Life....: June 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Bear how you have Changed....

Oh my dear son... you have changed leaps and bounds. Everyday you are doing something new! I love it! You are now a rolling machine. You roll everywhere and its adorable! You are also a splashaholic! I put you in the bath and you splash like there is no tomorrow! I have to step back really far cause you are so crazy with those splashing hands of yours! You also are very needy for your mama! I put you in your round-about toy and you run around it till you reach me and you constantly tap on my leg, grin and smile at me till I pick you up! Than you want me to hold and play with you for 10-15 min! Once your done.. you fuss.. i put you back down in it and your off running playing! I love watching you grow and change!

Son you have got this contagious laugh! You just make me laugh all the time and I love it. You also do this thing where you open your mouth real big and try to bite me! Its soo funny cause you get so serious and charge at me! Of course you don't bite you just put your mouth on me! I love it! You sit up like a pro now and you are trying soooo hard to sit up by yourself! You also are starting to try and crawl! You poor thing though you cant figure out how to lift your head and legs at the same time so you scoot along on your face! Its quite funny and you don't seem to mind. I know one day you will learn!

You are sleeping through the night almost perfectly now! I love it and I love you! I have been consistent we never stay anywhere but our house I think you are most comfortable here.. Hence the reason you sleep! Also I walked in today because I had heard you fuss and there you are with a binkie in your mouth and a grin! I had to laugh because I didn't give you the binkie you put it in yourself! I was SOOOOO proud!! I think you may be teething because you are a CHEW monster! Whether your are chewing on me or on a toy its chew chew chew! You are also on a new feeding schedule! Its so much easier and you honestly seem happier. Here is its!

8:00 a.m. wake up. Breakfast fruit and 7 ounce bottle of formula

10-12:00 Nap

12:00 p.m. 9 ounce bottle

3:00 p.m. Veggie

4:00 p.m. 8 ounce bottle

4:00-6:00 Nap

8:00 p.m. Oatmeal and 7 ounce bottle! and off to bed!!!

So you only get 4 bottles now and its way easier and like I said you are happier! I love you son more than I could ever tell you!

Well we will have a new experience for you in the next few days! We are going to NORTH DAKOTA! Your Uncle Ryan is getting married! I'm sooo nervous flying with you because I of course have never done this! I'm also nervous because I'm afraid you won't sleep well! Of course I will be praying lots that you will! You will have mama and Daddy with you that's all that matters! Son I look at you and I want to cry because I truly do know how blessed I am.. I am so unworthy for God to have blessed me with a child that brings me sooo much more meaning to my life! Son you are a gift from God more than I deserve. Yes you can be difficult and you can throw a tantrum like the best of them (like I said I think you are teething) But you also bring me more joy than anything I have been given in my life. You are mine and your Daddy's little sunshine and we would never trade you for the world! Thank you for being the best son! We love you!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yesterday was WONDERFUL.. & Cloth Diapers!!!

Well yesterday was just a fabulous day! It was my day off with my little guy which in itself is wonderful! (My hubby worked at the station so I was alone with the baby) First baby bear took a 2 hour nap in the morning! It was fabulous! I got so much stuff done dishes, laundry, cleaned the house/room! It was just great! Once he was awake we were up and moving and headed over to my friend Kelley's house to play with baby Kella and do some shopping! Well we were able to do alot of floor time over there because she has carpet. We don't get to much floor time at my house unfortunatly because our whole house is tile! So we played on the floor for hours! My little guy finally has accomplished rolling from his back to front and rolling across the floor multiple times! I have never been a more proud mama! I was soooo excited for him! He is just growing leaps and bounds and I love it!

Well ever since he was sick with a cold about 2 months ago he has had the sleeping issues which I have talked about mulitple times! Well I have tried to be consistent... no paci, sleeping on back or tummy, putting in bed awake to help you self soothe, letting you fuss in the night for short periods and not running in there right away and last but not least no longer staying at grandma and grandpa's house multiple times a week! I think this was the big one staying away from home. I just think it confuses him and doesn't help him feel secure when he is in a different place every few days! So I have cut out staying there when my hubby works and am staying home with him! Well last night the first night in 2 months he slept soundly through the whole night!!! It was FABULOUS!!! I was in shock! I went in to wake him up at 7:00 am to go to my mom's cause she is watching him today and he did not want to get up! I hope this is a good trend and he will keep this up! He will probably not sleep tonight just because I bragged on my super little boy!!! I just love the little guy so much..

I also have decided I'm going to try and cloth diaper. I am going to try Kushi Ultra Diapers. I placed and order for them today and can't wait to try them. I really want to help with the environment and I just feel it will be so much better for his little tush! HOpefully he will like them and they will work well. I will have to let you know! Anyways I am off have to get back to work but lets pray and hope the little guy sleeps well tonight again! I jsut love him to pieces God has truly blessed me!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Wonderful Mini Weekend Vacation 6/5-6/6

