Life....: February 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

14 Months Little Guy!

You will be 14 months in 5 days and oh how the time flies. I wanted to post early bc I amy forget to post on your actual 14 month birthday because GOD willing we will be moving into our new house. If we do move like planned and close this Friday this will be you 4th place and hopefully last place that you have lived since birth. Atleast for a long long time. Your new house is really nice and it has a pool. i can't wait till the dog days of summer when you and I will lay out in the pool especially me being prego I will need the relaxation.

You really are a little wild child. You have tantrums pretty regularly but we love ya anyways! :-) You do listen most of the time. If you are opening a cabinent you are not supposed to I will tell you to shut it and you will. If you have a remote or toy you shouldn't I ask you to hand it to me and you will.. reluctantly yes but you still hand it to me. You do follow directions for the most part.

Early this last week Kelley and her daughter Kella came over. You love Kella. You have a big tunnell thing that your Grandma Fuller got you and you and Kella were crawling and kissing in it. It was hysterical. I call it your tunnel of love. kelley was being tunnel patrol and kept telling you guys to stop getting so close! LOL You love to play with other little kids but you especially LOVE little girls.

You officially have a new love in your life and its not me :-(. You love your Auntie Rachel. She used to be your neighbor until you were about 8 months old and you adore her. She was over last night and you flirt and play and share with her constantly. When it was time for bed I gave you your bottle you took it and crawled onto Rachel's lap and just gazed into her eyes as you drank your bottle. We thought it was soooo funny. Than after you were finished instead of wanting to go right to bed and squirming like you normally do you just wanted to cuddle and gaze at her. You would flirt and give her your big binky grin than snuggle up into her hair and love on her. And you even did a sigh... going ahhhh as you leaned into her. Everytime I would try to take you to bed you woudl push me away and lean even closer into her. It made me sad I'm no longer your only love. This morning when we were getting Daddy up I told Daddy he needed to have a LONG talk with you about how girls are trouble and you need to stay away from them... YEA right we will see if that ever happens.

Well you truly take after your Daddy in the sense that you are a country boy. Yesterday you ran around you Grandma Bell's backyard for about 45 min with no shirt on and just your pants with your big old belly sticking out. You have dirt all over your face, hands and belly and even in your mouth. You really are becoming a little boy and no longer a baby.

You adore your Daddy more and more. You used to be a total mama's boy but now it could go almost both ways. But I still think and hope you have a special place for your mama in your heart. Remember son I carried you in my belly for NINE LONG MONTHS! :-)

You love sandwiches. I have found you love turkey, cheese and bread with mayo sandwiches. Its about the only thing you will eat the whole thing of without throwing it on the ground. Oh well atleast you eat now.

You love giving kisses. Especially to me. I must say I still get the most kisses out of everyone who asks. You come with your mouth wide open and lay one on me. I love it. You are my little darling and I adore you like crazy!

You run instead of walk. you constantly keep me on my toes and try to push your limits but I know you will learn. You are very strong willed! :-)

You love to talk on cell phones still even though you make no sense you will carry on a thirty min conversation. You make me laugh constantly.

You still go to bed around 6:30 but you wake up sometimes between 5:30-6:30 it makes me crazy. Please sleep till 7:30-8:00 like you used to. I miss those days. Looking forward to the time change so you will sleep longer hopefully!

You love mama's belly. You like to touch it when I am. I think you know your little sibling is in there. I hope you love your sibling and we always make you feel like you are just as important as the new baby. I hope you are never jealous and never feel left out.

You go to church every Sunday and you love your nursery class. You are excited as soon as we get down there. Every morning when we pick you up you always have a play cell phone with you... need I say anymore LOL You love to talk.

I signed you up for preschool starting in August. I know you will love the structure and everything that comes with that. Its only 2 days a week for four hours. You will do wonderful. You love other little kids and crafts.

Well son we adore you. You have brought so much more to our lives than we could ever hope and dream and can only pray that we have many many many many more wonderful years with you. When you are grown and married and have a child of your own I hope you look at your child and feel the same love we have for you and can think back and go... wow my parents loved me more than I could ever imagaine.

We love you!!! mama and dada!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Joy you Bring Me! & OH BOY!

Oh my beautiful little boy. You truly are the light of our lives. Everyday that I look at you and study your face I can see that you are getting more and more beautiful both inside and out. I am so in love with you and there are days when I lay in bed and I just think of you and how blessed we are and my breath literally gets caught and taken away because I am so unworthy to have you.

You are changing so much everyday into such a little cutie and I am so thankful for you. Today when I was leaving to go to work you were not ready for me to go. You ran up to me threw your arms around my legs and looked up at me with pleading eyes. When i told you I had to leave you RAN to go get your big black backpack/diaper bag and tried to drag it to me hoping you could go. You couldn't get it to me fast enough so you ran back to me threw your arms around my legs and looked up at me. I bent down kissed you hugged you some more and told yo I would be back this afternoon. You RUN back to your diaper bag as I walk down the stairs grab your paci and run back to the baby gate squeal and throw your paci through the gate to me.. I guess you figured if you can't go at least I should be your paci. I smiled laughed and told you I loved you and waved bye bye. You waved back and Daddy came and scooped you up.

Its hard leaving you for work but sometimes I feel it makes me a better mother. I look forward to the moment I see your little face peering down the stairs at me and you squealing with delight that I am home. I scope you up in my arms and you let me cuddle and play with you the rest of the evening. In the same instance I'm glad that i only work 3 days I would miss you way to much if it was anymore than that. You have started a new game where when i am sitting on the floor which is MOST of the time you come up and start messing with my hair. Of course I laugh and whip my head at you and you giggle uncontrollably. Its hysterical. We do it over and over until you get a little to crazy with pulling my hair and we take a break.

You still prefer showers over baths and you love helping me clean the shower door with our squeegee. You are sooo funny. Daddy and I adore you more than you could ever possibly imagine. We take you to Gemini springs often because you love the big field to be able to run and run and run. I love watching you.

On the days when I have you for 24-48 hours by myself I will sometimes take a 10 min break by putting you in your crib to play. Of course the whole time you are in there you yell at the top of your lungs MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA. Oh goodness you are a silly thing.

You have started an unusual sleep routine in the morning. There is no rhyme or reason to the times that you wake up. You go to bed every single night between 6:30-7:00. You used to sleep till 7:45 but lately you have been waking around 6:00am. Of course I still leave you in there for another hour and you do the weirdest things. Most of the time you hit or kick your wall/crib/tv ocean thing. Its so strange. You don't talk or anything at first you just bang around. Daddy and I will groan but always manage to go back to sleep and hope you do also. But no by 7:00 you are yelling for us and up we come. But the other day you surprised me. Of course it was a day I couldn't sleep in cause I had to work so I'm up by 7:00 and low and behold you slept till 7:45 WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!

Regardless you are so awesome and we adore you more than anything and we cant wait till you meet your little brother. Oh yea did I tell you the Ultrasound tech is 80% sure we are having another little boy. Honestly I could not be happier because I know you and your brother will be so close especially cause you will only be 19 months apart. You will eventually share a room with him and I can't even begin to imagine the fun and joy you both will bring us.

Well your mommy and Daddy love your face off and we hope we have many many many years of awesome moments with you.