Life....: 4th of July and the Birth of Baby Kylee Bell

Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July and the Birth of Baby Kylee Bell

Oh what a week it has been. We celebrated the 4th of July by going to my parents and mowing. We were working on getting baby Kylee out so we figured going over there and mowing would do the trick. I mowed Daddy did all the trimming and the boys swam with Mimi. Around 12:00 we left and went home to put Hayden down for a nap and Pierce got to stay and hang out with Mimi and Poppy longer and get some good one on one time. After nap we picked him up headed to the grocery got dinner and went home to do fireworks. Hayden was scared to death of them so after we went to bed Pierce and Mommy and Daddy got to do fireworks together and you my Pierce loved them. You were so cute and excited. you stayed up way past your bed time and we paid for it the next day but it was worth it to see the joy on your face! On the 5th before Daddy went to work we decided to redue tons of stuff around the house again hoping this would bring baby Kylee. We installed a new window unit air conditioner in our room because it is sooo hot here and to expensive to keep the house comfortable enough for Mommy and Daddy. So we did this first. After that we drained the hot tub and moved it off of the porch to the side of the house. I actually helped Daddy lift it and instantly got a long painful contraction. This might have been the very start of labor. I than proceded to bleach and scrub the lounge chair cushions. Lady had messed them up by laying on them so I cleaned them and moved them to the other side of the pool fence so now the humans can enjoy them and not the dog. And last but not least we hung a fan in the kitchen it is glorious. It gets soooo hot in there with cooking and sunshine and now it is bearable. All this made me so happy to get it done. I super exhausted after. That night for a few hours I had contractions every 5 min or so but finally after falling asleep they went away. I considered going into the hospital but Kyle convinced me to wait it out so we did :-). The next day Daddy went to work bright and early and I got up with you boys and we decided to go for a walk. We walked around the block which is a huge feat for me because Im huge and prego and was pushing both you boys in the stroller. We than came home and went in the pool. Grandma Fuller came over and swam with us. It was a really nice morning. I really enjoyed spending this one last morning with just the three of us. Both of you boys are little fish and we swim multiple times a day it is so nice to be in the water and to see how much fun you two have. Around 10:00 the contractions started again and they were every 5-6 min. I called my mom and told her and we made the plan to go up to the hospital. So I layed Hayden down for a nap gave him lots of hugs and kisses and tried to explain to him what was happening.

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