Life....: May 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

7.2 weeks pregnant

Today I am 7.2 weeks pregnant and 2 days closer to hearing my little baby's heartbeat. I am absolutely thrilled to hear my little apple seeds heart that it melts my heart. I am still struggling with morning sickness. Praise God today was the 3rd day and I had some relief. I needed it. It seems to go in a 3 day cycle. Day 1 terrible morning sickness lasting all day, Day 2 morning sickness still not feeling really well but not as bad as the day before and Day 3 not nearly as bad. More hungry than the other 2 days slight sickness around breakfast, lunch and dinner but other than that I feel pretty good. I have also noticed some lower back pain but I think its due to lack of exercise and laying or sitting down ALL day. I really need to start walking... but I have nooooo energy at all. On a side note... interesting thing is I don't like salt anymore. Anything that is too salty makes me sick. Anyone who knows me knows that is very very strange :-)

So this weekend was Memorial Day Weekend. On Friday Kyle was going to take me out for my birthday but unfortunately I was very sick all day. I managed to pull myself off the couch around 6 and we went to La Hacienda. The food was OK. Kyle says once I feel better he will take me to the restaurant we had originally talked about.

On Saturday was my 3rd day of this rotation and I felt pretty good. We went to the beach with Ramon and Rachel. It was a nice time I sat under the umbrella the whole time... ( I like to say I'm allergic to the sun). The guys got to fish. It was pretty uneventful but nice to get out of the house. We came home that afternoon and Kyle and I went to Sonny's. I didn't think that I had eaten that much but apparently my little baby did not agree with the food. I was sick from 12am to 4 am. It was miserable. It finally passed and i went to bed and slept till 10:00!

Kyle worked Sunday and I layed on the couch miserable. Again Day 1 LOL.

Monday i woke up and had a little bit of morning sickness. It was like my normal Day 2. Not feeling very well till around 1:00. Kyle had gone out on the boat with the guys from work and their wives. I called him and they came and picked me up. I basically just went out there and Hung out and chatted for a few hours and than I was ready to go home and resume my position on the couch. Finally when Kyle got home last night I made dinner. The first dinner that I have made since we found I was pregnant. It was a tasty dinner.

This was my weekend sorry for boring but I just wanted to write it down to remember :-) .

This weekend my parents left for their trip to Rome and Italy. I am very happy for them b/c this has been a long time coming. I'm sad that they are gone though thats for sure I miss them so much even though they will be back in a few weeks time. What am I going to do without my mom and dad on the days Kyle works during the week?!? :-) I'm sure I will be fine. Well I am just keeping them in my prayers that they have a safe and fun time during their travels.

Well... I will be back to post more after my ultrasound! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

6.2 days Pregnant And feel LIKE YUCK YUCK

Well I am pregnant.... I have known for about 2 weeks. Kyle and I are absolutly thrilled. Unfortunatly I have been struggling with bouts of morning sickness since Friday of last week. It seems to start in the morning and last till about 3:00 pm. Its pretty miserable but I know that I am one more day closer to holding my precious baby everytime I feel bad. I am just constantly praying for this little baby bean in my belly that is is growing and thriving in everyway that it should. I love this baby so much already. I feel like Kyle and I had been trying forever to become pregnant and than low and behold he blesses us when He is ready with this little bundle of joy.

So I go on May 29th to hear my baby's little heartbeat. I haven't really announced to anyone yet that we are pregnant besides close friends and family. I think I will have a huge burden lifted off of me once I get to hear and see that little tiny heartbeat and know that my child is ok... I look at pictures of friends that have babies and I am absolutly thrilled to know that in the next 8 months I will have my very own little baby to love and hold. I know Kyle will be a wonderful dad and I am just so happy for this experiance in our life. I do pray that the morning sickness passes but it also gives me peace of mind that everything is going as it should. So God willing sometime around January 11 we will have a beautiful baby to hold in our arms.

This is a constant prayer and I hope that everyone else will pray with us.

Love, Laurel