Life....: October 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hayden you are 14 MOnths old!

Hay hay. I can't believe you are already 14 months old. You are an amzing little boy and I adore you. You are so funny and do the funniest things. You laugh constantly. You make the funniest noises just to make me laugh and everyone around you. You have started hitting others like you brother. I am trying so hard to teach you not to do that but its hard because Pierce hits you so many times and you are just learning from him.

You have grown so much though and I love it. You say "Bye bye" and you wave, you say "pow pow" when I tell you you are going to get a spanking. You laugh hysterically all the time. You have the biggest head it is soo funny. Today I bought you and brother spiderman glasses and you love them. You want to wear them and you look so darn cute. You are so proud of your self. YOu are walking like a champ! You are such a sweet little boy.

Hayden I love you I am so blessed that you are mine. You have grown and changed so much these past few months and I look forward our lifetime together. You are definatly a mama's boy and I am more than thrilled by this.

I love you Hayden Jackson!