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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The rest of the Story

So I go to the hospital with Amy and my mom. They hook me up to see what it looks liek and I am having regular contractions. They check me and I am 3 cm. They aren't sure what to do with me because my labor usually progresses so quickly. They ask me to walk and do squats for 2 hours so off Amy and I go. My mom leaves b/c she has a wedding to go to that evening and she is sure that I am not going to have this baby anyways. So we walk and we squat over and over. I am so sore and it does feel like the contractions are becoming more intense. I call Kyle and he thinks I'm still crazy and I'll be going home soon. I go and check back in and when they check me I am almost a 5!!! Yea. So i was actually in labor. They go ahead and admit me and hook me up to IV's with fluid and get ready to send me upstairs to labor and delivery. I called my parents to tell them and I was so thankful I didn't have to do the walk of shame that comes with false labor. I call Kyle and he came up to the hospital. They bring me upstairs and even though my contractions aren't very painful I didn't want to wait until they got painful and I asked for the epidural immediatly. They go ahead and give me the epidural I actually screamed when he did it the first time because he didn't wait until the site was numb. i asked him why he didn't wait and the nurse piped up and said that its a competition they try to see who can do it the fastest. It made me so mad b/c it hurt so bad and made me bleed quite a lot. Well when he redid it it didn't hurt and I was so glad that I wasn't paralized after the bad time the first time. So epidural in and I get some pepcid b/c of course my heart burn is horrible. I'm hooked up to everything by 7:00. My mom calls and I say to stay and have fun they still hadn't broken my waters or started pitocin. I finally ask them to break my water and they do everything looked good. The Dr. made a comment that he wished all babies looked as good on the monitors as Kylee did :-). That made me happy. Well progress was pretty slow from there even though contractions were regular 2-3 min apart on my own. They go ahead and give me some pitocin to see if it would make my contractions more effective I think that was close to 9:30 pm. I kept hoping I would have the baby any minute. Than my sweet girl started having decels in her heart rate. They said its sort of like her not being able to catch a breath. This goes on for hours so they have me switch positions get on oxygen mask sit up straight. Everythign to get me dialated. Come 12:15am I'm checked and I'm only an 8. I told our parents to go home becasue it would be a while longer. Suddenly the Dr comes rushing in. I guess her heart rate was really going pretty low at this point and my contractions were coming really fast at like a minute apart. They turned off the pitocin completly and the Dr put his hand in me to tickle her head. He said it mad eher happy and helped bring her heart rate back up. At this point we ask all the moms to leave the room so its just the Dr.s nurses and Daddy. They leave it was very stressful nurses in and out Dr. telling orders. They were considering stopping my contractions all together. If they had I assume they would have done a c-section!! Ahh my worst nightmare. So as he's in there with his hand he says he can feel me dialate to a 10 and I am complete! He says hold off on stopping contractions and ask me to do a test push. I do and he immediatly yells at me to stop an dlet him get his gear on. He gets all ready and I literally push during one contraction and my sweet girl is born at 12:31 am. The cord was wrapped around your neck twice which is why you were having problems. But thank you Jesus you came out ok and you are here with us today perfectly healthy. You are the most precious gift I have been given as well as your brothers. You are the best baby I have had by far and you rarely cry. You already sleep 6-7 hours straight at night and I coudln't be happier. I adore you so much little girl and I am so thankful God chose me to be your mom. You are wonderful and more of a blessing to me and your family than you could imagine. Your brothers adore you and fight over you constantly. They both give you about a hundred hugs and kisses a day this is not an exageration. I wonder if thye will always adore you so much. I sure hope so. Once you start smiling and laughing it will be a clown show for sure and constantly becasue the boys love to make ppl laugh. Well I am so thankful for my family and for my children we are blessed parents! Now its on to Haydens 2nd birthday!

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