Life....: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dog Poo...

Why do dogs have to roll in other dog poo??? Don't they know I have to deal with enough poo with a baby... Sometimes I wonder! Oh the life of having two crazy dogs that like to escape!!! AHHH Off to wash the dogs and clean up the house!! Please baby boy take a nice long nap!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pierce's Nursery!

This is Pierce's Nursery. We won't be living here for much longer so we weren't able to do everything we wanted to but I hope you enjoy!

Baby Bear says Welcome to his room! Hope you enjoy!

His name over his crib!
His crib and bedding!
Rocking chair! When he was little I used to rock him at night!
His changing table! I bought it off of Craigslist and then refinished and stained it when I was 8 months pregnant! I was pretty proud of myself!!
His toy holder! It works wonderfully for all of his small toys.

His crazy over full closet!! Yes hopefully in our new house he will have a bigger one!

His first Piggy Bank from his Aunti Jenni! It has a firetruck on it just like his Daddy rides!

This is his Angel Monitor! We are paranoid parents and it has given us piece of mind. We haven't had any false alarms so that is Good! Especially since he sleeps on his tummy we like to always have him on this!

Pierce's ABC Pal! When he is older it opens up and says all of the alaphabet with little cloth things to match!! One day he will enjoy this!

Thank you for visiting!

Baby Bear

Well my baby bear is 5 months old. He seems to have problems keeping himself asleep at night. I'm not sure how to deal with this. It seems like at least 2 times a night he wakes up and can't seem to fall asleep. He has rolled from his tummy to his back and can't seem to get back over... Does anyone have any advice on help him stay asleep. I'm afraid he might be teething as well due to his chewing and drooling on EVERYTHING! Well what can I say I am so thankful to have a baby bear anyways and I guess eventually he will stay asleep through the night when he is ready!!!
Gosh how can you not love this face!

Pictures Pictures Everywhere!!!

Sometimes you just need a taste!!

Photo's of your buddy max!! You love this dog! Grandma & Grandpa! Grandpa's Birthday 5/26/09

Mommy's 25th Birthday at UNO's!!! I love my family! 5/22/09

Who couldn't love this face! Milk drunk!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthdays and Memorial day!

Oh my baby bear how you change so much!!! Well Friday was my birthday! We had a great day. I just got to lay around all day Friday with you and Daddy and really enjoyed my day. We went to Uno's with Rachel and Ramon and it was wonderful. You also had gone with Daddy and bought me lots of dresses! They all fit and I loved them.

This weekend was also Memorial day weekend. We went to g-ma and g-pa Fullers on Sunday and than on Monday we went to G-ma and G-pa Bells! At your Nanny and Poppy Bells we got to put your feet in the pool, you played with your cousin Nathan and the dog, and your great grandparents were there as well. It was a lovely day. Your mommy was very tired so we went home early. Tuesday morning we woke up and we ran lots of errands and than drove back to your Nanny and Poppy Bells. It was your Poppy Bell's Birthday! We played all day and hung out until your Poppy came home and than we went out and had a nice dinner! You did great of course! You love your Poppy to pieces and got him a mug that says that you love him lots!

So the other day I had started to wonder when you were ever going to start playing with your feet. Well you didn't make mommy wait because literally the next day after I had said something to your Nanny you were playing with your feet. I love when you do this. You seem to grab your big toe as you eat. Its too sweet! You really are just the sweetest little boy ever. You seriously love your daddy and mama to pieces and I just love it. You have also started rolling almost all the way over from you back to front. Your a pro and can go from your front to back no problem but your still working on the other way. You also have pretty much mastered sitting by yourself. Your just too darn cute and you like to pull yourself up all the time so your leaning forward! You just tickle me to death with all the cute little things you can do. I love you so much little boy and today is your 5 month birthday and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for being my son and one of the loves of my life. I hope I can always be the mama that you want and need me to be!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My beautiful Son!!!

Well you will be 5 months old on May 27th and ohhhh how you have grown and changed. I look at you and I am absolutely amazed that you are MY son.. You came from my womb.... God created you inside of me and you were created in HIS image... How amazing.. How blessed me and your daddy are.. Son I am so in love with you. You have completely changed me and how I view this world. You have learned so many new things. You have started rolling and have been rolling from your belly to back for quite some time. You are just now learning to roll from your back to front. I am trying to teach you to roll so you can start rolling all over the place. Last month around this time we started feeding you solids other than oatmeal!! You LOVE to eat.. yOu are my little food monster! You eat sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, bananas, applesauce, prunes, pears and anything that we offer you. You are a complete doll!! You love to charm the ladies. I love that about you. I think you get that from your mama.. You are my Mr. Personality!! Your grandparents adore you as well. When they come over I might as well leave cause they will hog you and love you to pieces. Since you were abt 3 weeks old you have been going to your grandma Bells every Thursday. She watches you while mama works. I think you and your grandma will have a special relationship because of the extra time you will have together. Grandma and you love to play with Max. Max dog is your favorite. You laugh and coo anytime he is near and you want to eat him up! I love watching you interact. Me and your grandma Bell have been working with you on sitting up! You are getting soooo good at this. You can now sit up for quite sometime. You are still in the monkey sitting up mode but you are pretty good at it!! Son you are amazing, beautiful and everything that me and your daddy could ever dream of. We look at you and we know that we will give you a sibling one day. Hopefully not too soon but someday. You are just so perfect and wonderful that how could we not want another perfect little child from God?!? Well we also have started putting you to bed with out a paci. You had gotten into the habit of waking often at night to have a paci put back in. Finally I had had enough and have started putting you in bed without. The first night you cried for abt 20 min but than you slept like a "baby" for about 10 hours straight. You did wake around 6:00am so I put you in bed with me and we snuggle and sleep till around 8:00 am. I love this time in the morning with you. I love the way you smell you are wonderful. In the mornings that Daddy works and I bring you to bed with me he will crawl into bed with us right after his shower and just shower you with kisses and love. I love these moments. I know your daddy loves you more than anything. YOu have started to really enjoy your baths. You love the water and how warm it is and how it splashes!! You still aren't a big fan of getting out and being cold but you are still pretty wonderful. Your Auntie Rachel and Uncle Ramon next door just adore you. Every night when we are all home they come to visit or we go to visit. You seem to really love Auntie Rachel a lot and she can always get you to smile or calm down. Even when you were in my belly she had a way of dragging me out of the house so I wouldn't sit inside all day by myself. You also often kicked her hand when you were in my belly! I hope you both always have a special bond. Because Rachel does love you a lot! Not only does your grandma watch you once a week but your daddy watches you one day a week while I work. I know on those days when I come home the house will be a wreck bottles everywhere but you will be happy! You will have spent all day with your daddy and how can it get any better than that. Anytime he is in the room you stare at him with loving eyes! You love him tons! You can't seem to get enough of him a lot of times! He adores you!

We celebrated our first mothers day this year!! We went to both of your grandmas house and had two nice visits! You were a little cranky most of the day but thats ok I still got to spend it with you. You are the love of my life!!

Son I remember this time last year i was newly pregnant, having morning sickness and had NO idea what the next year would hold. Little would I know that this would be the best year of my life with so many changes and so many wonderful things happening. I could never ask for a better son than you a first child that has changed my life for the better. You are the light of mine and your Daddy's lives and we love you and pray for you every day! Thank you for making me a mama. Thank you for loving me unconditionally as I do for you! Thank you for the best Mother's day in the world. My first mothers day with my son!!! I love you little boy... I am blessed!!