Life....: August 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

20 Months Old Today and First Day of PreSchool!`

Pierce Man you are officially 20 months old today and you go to school now! I love you so much and this last month has been full of changes and adjustments and you have rocked! You have become a Daddy's boy like no other! You adore your Daddy especially because mama has to feed brother Hayden a lot and there is just a lot going on. Every morning you wake up yelling Dada when it used to be Mama. After nap you yell Dada but you know its ok I love that you and your Daddy have such a close relationship!

We both adore you to pieces. You sit like a big boy. You walked into school today holding my hand the whole time. You didn't try to run from me like you used to. YOu are just a better listener all around. When I ask you to throw something away you do. When you go outside and leave the door open I ask you to shut it and you will. YOu still don't eat very well at meal times but we are working on it. YOu don't have tantrums to often but when you do they sure are hard on everyone!

I think you have come to love your little brother or atleast realize he is not going anywhere atleast for the next 18 years! :-). When he cries you will throw your favortie monkey or your phone at him. I think you are trying to console him with those things because they console you. You always run into his room in the morning wanting to get him up. You hold his hand when we ask you to. You kiss his head when we ask you to or you ask to kiss it. You also like to give him his paci when he cries. You want him to feel better. You are a wonderful big brother and I could not have asked for more!!

YOu say lots of new words all the time. Everyday you learn something new and your words and so sweet and precious. I'll try to list your normal vocabulary.


and many more I just cant think of.

You are truly a joy to have in my life and I love you son. Thank you for being with me for 20 beautiful glorious months. I pray for a million more months to have with you! I love you little boy!

Labor and Delivery! Hayden Jackson!

Hayden Jackson... you have made you arrival!!! Heres how it all went down.

I had been praying you would come every day since I was about 36 weeks pregnant. God knew best and at 39 weeks and 1 day I went into labor and 4:30am in the morning. I had a feeling I was going to have you the night before so I was just waiting. I even went to Mimi Bells for what I said would be my last meal before you came and sure enough it was. I had steak, onions and field peas it was delicious!! Daddy had to work the night and day before so he wasn't home when I went into labor. The pains were too bad but they were pretty consistenet. Around 5:00am I called Grandma Fuller and asked her to come and get me so we could take your brother Pierce to my parents and so that she could take me to the hospital. I knew your Mimi Bell would not be up and ready this early.

Grandma Fuller arrives at 6:00 am. Your brother Pierce had woken up around 5:30am for some strange reason. Maybe he knew what was going to happen. So I got up with him and I rocked and sang to him while he drank his bottle. I was so thankful to have this time with him because I knew I would be seeing him for about a day and a half. He let me rock him and I told him that if he didn't get to see me that night that I would be home the next day to be with him and that I loved him very much. I don't think he understood but I still wanted to tell him.

So we drop Pierce at Mimi Bells and we are off to the hospital to have you. We arrive around 7:00am Daddy is still at work and doesn't get off till 7:30am so he was not rushing. I don't think he realy thought I was in labor.. But I assured him I was. So they hook me up to the monitors at about 7:15am call my Dr. My Dr. comes in around 7:30 and he checks me I'm about 3 cm and pretty regular contractions so he says they will admit me I'm definatly in labor. Are labor nurse was nurse Debbie. She rocked by the way> I really liked her. ANd Dr. Parker is the one who delievered you and he also delivered your brother I think thats kind of special also.

So we go to the labor and delivery room from the triage room. Still having pretty regular contractions. By 7:45am Daddy has arrived. He is still skeptical I think he was in denial. So we get in and the contractions begin to get more intense!!! I never remembered them being this hard and painful with your brother. Maybe I wasn't in active labor till after I had the epidural who knows. Nurse Debbie comes in to start my IV and draw blood and stabbed me about 3 times before she could. I almost blacked out I was hyperventilating begging for an epidural. I was in SOOOOOO much pain.

Around 10:00am they finally get me an epidural. It wasn't that bad this time maybe because Nurse Debbie was with me and holding my shoulders and really helping me and Daddy was just doing his own thing not bothering me which seemed to help. So they get it going and I have almost instant relief. They also gave me some antinausea medicine cause I was so sick from the epidural last time with your brother. After the epidural the Dr. came in around 11:00 am and broke my water everything looked good.

Around 12:00 pm I started feeling pressure and the nurse checked and I was about 7 cm and said that it was likely I would have you very very soon. Soo sure enough 30 min later I was fully dialated and I pushed 3 times not even for 5 min and around 12:35 out you came. NO tearing nothing it was the easiest delivery ever. You had a FULLLLLL head of hair. Nothing like I have ever seen and you look exactly like your Daddy. You are the complete opposite of your brother and you are beautiful! WE are so blessed to have you in our lives. YOu are a sweet boy just a little bit of colic but you are doing wonderful. You breastfeed like a champ and also take a bottle when need be! You were 7.4lbs and 20 inches long.

You and your brother I believe will be best friends and I am so blessed to watch you grow up! We checked out of the hospital at around 2:00 pm and we came home and were with your brother for the first time. Your Uncle Ryan and Michelle also suprised us and came into town from North Dakota. They also were able to meet y our brother the day after he was born. You boys sure are special! Your Uncle Ryan and Aunt Michelle are also pregnant and they are having a boy so you will have a little boy cousin come January 23 (daddy's birthday) or before.

Well we love you Hayden Jackson! By the way Jackson is your great grandfather Dyal's middle name and thats why we picked it!

Love you and are so blessed to have you and your brother Pierce!