Life....: August 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Nights Away From you...

Baby bear this last Saturday your Daddy and I drove to Port St. Joe to deliver Kramer. We didn't take you because you hate riding in the car and its a 6 hour car ride. So we left you with my parents. It was very hard to leave you but we all made it. I must say I slept wonderfully and I had a nice time but my heart hurt sooo badly because I was missing you. I have never known how badly your heart can hurt when you miss someone especially when its your baby. You were very good for your grandparents and I am so thankful they took such good care of you. You can now hold your bottle better than you could before we left, you crawl better than you could before we left and you are even more vocal if that is possible than before we left.

We have officially moved into my paretns house and we are all adjusting. Well son I love you and I missed you terribly I am sooo happy to be back home with you. I am even thankful for the few times a night you wake and I get to tuck you back in. I love you little boy and I do hope our life will be more normal in the next few weeks when we move into our condo! Thanks for being the best boy ever~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Changes....

Oh my son you are loads of fun. You now pull up on every single thing that you can get your hands on. You pull up on mama and let go and try to balance yourself. You lasted for 20 seconds yesterday and me and your mimi were shocked! You are just too cute. So we would cheer you on and you would do it again. I love you son so much. You are growing like a little weed and tickles me to death yet makes me sad that you are growing SOOOO fast. I remember just the other day you were in my belly kicking me and going to all my sales meetings with me. I loved that and I miss it. But now I have you to squirm in my arms when I come home from work.

Well Kramer and Lady are now going to stay in the family instead of being adopted out. Daddy's mom and sister are each taking one. So of course Daddy feels so much better.

We are leaving you for the first time with your Mimi and Grandpa Bell this Saturday. Its HUGE! I have never spend one single day away from you and I'm so nervous to do this. But we have to drive 6 hours with the dog to Daddy's sisters to drop him off. I know you woudl HATE the drive seeing that you scream on even a half hour drive. I can't imagine how upset you woudl get for 6 hours. So we are leaving you here. I am excited to have a night or two alone with Daddy but I will miss you to pieces. You are the light of my life. I was talking to a friend today and I mentioned that even though I don't get all the time to myself liek I used to and I'm busy and focused on you 99.9% of the time.. I would NEVER go back to my life before. My life is so much more full with you in it and I never want to change that.

Well thats all for now I love you little baby bear!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


You now officially pull yourself up to stand in your crib!! What am I going to do with you. Daddy is at work today so I had to lower your crib all by myself this morning it was quite difficult but I did it! You are too funny though! I hear you yelling and talking and I walk in and there you are standing... so of course what do I do?!? I run and I get my camera!

You are soo cute and and so much fun but truly are exhausting! Thank you for being my baby boy and I hope you can learn soon how to sit down after standing so you don't stand there and scream for me over and over... not that I dont like to be needed! well I love you baby boy!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Milestones and Life Changes

Baby bear you are now over 7 months old and have crossed some more milestones...

- you can crawl pretty darn well now
- you like to crab crawl where you stand on all fours its hysterical
- you can sit up all by yourself from the crawling position! You rock!
- you sleep perfect through the night and take LOTS of naps (knock on wood)
- you are eating some more table food from mama!
- you laugh ALLL the time
- you pull yourself up on everything its sooo funny!

Son you really are what makes my day better. You are my little sunshine on a cloudy day and I couldn't love or appreciate you any more!

Lots of things are going to be changing in the next few weeks. On August 22nd mama and daddy will be giving our doggies away. We had to sell the house and no body wants us to bring two dogs that have pit in them. Its very sad because you really enjoy watching them but I know in the long run our lives will be so much easier and maybe one day when we have our house being finished being built we will get you a puppy of your own. We will be moving out of our first house and your first home on August 26th. Its crazy and bitter sweet. Its bitter becuase you were concieved here we prayed and couldn't wait for you to be born here. You were first brought home from the hospital here. Our best friends Rachel and Ramon live next door here. There are so many firsts here and its sad to leave. Its making me cry thinking about it.

Its also sweet because we will be moving about 30 min closer to both of your grandparetns. Daddy will now work only 1.5 miles from home so we can see him all the time when he is on shift. We will have a pool that we will now be able to play with you in. Mama will have to walk up stairs every day so hopefully I can lose those last 10 lbs. We will be starting over which in and of itself is kind of sweet. We are purging all of the yuck and old stuff that cluttered our lives and starting fresh and its so sweet that you will be part of it.

So here is the time line:

August 22, 2009 - say goodbye to the doggies

August 26, 2009 - move all of our belongings into a storage unit

August 28, 2009 - close on our house.. our home is no longer ours

August 28, 2009 - move in with grandma and grandpa bell

September 9, 2009 - finally move into the condo for the next year and see where life takes us from there.

The first year of your life will continue to be a wild one but hopefully things will slow down shortly. Well I love you son thank you for being the bright spot in my day! Daddy and I love you more than words can say and we hope that when you look back on your life you will be proud of the parents that we were to you! We love you!!!