Life....: May 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

17 Months!

I can't believe you are 17 months old! You are one little wild monkey that I adore which isn't suprising since you love monkeys! You have been in swim lessons for a few weeks and you are doing wonderful. You can now float on your back and swim to shore! I am so proud of you and hope this is the beginning of my little swimmer man! You love to be in the pool in general also! Mommy and Daddy were simming in the pool and out of no where you would kind of step in. Of course when you did I made you practice your float on your back and swim to the shore and you didn't like that but hey we gotta practice! You also like to hang your feet over the edge and kick kick kick! You think your pretty great and so do we!

You adore Lady still. Every morning you go and smack your lips and get kisses every morning. Its sooo sweet! You follow her everywhere and always make sure she gets a bite to eat of whatever you are having for breakfast lunch or dinner!

This month you have dealt with lots of sickness from the flu to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. But we made it! I have never been so worried about you and prayed so hard for healing but you are finally getting better. You are breaking through more teeth as we speak so I am thinking that is why you have a runny nose!

You love being outside! Any chance you get you are outside on your bike, your wagon, or just running! You love to be sprayed with the hose and it has become a game! I love spraying you and your little giggle laugh that you give me.

Every person you meet you brighten their day with your big goofy grin! You love to make people smile and I love that about you! Your facial expressions are priceless and I know you get that from your Mama!

You still like to kiss and poke Mama's belly. I'm sure its not because you know your little brother Hayden is in there its because its big and in your face! Before you know it you will officially be a big brother! I'm so sad for you to have to share me but I know you will love your little brother like crazy!

You have been so attached to Daddy lately and I adore it! You love to be rough with him and climb all over him! You are so silly when you are with your Daddy!

For Mommy's birthday we went to the beach and you had a blast! We dug in the sand. You then decided you wanted to moon all the people there so you kept pulling your pants down! It was very funny!

You climb on everything! The other morning I caught you on TOP of the kitchen table! Oh goodness what am I going to do with you. Before I know it you and Daddy will be on the roof for who only knows what!

Pierce you really are the light of my life and God has blessed us 10 times over by giving us to you! Yes your wild and high energy but I wouldn't change that for the world! You will always be my first born and the little boy that made me a mama and I am so thankful! I love you little boy more than the moon and the stars and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Love always!!! Your MAMA!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Crazy Little BOy!

Little boy you just change and grow sooo much. You are quite a handful and I adore you for it. You are so silly that you fill most of our days with giggles!

This morning I made you eggs with cheese and you were so hungry pointing at it. I told you to wait because its hot. All of a sudden I feel a gust of baby breath on me as you are blowing on the eggs/me to cool them down. You then flash me a huge grin. I adore you. That was the sweetest thing to me. Often you will be disobeying and as I try to correct you you look up into the corner of the world almost as if you are rolling your eyes at me. You then look at me and grin and of course all is forgiven. You certainly have me wrapped around your little finger.

You are now in swim lessons and you are doing phennomenal. It is safe start so it teaches you to survive should you fall in the pool. After only 5 lessons you can swim from about 3 ft away from the edge and pull yourself up! I am a very proud mama needless to say. The instructor mentioned yesterday that you are very smart and agile and I will most definatly have my hands full. I looked at her and said you are speaking to the choir I have a wild child! YOu are amazing though.

You still love to poke my big growing belly and stick your finger on my belly button. I hope you know your little brother is in there and that one day you guys will be the best of friends. I still get so sad and my heart aches when I think about you have to share mama and daddy with another little baby. I want you to always know how much we love you son. OUr love for you will never lesson it will only grow!

We no longer give you your paci during the day except car, nap and night time. We quit in hopes that it would help your verbal skills. Low and behold it has! YOu are saying more and more words consistently. You say Dadadada and point to Daddy, Mamama, Hi, Bye and I think sometimes you say Lady! YOu are smart as a whiz! I love you little boy.

You are still a little pistol quit often. You poked grandma Bell in the eye with a crayon the other day for no reason, you threw a fork at her head and missed it and it flew across the kitchen for no reason. You do all these things with a smile on your face. You throw food on the floor on a daily basis we are trying to break this bad habit. But when we are at Grandma Bells you seem to do it more often to get on her nerves. Not sure why but I try to hide my laughter!

I am starting a tradition with you that we will hopefully carry on when little brother arrives but every morning when Daddy gets home from work we wait out on the front porch for him. We talk and wave at the passing cars and when Daddy pulls up you get a grin from ear to ear and make a sprint for him. Today you tripped and scrapped your knee but nothing that mama and daddy couldn't fix. You are so silly little boy we really love you lots.

