station. It was sooo beautiful out and we just sat out there and played for a few hours. It was so nice and a great way to spend the day. On new years day when Daddy got home we all went fishing at a little creek than Daddy and Pierce went for a hike. I love days like these. I love you boys so much and I can't wait to see what the future brings and what tomorrow holds. Please don't change to much little boy! Love your mama!