OH what a wonderful time we had. Daddy came home and decided it was TIME to take a break. We have had a crazy couple of weeks and we just needed some time to take a break and enjoy you our sweet beautiful son. So we packed up and drove to Daytona Beach! We stayed in a hotel there that was perfect! OUr room was poolside which made everything soo much more eaiser. Baby bear you absolutly LOVED the water!!! Oh and you looked sooo darn cute in your little beach wear outfit! Well we went to the pool mainly the first day. You just loved to swim and swim with daddy. You got kind of tired fast so we took you out, put you in your robe and just rocked you! You were out like a light! Unfortunatly we didn't get to play in the water for to long the first day because of course being that its summer in Florida it RAINS! Well it rained so me you and Daddy went and sat on the balcony and just watched the rain pour. You played in your little walker and Daddy and I just joked and had a nice time. We went to bed pretty earlier after a nice walk around the pool before bed. We were all VERY tired! Saturday morning we woke up and got ready again to go to the beach this time! This is how I caught you when I was packing the room and getting ready... My goodness you are just soo adorable I cannot get enough of you so of course I took more pictures! Well we finished packing up and got ready to head to the beach. You LOVED the beach I was in shock. It was pretty cold for some reason but you still loved it! You walked in the water with Daddy... You sat in the sand and posed for Mommy of course... Than of course after you posed for Mommy you decided you needed to taste the delicious sand.. So you Did... Mommy yelled... tried to stop you... you didn't stop... so I rinsed you off as best I could gave you a sippy and put you right back into your stroller!! After the wave jumping and the sand eating me you and Daddy went on a NICE long walk down the beach. You slept Mommy and Daddy talked. We talked about everything we couldn't wait to do with you. Pierce you are seriously the best, most cutest little baby that I have ever been around. YOu were such a sweet little boy all day and you couldn' thave made MOmmy or Daddy any more happy than we already are! After our long walk Daddy and MOmmy took you in the pool! YOu loved it and really enjoyed splashing Daddy in the face! It was too funny! Oh and today after all of our traveling, lots of baths, and our grocery shopping you got to try the gerber little treat things that melt in your mouth! Well I don't think you liked them very much but you were sure adorable as you tried them!
Even though you don't really care for the little treats you still ate it just to make mommy happy than of course you flashed me your grin! I love you baby bear! I will say also one of our favorite games that we played this weekend was the one where I ask you if you will be a certain sport athlete and mimic it and you just laugh over and over! It was soo fun and so special baby boy to get to spend all of this time with you! I cannot imagine my life without you or without Daddy! You both are such blessings in my life and I thank God every single night for both of you! I love you baby bear and I hope you had as fun a weekend as me and your Daddy had!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Precious Non Sleeping Son...

What a night I had... or better yet he had...

Unfortunately I had to work yesterday and so did my hubby. So I left work to go pick up my son from his Great Aunt Terry's. I get there and I notice that he is a little standoffish.. I think its because babies sort of resent their mama's when they leave them for long periods of time. Maybe its all in my head. Well I'm feeling really guilty by now..

So we head home. Its about a 30 min car ride. We finally get home and he had been crying for about 20 min. I call my neighbor and ask him to PLEASE come help me get the baby out cause I have tons of stuff to unload and I don't want to bring the baby in and just leave him to cry. (My hubby worked till 8:30 last night so I needed extra help). So my neighbor comes over takes my son out and brings him in side. Once inside I unload as fast as I can I'm on the phone with my hubby and I'm extremely stressed out. I walk in side and my son is SCREAMING/CRYING like I have never heard before. Well I go in there in my neighbor is like "I don't know why I just took him out of his carseat this is very unlike him..." I agree so I take my son and just hold him. Instantly when I pick him up he stops crying and just stares at me with these big sad eyes..... saying.. why did you leave me mama, I thought you were going to leave me again. So needless to say I held, rocked, laughed, sand, read to him and just loved on my son until it was time for him to go to bed.

So as you all know I've been having problems with my son sleeping. He flips to his back and his paci falls out causing him to wake up, fuss until I come in there to flip him back over and put a paci back in. Well I decided that I can't do that anymore because we both need our sleep and he needs to learn that its OK to sleep through the night without a paci. He used to all the time but he's kind of reverted. Very weird. Well last night I put him on his back (which he hates) and no paci. He cried for about 15 min and finally fell asleep. PHEW! Well he probably woke up about 10 times last night but never fussed longer than 15 min so i never went in there. It was kind of a relief that he was able to put himself back to sleep without a paci or being on his tummy. I'm praying tonight is better for him. Finally at 6:00 am he had been crying for over 30 min I went and got him, gave him his paci finally and put him in bed with me. He was OUT like a Light!!! My hubby and I just covered him in kisses while we laid in bed with him. We both adore this little boy more than we could ever express. Well now I'm just praying that tonight is better than last and he will learn to suck on his hands or his thumb..

Well that was our night. I love my son to peaces and I'm sad to say I am working again today. Thank goodness I will have the next four days off. I really just need some time with my boy. I miss him. I miss everything about him when I'm at work.

Well if anyone has any advice please let me know. I just want a happy healthy mama and baby!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I miss my son... 2-3 times a week I go into the office to work and I feel so much guilt. Either my hubby or my mom takes care of my son during this time but I just feel so guilty that I can't be the one to take care of him. I miss him like crazy when I'm at work and I feel that I am missing so much that is going on in his life. ON the other hand I know that right now we really need the insurance that my company provides and the small paycheck that I bring home. I know it won't get easier and I'm so thankful for my job.. but there is this little nagging thing in the back of my mind that just makes me feel so guilty that I'm not with him.. There are days when I'm in a meeting and I remember back when he was in my belly just 5 short months ago. He was with me at all times I felt him kick I fed him I loved him in my belly! He came to all my meetings and sales calls ad now I'm all alone. I dont know I just miss my son and I wish I could be with him all times.

I am thankful though that my husband can be with him or my mom. I know he will be fine and every moment I have with him I do appreciate a little more! Thank you Lord for my son, my hubby, my family and my job!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I did not get up this morning early thinking my son would and than him sleep till 8:15 am. I then did NOT go and check him every 30 min to make sure he was breathing.. I would never do that considering I have an Angelmonitor!

I did not laugh out loud when my son was pooping even though other people were staring at me. Oh well when you got to go you gotta go!

I did leave our dogs outside after one rolled in poop until my hubby woke up I than did not set out there water bowl and let them stay out there for 4 hours. I would never do that in this heat!!

Well there you go I am new at posting not me monday and I will get better next time!