Life....: 20 Months and 3 years and 3 months!

Friday, April 13, 2012

20 Months and 3 years and 3 months!

Oh my busy busy boys! How you have changed these last few weeks. Hayden you are now very much a Daddy's boy. I thought you would never like him but you have suddenly fallen head over heals in love with him. It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. YOu still love your mama but you definatly have a special love for your Daddy.

I think that you are now showing this affection to your Daddy he has fallen even more in love with you. He always tried to hold you and you would yell and scream and now you run to him with open arms yelling DADADADADA! You have the biggest smile when you see him and you giggle to pieces when he holds you. I love this sweet relationship that you both are developing. The other day I was driving home after taking your brother to school and I see a man on a bike with a ballon floating behind him about half a mile away. I just new it was your Daddy with you in the back. Sure enough when you turned the corner I had waited and there you were grinning ear to ear with your blue ballon going on a bike ride. I just love you son.

Hayden you now say so many words. You say mama and dada and "love you" and many others. I am so proud of you. You are now sleeping in the "play room" which is now your room. It was definatly an ajustment but we survived and you now LOVE your room! I am so thankful I chose to keep you in a seperate room than your brother because ya'll definatly wake up at different times and when you were super sick the other day I can't imagine you sharing a room with him. I love you little boy.

Pierce how much you have changed also. We have had challenges with you obeying but we are working on it. i know its a phase and you will get better. You love your brother though and give him a hug and kiss every night before bed. You boys can be sooo sweet to eachother but can both be mean as snakes. But most of the time I think its pure brotherly love. I am so thankful I was able to give you Hayden.

Pierce you are definatly excited about baby sister Kylie. You have a doll that you carry around and tell me its baby sister Kylie. You are sweet to her and you love her. I am so thankful you are happy for this big change that is about to take place. You know baby Kylie is in my belly and you talk about it often. Pierce you can be the sweetest little boy and I know that ultimatly in the end you will be but we are definalty working through the attitude.

WEll boys I adore you both and I am so thankful that God blessed me with the two most best boys I could ask for!
I love you boys!!
Love Mommy!

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