Life....: May 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

29 months old and last day of school!

Pman!! Today you are 29 months old! You are speaking like crazy! Today was the last day of school. You love your teachers Ms. Jackie and Ms. Lynsie. You let me take a pic of you three today and it turned out very nice. Today you had water day and I know had a blast. When I dropped you off this morning you had some major meltdowns. It was very intense but you settled down immediatly after I left. He its your birthday and you can cry if you want to ;-).

You are growing like a weed in so many ways. I want to tell a funny story of what you said..

We were sitting on the couch and Mommy made a gas sound... You start laughing hysterically you point at me and said "MOMMY TOOTED" "EWWWWWWW TOOTED!" IT was hysterical I was laughing so hard. I though for sure you would have used a more vulgar word but you didn't. I about died!

You also are quite a sassy little thing. You like to use the word now after ever demand. The other night you told me to "Shut the door NOW" You tell me in the morning you are "ready NOW!".

You are just growing so fast you kiss your brother all the time and love on him constantly I love this. THis is very special to me. You brother can finally sit up on his own from a lay down position today was the first time he did it. Pierce i love you you are a great son and a wonderful brother! I can't wait to see what the next many years bring. I love you little boy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thing to Never Forget!

Pierce! You are growing like a weed and talkign like crazy. Your teach pulled me aside on Friday and said your vocabulary and your speech has improved 100%. You say the funniest things... here are some:
- Where is Aunt Jojo ( Jori)
- Chase Me
- Mommy go to playground
- Swing me mama
- I'm a Monkey ohh ee ahh ahh LOL
- Thats Daddy's Brother (Eric)

There are so many other things you say now you say full sentances all the time. Everytime we pass McDonalds you yell for it and say PLAYGROUND! You are just so full of energy and spunk. With your older cousins you are definatly the boss man I love it! You push them on the toys you chase them you are absolutly hysterical and everyone loves you. Son you are honestly one of the most beautiful little human beings I have seen... You also love your brother!!

Hayden! Oh my little bright blue eyed Cherub baby! I ADORE YOU!! You are truly the sweetest little thing. you still arent' crawling but you love your walker. You are just so funny and make me laugh constantly . One of the sweetest things about you is when you are nursing and sleepy you start pulling your hair. I know its time to put you down and i love it. You are my little snuggle bug. You have an appetite like a little monster! Your LOVE to eat! Hay I love you so much and I am so thankful for my two precious boys. You make me truly want another baby. Who knows if one day you will be a big brother! For now your the little brother and I LOVE YOU!!

Thank you Jesus for these little bundles of joy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hayden you are 9 MONTHS Old!

My little Hayden bug! You are officially over 9 months old. You are growing like a weed. I love you little boy. So here are some things about you...

- you still don't crawl or scoot
- your a great sitter
- you can now stand holding onto something but only if you put you there you don't stand up.
- you run after everybody when you are in your walker and are into everything. You think its funny
- you sleep much better and tend to get up atleast once a night to eat. I'll take that over 2-3 times!
- You and your brother were both sick recently and you both kept me up for four nights straight it was aweful but I love you.
- you still have 0 teeth LOL You have a nice set of gums
- you prefer table food over anything else and you eat a half of peanut butter sandwich every single day
- you still nurse 5-7 times a day
- I left you for the first time in the evening and your grandma put you to bed. It was the first time I had ever done that. I missed you but I was thankful for some time away with Daddy
- you adore your brother and you always want to be with him I love it
- your brother asks where you are whenever you are out of sight so I know he loves you to
- we drove up to Port St Joe it took 6 hours and you didn't cry once you are now a WONDERFUL traveler!
- you love your mama the most :-)

Hayden you are a gem and i love you. i am so thankful that God blessed me with you as my son! I cannot wait to see what the many years ahead of us hold. You are my blue eyed boy and I adore you!