Life....: April 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

16 Months Tomorrow!

Oh my little darling.. you will be 16 months tomorrow. You have grown leaps and bounds since we brought you home and I can't believe all the changes you have gone through. In your short life we have moved 5 times and you have adjusted beautifully! I am happy to say this will most likely be our last move for a very very long time. A new change that is coming is that Daddy's parents and Grandma have bought a home a few miles from us. So you will now have both your grandparents within 5 minutes. What a blessed little boy you are! You still go to school 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from everything I hear you love it. You listen to the teachers march when they tell you to, play on the playground, and sing along. They adore you almost as much as we do!

Well what have you been up to lately?

- You have cut three molars and few more front teeth
- Your a chatter box like you've always been but still don't really say any words at all. We are trying though :-)
- You never cry when we leave you at church unless your sick of course but you seem to have little to no seperation anxiety! Its good cause your independent but sad cause you are so grown up!
- You sleep through the night very well!
- You still don't climb out of your crib and I think its because you find comfort in it. Even though you want out you stay in!
- You adore lady and greet her with a hug and kiss every morning!
- You now know how to blow when things are hot! You are so adorable doing it! You like to copy mama!
- You hold my hand now in stores and when we walk so you barley have to use your monkey backpack!
- You now take showers with mama every night. ITs just easier right now cause its to hard for me to bend over with my big ol belly and your baby brother in it!
- You can climb on our bed and you do it every chance you get.
- You understand everything we say and listen most of the time to direction yet you still won't talk... interesting...
- Every night you climb on the couch with your mama we watch cartoons before bed and bath and you eat a snack. YOu are such a big boy. Your daddy and I just watch you and are amazed at the little boy you have become. YOu certainly are no longer our baby but a boy. ITs sad but beautiful and we love you!
- You now do high pitched screams its interesting and deafening!
- Your Daddy takes you on a bikeride to the park almost every day and when Daddy's at work I try to take you although we drive instead of bikeride! YOu LOVE the swings and the slides! I have it on video your adorable!
- We got into our new pool for the first time yesterday and you are so funny! You screamed when you were in it but laughed when Daddy splashed you! You loved running around it nakie! YOur too funny.
- THe other morning when I threw up.. thank you swine flu after I was done you pretended to! YOu are a crazy little boy.
- Any chance you get at sneaking into the guest bathroom you do and you take all the things int he trash and throw it into the toilet... its lovely.. not! I guess we will keep ya though!
-Your still my dancing king and its hilarious! Any chance you get you bust a move!
- You love balls to kick and to throw! I'm very proud of you!

Well son you do so much and change more than I can keep up with. We love and adore you and pray many blessings on you and that you will live your life for the Lord! We love you little boy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Never want to Forget...

I never want to forget how you are right now. I adore you. I have always adored you but you are just in this phase that I adore even more. You are such a silly little boy and have become quite the ham. You make me laugh constantly. You do this silly laughing thing even though there is nothing funny and run around the room making us laugh. I need to video tape this. YOu have 3 molars now that are breaking through. PIerce i really just love you so much. I can't wait till you get up in the morning just so I can give you a hug and kiss. I just love every moment that I get with you. You love people and that brings such joy to my heart. YOu have never met a stranger. You are just tooo funny. When I leave for work in the mornings you will run to me with your arms wide open throw your arms around my neck and hug and kiss me. It melts my heart. Pierce please stay this age forever and love your mama like she is the only person in the world ;-). Well I love you son you are the best and I can't believe you are mine....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Baby bear we had lots of family over for Easter weekend. Your G-Nanny and G-Poppy Bell came over on Thursday and stayed till Sunday and All of Daddy's siblings were in town as well. We played lots and you enjoyed all of the attention. Of course mama was very tired after a long weekend but it was wonderful because HE has Risen!

On easter we went to church with my side of the family and than to the park with Daddy's. You are just growing so much and are so much fun. Have I told you how beautiful you are? Well you are. You are gorgeous and many people tell me this often. I adore you son. You have broken through your 5th tooth. Its the bottom right one. You are cute as pie. You love to give hugs and kisses and I adore you like crazy.

Thank you for being such a sweetie for being an awesome dancing kid, for wearing hats because you know I think your adorable and for talking and talking like crazy to me.
I love you son!