Life....: A post about my 3 Babies

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A post about my 3 Babies

Pierce since you are my first born I will write about you. I adore you little boy. You are so funny and witty and can carry on a conversation for hours. THe other night when we were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep you start talking about Jesus. Heres how it went P: Mommy when I'm mean to Hayden does Jesus come out of my belly M: Pierce no buddy Jesus is in your heart and we won't come out when your mean he stays forever. P: Mommy can I take Monkey to heaven with me? M: Well sure buddy you can I bet Jesus would let you P: Good so monkey is going to get Jesus in HIS belly M: Sure something like that. P: Mommy I'm afraid to go to Heaven. M: Why? P: Because I"m afraid Jesus will lock me in a room like you do up in Heaven all by myself M: Pierce I think its late its hard to understand we will talk again tomorrow ok? P: Ok MOmmy I love Jesus thouhg. This is only a snippet of our convo but it was so sweet. YOU are very curious about Jesus right now and that makes my heart shine. I want you to love Jesus so badly and I know with the right guidance and with Gods calling you will be on fire for HIm. WE are dealing with some seperation anxiety and I"m hoping to get this under control very soon! Hayden you are just a handful. YOu are struggling with communication right now and get very frustrated and will have mean outbursts. But the next second you are the sweetest little boy. THe other day when was sitting on the floor you just snuggled in my lap for as long asI would hold you. I Love these quite times with you. You are a funny little guy who loves to make people lagh and make people crazy. I love you so much Hayden. You lov your sister although I catch you hitting her on occasion so we are working on this. I also realize you are still a baby in reality your my baby I love you son. You are a light in my life. Kylee Bell oh how I just adore you more than anything. You are so sweet happy funny cute and love to jibber jabber. I can't believ you are almost 3 months old. I want time to slow down . I want to enjoy these precios few months with you before you are all grown up I feel like. I just love you so much and you are like a little slice of heaven here on earth. YOu are worth everything I have endured to have you in my life. THere is just something so special about a mother daughter relationship and I would not change anything about you. I am just over the moon for you :) Kylee you are the best sleep of all my babies 7:30 to 7:30 every night. You did have your first ear infection we wound up in the hospital to rule out any other infections. It was quite scary for mama but I am so happy to have my happy joyful girl back. I just know you will be my little princess forever and ever and I am so thankful. Thank you JEsus for these gifts I am blessed beyond measure. I just can't say enough thank you thank you thank you.

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