Life....: 22 months 3 years and 5 months!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

22 months 3 years and 5 months!

This last month has been a month for lots of new milestones and changes. Boys both of you are growing up way to fast and you both need to slow down. I love soaking in every moment that I have with you boys and I am so thankful that I get the privalige of being a stay at home mom. Pierce you are just getting so big and talking up a storm. You are so independent and I just know that when your older you will be my child that moves far away and I will miss you terribly. I tell daddy this and he laughs and says well Ill just have to get him into fishing so that he never wants to leave us. I hope this is true. I don't want you to leave. You went with Poppy Bell to his parents house in Bradenton for the weekend. You left on Friday and you come back on Sunday. You have had a wonderful time and have not talked about coming home at all. i think if you could you would stay there forever. I know you LOVE the one on one attention you are recieving and all the fun you are having. I think brother has missed you but he has also enjoyed having mommy and daddy to himself. I miss you so much but I know its so good for you to have this attention. You say the funniest things all the time. You talk up a storm. Sometimes I would just like some silence but in all honesty you keep me laughing and on my toes. you were diagnosed with Asthma this month. We are treating you now and you are sooooo much better. No more coughing constantly and its such a relief. I think you feel so much better also and you can finally breath. Praise God we have a diagnosis and you are getting better. I love you little boy. Hayden you are just a silly little boy. You had some big changes also. You climbed out of your crib the other night and so I converted your crib to a toddler bed. You weren't thrilled but the first night you slept 12 straight hours. Praise God. I just want you to be safe. i couldn't bear to think you might crawl out of yoru crib again and fall and really get seriously injured. So I'm thankful I was able to make you ab ed that is safe. Both of you boys love to play in baby Kylee's room. It is so funny ya'll love her swing, crib, chair and carseat. I have to lock you boys out or you both sneak in there and play and pretend to be babies. Hayden you talk up a storm also and I am so proud of you. Boys I adore you both and I am so thankful to have you. I love you Pierce and Hayden. Baby sister will be here b/f we know it :-) Love your mama!

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