Life....: September 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smiling and Almost 21 months!

Oh my little boys how I completly adore you both! Pierce you are alsmost 21 months and you grow up more and more everyday. You still go to school and you love it. Everyday you are learning more and more words. Just the other day you learned to say "Love You" it sounds like "Love Lou" but I adore it. You tell me it all the time and I melt. YOu can now sayd Daddy instead of "dada" we are working on the "MOmmy" You call your grandmas "mimi" now if we consistantly remind you to if not you call them "mama" :). You are quite the athlete and everyone things you will be some type of athletic star when you grow up. But you are certainly well rounded as well. You love to sing, dance, draw and color, and you love your share of makeup and painted toe nails. So really you are a beautiful well rounded little boy. I love you so so much and I never want to forget these times with you.

You seem to be adjusting to your new brother well but you do act out when I am feeding him. I know its hard but you are going to be a great brother to him and one day you will thank me for giving you a brother so close in age to you. You guys will be best buds. You love to hold your brother but I often have to take him after a few min b/c you get a little rough. But you do pretty darn well! Just to share a little something that you did the other day. I was on the phone feeding your brother and you walk up with a micraphone I thought you were going to sing. Instead you pegged it at my head and hit me RIGHT on top of my head! I had to laugh but next time I will have to put you in time out. The same night we were snuggling on my bed like we always do b/f you were to go to bed. Again I was feeding your brother. You went from trying to kick him in the head to attacking me. You got me in a choke hold and tried to rip my earring off. I think you wanted attention you were laughing hysterically the whole time. I finally fling you off of me and I run to the computer chair with Hayden for protection and you run charging at me to attack again of course laughing. I see your toy truck and show you it you grab it and your off. SAVED BY THE TRUCK! You are a silly little boy. WEll you do melt my heart. You are so beautiful little boy!

Well my boy Hayden! You are pretty amazing yourself. At about 6.5 weeks you started smiling when you looked at me and on demand. I love it. You smile most for me of course thats because I hold you most. You coo and you grin and you are sooo handsome. YOu look so much like your Daddy. Me and your mimi were talking today and we think you will be tall and handsome like your daddy. Your brother will likely be shorter than you but he will be pretty like his mama! :-). You are a solid little boy and a FABULOUS nurser! I feel so blessed to be able to actually nurse you and Im sad I missed out on this bonding with your brother. You still take a bottle when needed but about 95% of the time you nurse. You do get one bottle of 2 ounces of formula a night to hold you over and you do great! You sleep on average 8-10 hours straight and after you get up to feed you go back to bed till 8:00am! You are amazing and I God certainly knows what I need!

Well boys I love you both so much and am so thankful to be your Mommy! I can't wait to see how much more you both will change! I love you boys! Don't grow up to fast!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hayden you are 1 month old

Hayden you turned 1 month old yesterday. You aren't doing to much yet but you are a lot more alert. I feel like we have finally gotten to know eachother after a very long and tring month and I have fallen so head over heals in love with you. Son you are wonderful and different and beautiful and I just can't believe that you came from me and your Daddy. You are just so different than you brother in your looks and I adore that. I adore you long beautiful brown/black hair. I can't believe that you have that much. You are just so wonderful son and i can wait to have many more months with you. I love you little boy and the months to come are going to be so awesome! Thank you JEsus for my boys!

Pierce and Hayden

Pierce and Hayden I never knew how full and beautiful my life could be till I had you both. I feel like my life is complete now that I have my Hayden and my Pierce and I could not be happier. I want to cherish every single crazy moment with both of you. I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mom but after this month of being home with both of you I can't imagine ever leaving for work again.

I had to go in for a few hours the other day and Pierce you just cried and cried. It broke my heart. I just longed to be home with you the whole time I was gone not only emotionally but Hayden my body knew that you needed me for food. I could not wait to get home to you to feed you to hold you to snuggle you. And Pierce when you woke up from your nap after I had been home the smile on your face to see I had returned melted my heart. I love you boys more than anything well besides your Daddy and Jesus of course.

I just adore both of your spirits and every moment when it can't get any louder when I want to go crazy I try to remember this won't be like this forever.... cherish every m oment. Before I know it you will both be grown you won't wnat your mama anymore. You won't want to hug eachother or me and Daddy for that matter. I love you both I adore you I never want to forget a moment with you.

Pierce now that you are in school two days a week you love it. You are always so happy when I come to pick you up. You have had such a wonderful time and I know its just a time where you get to fill up on Jesus and sing songs about him and read books about Him. ITs sooo good for you Pierce. I know that Jesus is going to be singing in your soul. I know everytime you hear music about God and Jesus your soul is rejoicing and I rejoice in knowing this. You love to sing and I pray that Jesus will grab your heart before anyone or anything else ever gets a chance and you will know the true meaning of Christ and you will lead others to him. Hayden I pray the same for you I pray that your spirit will long to be with JEsus and that you will cling to him. That you and your brother will leave a legacy and it will be a beautiful one. I love you both so much.

THank you boys for teaching me so much in my life for loving me and for depending on me for all of your needs I adore you both. Pierce and Hayden thank you for being my sons and I pray all the days of your lives that you will know how much your Daddy and I love you and that you will truly understand what you mean to us!