You climb on everything. You climbed up onto the kitchen chair today while I was cooking breakfast so I pulled it over to the counter and you watched with aww as I made your breakfast. You are sooo cute I just can't stand it sometimes.

You LOVE to sing!!! IT is sooo funny. You love the itsy bitsy spider, you also love Way up in the High little Bird! YOu are so funny when we sing them and you do the motions. We sing all the time. IN the car when we are driving I will have Z88.3 on the radio and as I sing you sing right along! I love it and it will always be a special time that I get to have with you!

Little boy I will never know why God chose to bless me with you my sweet little sunshine but I will never be able to thank him enough. You are amazing I love you to pieces and I hope one day not only will you know how much mommy and daddy love you but you will know how much the Lord above loves you and you will love Him back!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day!

Son I want you to know how much I love you. Thank you for making me the mother that I am today. Thank you for 2 great Mother's Day! You are amazing little boy. I just adore you. Of all the things I have accomplished in my life having you was one of the greatest. You will forever be my first little boy who initially made me a mother and I am so honored to say that. I can't believe how big you have grown and how much you have changed. You are amazing and I adore you. Well I will write more later to talk about your swim lessons! :-) I love you little boy!

Love Your mama!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silly Little Boy

Oh little boy what a weekend you have had. Lets just start with Friday.

Friday: I have been concerned the last month you are constantly running a low fever. Don't know why if its teeth related or what not so I call the Dr. and insist that you get seen and get a lab write up for blood work to make sure all is ok. I just get worried that if I don't take care of this now to make sure you are healthy that when your little brother comes I will forget and not take time to do it. So we go to the Dr. that morning your temp was 101.5 of course when we get there you are normal and healthy as a horse according to the Dr. Well they order the blood work because of my insistence. We go to South Seminole where you were born and they draw your blood. They call you Mr. Strong man because you are so strong and a very big lady had to hold you still. It was so sad and you cried so hard. But they got the blood and ran the test. Well we go home that night and your temp is then of course 102.7 and I give you meds through the night. Poor little sick boy. Saturday we had plans to go and visit your great grandparents in Bradenton not sure if we are going.

Saturday: YOu wake up and your fever is still 102.7 so it hadn't broken at all through the night. ME you daddy and grandparents decide we should still go if your gonna be sick here or there whats the diff. It was a long ride but you made it your fever stayed the same all day even with meds every 3 hours. Your great grandma bell got to snuggle and rock you while you slept for 2 hours. This is how we know you are sick :-). Well before we left we take your temp and your at 104.2. It was sooo scary. We get in the care for the 2.5 hour ride and get home. As your nanny bell is taking you out of the care you are limp and burning with fever. We decide we have to sponge bathe you until your fever is down before putting you to bed. I was sooo scared and worried for you. So Daddy and I get you down to your diaper and start the sponge bath and you just laid on us wimpering off and on it was pitiful. Finally around 9:30 your fever is down to 103 and we feel you can go to bed. You go to bed and wake a few times your fever finally breaks and you don't wake till 8:30 on Sunday.

Sunday: You are pretty good running a fever around 101 most of the day but much more your happy self. I was so thankful you made it through the night ok. I worry about you little boy and I love you so much.

MOnday. You are pretty much back to normal. Well I had to take in some of your stool samples for more testing at the hospital so we get this done. We than go home and take a nap. After nap you wake up pretty grouchy but we go to nanny and poppy bells cause poppy was gonig to take care of you while mama and nanny went shopping. You and poppy had a BLASt. you went to the park, the library, the bookstore and the pet store. YOu loved all of it. YOu are such a sweet boy. We get back to the house to meet up for dinner. After eating poppy had bought you 2 books and he was laying on the ground reading them. You walk up to him and put your leg overh is face and sit right smake on his face. It was hysterical. Of course you are laughing. HE moves you and you walk away. You then walk up again while he was reading and try sit on his head again. ME and your nanny laughed sooo hard. Then later you are walking by and he is still laying on the floor playing with you and you decide you are gonig to stand on his face. Thank goodness he was fast and covered his face with his hands and you stood on his hands on his face and jumped laughing and snickering. Oh little boy you are wild. We go home and I put you to bed and you giggle and snicker in there for an hour before falling asleep.

Tuesday: You wake up and we get ready. Before Daddy gets home I decided I wanted to rock you some if you would let me very unusual. Well you did! IT was a small victory. I rocked you for about five min and sang childrens christian songs. Honestly I love you littel boy and I cherish every single moment that I have to sing to you to cuddle and snuggle you to love you more than you could ever imagine. You are my little boy that I hope doesn't grow up to fast and knows how much we adore you. Well hopefully you are having a fun day with Daddy and maybe tonight we can go swimming. I love you little boy!